Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back Again?

Well hopefully I will be back again soon. I've missed blogging. I've missed reading other folks blogs. I've missed the simming community. 2006 hasn't been kind to me but I will continue to strive forward. What are my other options?

Well there was the good new. Now time for the bad. I've had some computer problems lately. I managed to get them sorted out rather easily. Then my TS2 problems started. I don't see how the problems could be related but maybe they are. All I know is that things started not working right. Eden Falls got really REALLY slow. Loading was taking forever. I just decided that it must be because I have an army of sims living there. When I finally couldn't take the hassle of Eden Falls any more I headed over to some other neighborhoods (like I had 14) and started playing in them. Unfortunately things kept working wrong. It's the kind of thing that would make you think you had picked up a bad hack or download. Only one problem. I haven't downloaded anything into my game since....maybe February. So why would everything suddenly start running amuck? End result I backed everything up and uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Unlike some of you who have bought expansion packs lately (I still only have Uni and Nightlife) this is the first time I have done this in a while. So I've tested things out and even with my download folder back in place things are working wonderful. That said I haven't put back in any of my old neighborhoods. No, not even Eden Falls. I'm just not in the mood to deal with them right now. Though I love my Averys, Eden Falls is in serious need of a mass murder to cull the excess idiot sims. But I digress. Anywho, there will be no Avery updates right now. I don't want to say that they are gone forever but.... they are gone for now. Until I'm feeling up to the challenge of getting that neighborhood in order I'm not even going to install the neighborhood. Part of me is scared the neighborhood will still be having problems even with the clean install. Part of me hopes it will so I have an excuse to abandon the poor souls. Part of me feels really guilty about even thinking of abandoning the Averys. Why is it we feel guilty about pixel people?

So I haven't been surfing the web much this year. To say I've wasted money paying my DSL bill the last six months would be a gross understatement. Hell, I barely even looked at my email account for months. (BTW if Amy happens across this, you sent me an invite to a new legacy yahoo group and I've lost it somewhere. If you wouldn't mind could you send it again? Thanks. So I haven't been visiting the yahoo groups until the last week or so. I haven't been reading blogs. I am in the process of catching up though. I can't believe that old man Baxter got sent to prison. I was shocked. And some of you have started new legacies while I was gone. Very interesting. Evil mailboxes forcing a family to breed for it's own sick pleasure. Hilarious. Anyway....where was I....oh yeah, nope lost my train of thought. Anyway, I have been clearing out my favorites. Updating links. I am suppose to be working right now but don't tell ok.

Oh, now I remember. I stumbled across the new legacy rules that were put out in September. I have to say I kind of like um. Yep, it's like a vanilla legacy. Just choose your own toppings and have fun eating it up. What intrigued me the most was the apocalypse part. Lots of restrictions that your little family has to unlock as the legacy grows. So...I did create a neighborhood. I call it Hope. It's a desert neighborhood with a downtown called Metro and a university called E.U. (really La Fiesta Tech). I started a new legacy there. This will be what I hope to start blogging soon. Maybe even tonight. My family is the Wilder family. Taz Wilder is the founder. I have the first chapter written. Those would be the college years. Then I have enough for a second chapter but it's not written yet or not completely written yet. I want to get this done tonight if possible. I won't be around this weekend. My baby sister turns 30. I'm heading over for moral support. We are doing her traditional birthday celebration. Scary movie and chinese. She was born two days before Halloween so the scary move is required apparently. Whatever she wants is fine with me. I personally hate scary moves but I watch at least one a year cause I love my sis. (Hey Tracy. Love ya.) Man I can get off a topic quick can't I? It's the being out of action for so long I reckon. Oh, my Wilder legacy....well I have hit a few snags. Unexpected things have come up and I'm trying to work around them without violating the rule. Think I have it all figured out. My only problem now is that reading other peoples blogs always makes me want to do to many things at once. I long to restart my vampire legacy. I'm thinking I might do that in Hope after a few generations have passed. Seems to me that all the families in Hope should be forced to live under whatever restrictions the legacy family still has. So maybe in a generation or two I'll pull Zarina Zamora out and dust her off. Unfortunately my old Strangetown with Zarina in it got destroyed. My backup turned out to be no good. Should have checked them all BEFORE I uninstalled the game not after. Oh well. Also considering restarting the ugly maid legacy. No multiple lines. No zillion of kids. But I miss Cleveland and want to play him again. *sigh* Now that I'm feeling better I want to do it all and see it all and I just don't have the time. Anyone know a good vamp who might be willing to bring me over to the dark side?

So, like I should really get back to actually working huh? That is what they are paying me for after all. Check back soon and hopefully I will have the Wilder Legacy up and running. Until then....happy simming. *HUGS*

Aquatami (aka just Tammy)