Thursday, June 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 12 - And baby makes... eleven?

Back at U: The kids are going through some major changes. Blake has suddenly noticed girls, specifically Jan Baity. Suddenly gaining knowledge and plotting crimes has lost it's appeal. He suddenly understands what has driven his father for so long. He finally gets the reasoning behind having such a large family. Finally Blake has put his fantasy of being a criminal mastermind behind him. That would be to dangerous. Ben and Balia were right. Instead he plans on finding a good job and supporting Jan and himself and their kids. Well he hasn't actually asked her to marry him yet but he's bought the ring. He hasn't mentioned his intentions to anyone yet but he may tell his dad since he knows he'll understand and probably be thrilled. He can't wait to graduate and marry the woman he loves.

Blake's sophomore roll: Family; lifetime want - 6 grandkids

Things have heated up over at the greek house too. For someone who was guy crazy in high school, Baila hasn't been in college. Her search for a way to bring Tracy back changed her. Other things suddenly seemed more important. So Baila spent her time studying and doing term papers and hadn't noticed any guys at all. Then suddenly the light came on and she realized that Mitch had feelings for her. Strange thing was she had feeling for him too. She had always liked him when they were kids but she never made a move because of her brother. Now they were all grown up so who cares what Ben thinks. So one night she took his hands in hers and looked into his eyes. That's really all it took. Soon they were kissing right there in the kitchen. They are now deeply in love. Baila knows that Mitch was hurt before. Yes, his last girlfriend got caught cheating on him. So Baila is changing her ways. She never wants to hurt the man she loves.

Baila's sophomore roll: Knowledge; lifetime want - criminal mastermind

Ben has always known that Baila and Mitch would be perfect together. Though they haven't gotten up the courage to tell him that anything is going on, he lives with them and he's not blind. So he's just sitting back and waiting to see how long it will take them to announce their relationship to the world.

Ben's been quietly dating Katy Kosmokos. She's a bartender and a little bit older than he is. The two haven't gotten that serious yet but he really wants to. For now Ben's just making friends and keeping his grades up.

Ben's sophomore roll: Fortune; lifetime want: earn 100k

Bede becomes a teen. He dreams of being extremely popular. He dreams of someday becoming a sports star.

(My irrational hate of popularity sims has reared it's ugly head. I may roll him in college even though it could make things worse.)

Boris is now a toddler. He is a Gemini with 7 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful & 2 nice.

Baila moves off to college and gets put in the same dorm with Blake. She was a little surprised to find out that her brother is in a serious relationship with someone. He hasn't told a soul back home. Baila starts her college years off by meeting the other dormies and may eventually even crack a book.

Bram heads of to college. He's lucky enough to get assigned to a new dorm. No siblings around. He finds out that Diane Long is also living there. He and Diane have been friends since they were teens. She use to work at the clothing store not far from his house. Bram and Diane strike up a conversation. Bram finds himself noticing how beautiful her eyes are.

Diane Long - npc shop clerk - Family - Cancer - 2 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 2 playful & 8 nice; lifetime want - graduate 3 kids

Hummm. They both leave at the same time dressed like this. They stay gone for almost a full day. They both come home completely stinky and smelly. How much work do we really think they're getting done?

Note: Tracy is now pregnant with baby ten.

Brand celebrates his birthday while mom & dad are away at work. He's chosen to try to learn everything possible before heading off to college. He dreams of being a doctor someday.

Boris has made it to childhood. He seems to be a people person. (A face like that can make you rethink who should be the heir.)

Tracy goes into labor and gives birth to TWIN DAUGHTERS. Aaron names his girls Bianca (meaning white) and Brooke (the meaning of which should be obvious). This fulfills Aaron's dream of having ten children. (babies 5 & 6, line 2, children 10 & 11)

(First, its shocking that I ever got the house far enough down to conceive twins. Second, all I can think about is four more and Tracy would have ten too. Am I sick or what?)

A few hours after the birth of his daughters, Aaron becomes an elder. Though he has accomplished much in his lifetime, he still has much left to do. He has many kids left to see grown, several kids he would like to see married, and let's not forget the grandkids.

Finally having a birthday is Banning. Banning wants to be a family man like his dad. He'd also like to keep the world safe by becoming captain hero.

Avery Legacy - Chapter 11 - Marry Me Again

Blake decides he's ready for college so one morning instead of going to private school, he calls a cab and heads off to La Fiesta Tech. He didn't tell his parents but instead just left a note. He is ready for the next stage of his life. He is ready to make his life his own. As he looks back at his home he realizes that he will never live there again.

Blake arrives at school and is assigned his dad's old dorm room. His sister quickly invites him over to the greek house and asks him to pledge. She then forces him to do her term paper. Payback can be harsh sis. Just remember that. Blake likes visiting the greek house and although he is now officially a member he doesn't plan on ever living there.

WHAT?? GASP!! Not want to live in our greek house???

(Sorry. Just had to add that for my own amusement. I'm easily entertained.)

No Blake doesn't want to live with his siblings because they are constantly trying to talk him out of engaging in any criminal activities. They say they're afraid that he'll end up like their mother. Blake knows that they love him but they're really starting to annoy him. They may be right though. That is actually what bothers him the most. Maybe he should reconsider things. There are easier and safer ways to make money after all. But after spending so many years dreaming of building a criminal empire, it would be hard to suddenly start dreaming of 9 to 5.

Balia seems to have an admirer. Mitch really likes Ben's baby sister but he's a little afraid to make a move. He doesn't want to risk his friendship with Ben not to mention that they all live together. Now that could be awkward. The problem is that Mitch can't think of anything else but Baila. Every since she's moved in he's had trouble studying. Now her old boyfriend Quinton has moved into a dorm on campus and started hanging around the greek house. Everything seems strickly friendly but Mitch, who has had his heart broken by another romance sim in the past, isn't sure if he should risk it. On the other hand, he doesn't know how much longer he can stand lying in his bed and knowing that she is just on the other side of the wall lying in hers. At some point he may have to just tell her he has feelings for her and let the cards fall where they may.

Back home Aaron and Tracy were finally remarried. This is the first time Aaron has married someone who wasn't pregnant at the time. Baila wound up owing Ben one hundred dollars after losing the bet on how quickly they would be married. Ben's answer of 'Why would they hurry since they think they are already married' seemed to be the winner. Tons of people were at the wedding. Everyone had a good time. Bram took in upon himself to take a few snap shots of the happy couple after the ceremony. He was also left in charge of the other kids while his parents took a quick honeymoon.

Upon returning, Bram headed outdoors to gaze at the stars. There are some things you don't want to accidently hear your parents doing. Tracy and Aaron did what they do best. They went to work making baby number nine. Yes their family is huge and chaotic but they love it and can't wait to expand it further.

Late that night, while Tracy slept, Aaron helped Banning celebrate his birthday. Banning is a scorpio with 10 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful & 0 nice.

Life has settled down at the Avery house. Yes the kids are still growing. The scholarships are still being earned. Baby number nine is due in a few months. All the kids at college have to be reminded to come by and visit mom & dad. The ghost activity is at a minimum after Aaron threatened the ghost of Nancy with an exorcism. Yes they're just one BIG happy family.

Binah becomes a teen. She is dedicating her life towards gaining wealth. She longs to earn at least 100k in her lifetime. The poor girl has no love life. She spends all her time earning scholarships and helping with the younger kids.

Banning is now a child. He wants stuff. Lots of stuff. This one is a greedy kid. Maybe he'll grow out of it.

Tracy went into labor. Aaron just made the bed. It's not like they haven't been through this a time or two. The younger kids were upset but Tracy calmed them down right before she began her blood curtling screams.

She delivered Aaron's ninth child which was a son. Aaron named his son Boris which means warrior. (baby 4, line 2, child 9)

Avery Legacy - Chapter 10 - Growing Up

Baila made it to the university. She called her dad and wasn't that shocked to hear about Arcadia's passing. She met up with her brother Ben and filled him in. Ben was stunned that Baila had managed to figure all this out. That slightly irritated her. Everyone acted like she was some dumb blond or something. Just because she was driven by her hormones didn't mean that she couldn't still use her brains. Baila could tell that Ben was thrilled to hear about Tracy's return. The two of them had always been close. He was even excited to learn about his new baby brother. The two siblings spent the morning gossiping about how long it would take their father to remarry Tracy. In the end Baila decided they would both go shopping that afternoon for a new outfit. Ben went along with her plans but he personally thinks they've got plenty of time.

Binah soon became a little lady. She's a people person and can't wait to make friends. She hasn't been overly traumatized by her mother's death. In all honesty, she doesn't even remember her. Tracy has done her best to take the newest Avery children under her wing. She has tried hard to give Arcadia's children as much love and kindness as possible. From here on out she will raise them as her own just as she did Nancy's children.

Bede became a little man. He's a cancer with 9 neat, 4 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful & 5 nice. Isn't he a cutie.

Brand becomes a toddler. He's a Leo with 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 0 active, 0 playful & 8 nice. Well it's an interesting combination if nothing else.

Blake has maxed all his skills (like the good knowledge sim he is). Yes he thought he knew everything but Tracy knew better. Time to learn how to dance. You'll never get a girl if you can't dance. Blake has never given girls a second though. But since there is a scholarship for dancing he's all for it.

Although Ben hasn't been in college that long he has already joined his father's greek house. He decided rather quickly that he'd rather live there than in the dorm so he quickly moved in and claimed a double bed.

The only other person living at the greek house is Mitch Byall. Mitch is a mechanical genius and a bit of a nerd. The two have known each other since Ben was a kid though. They are best friends and always have been. It will be great to be living with Mitch for a while.

Mitch Byall - ya townie - Knowledge - Pisces - 5 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 3 playful & 7 nice - lifetime want: chief of staff (is it me or do we need more variety in the lifetime wants)

Ben invited over his little brother Bram. He spent the day talking with him and encouraging him to be nice. Now that Bram's mom is back among the living, there is no reason for him to keep acting like he has been.

(Yeah, six nice points. It's hard to do this way because you don't know how much of an effect you're having but so long as he has some nice I'm happy.)

Aaron was glad to hear that Ben had moved into the greek house. Baila has moved in too. He was a little disturbed to find out the Ben has been spending a lot of time at the local bar. Baila says there's nothing to worry about but parents worry...that's just what they do.

Brand and Bede are growing up quickly. Aaron and Tracy have been so busy taking care of them that other things have been left undone.

Like getting married for instance. In true Avery fashion, Aaron waits until after Tracy is expecting his eighth child (her third) before asking her to marry him again. He's been carrying a ring around for a while but with one thing or another he just hadn't found the right time to ask. He wanted to be romantic and do something special but in the end he settled for early morning in the den after all the kids had left for school.

(I wasn't in any hurry to marry them BUT Aaron has developed a fear of growing old and never being married. Well he's been married three times already but I have a feeling that if he ages and isn't married it will trigger the fear soooo I best get them married already.)

Bram becomes a teen. He decided to take a different path from that of his siblings and spend his life accumulating wealth. His big dream is to earn at least 100k. He doesn't know yet how he wants to earn his money. He just wants to make sure he earns lots of it.

Bede Avery becomes a child. He's a sweetie who wants to be friends with everyone.

Brand becomes a child. He already has a thirst for knowledge.

Aaron has over the headmaster for a visit and gets Bram, Binah and Bede into private school. It was actually Bram's idea. Aaron just has so much going on that the little things are slipping through his fingers. (Brand didn't actually age until the next day)

Just minutes after Aaron had flown off to work (yes he's back to working with his man eating plants again), Tracy went into labor.

She gave birth to another son with big brown eyes. He was called 'Moma's little man' for almost a full day before his father returned home. Aaron then named his son Banning which means small fair one. (baby 3, line 2, child 8)

(I am AMAZED at the amount of boys. I know how to get girls without reloading but I wanted to try without any 'tampering' so I've been saving after every successful try for baby which resets the whole thing and makes the sex of the baby random. I would really rather be naming some baby girls right about now.)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 9 - Payment in Full

Later that evening under the light of the full moon Aaron contacted DEATH. He made arrangements to bring Tracy back from the dead. He was nervous and tense. He wanted this to work so badly but he was terrified to believe for fear that it wouldn't work.

Then suddenly something began to emerge.

It was Tracy alive and well and PREGNANT. Aaron had not known that his wife was pregnant when she died. Tracy immediately went into labor.

She delivered what appeared to be a healthy baby boy with his father's skin tone and his mother's brown hair and brown eyes.

Baila smiled widely as Tracy held her new son. Her plan had worked. She had found a way to bring back her father's true love and along with it came a new brother. Both of these things had already brought life back into her father's eyes. She knew that she no longer had to worry about her dad. Tracy was here now and she would take care of everything.

Aaron named his new son Brand which means firebrand and seemed appropriate. Aaron was beside himself with happiness. He had back Tracy AND Brand. He felt truly blessed.

(Brand Avery: 2nd child of line 2 - child 7 overall)

Arcadia wasn't feeling blessed at all. Aaron's dead wife was back among the living. How was that even possible? To make matters worse she gave him a son and on the same day Arcadia's son Bede was born.

Arcadia felt like a fool. She had tried to steal the husband of a dead woman. She had been a guest at their wedding. Tracy's death was still fresh when she had swooped in and tried to take Aaron. She felt ashamed at how she had acted. She should never have let him marry her. She should never have DEMANDED that he gave her children. What had she been thinking? What did she do now? She was legally his wife...maybe. She could take her kids and leave but what if Aaron tried to stop her. He had lots of money and she wasn't even employed anymore. But maybe she could somehow make this all work. She didn't want to lose her place in Aaron's life. Maybe she could find some way to hold on to him through their children.

Aaron was in heaven as he held Tracy in his arms. Though she had only just given birth he wanted desperately to make love to her. Although that wasn't possible tonight, he would be with her again soon. For now he would settle for falling asleep with Tracy in his arms.

Aaron was walking on clouds the next day. He had not seen his 'wife' since Tracy's return. He wasn't sure where she was. Even thinking of Arcadia's future could not dampen his spirits. Neither could his son's dirty diaper. He had his true wife back. His kids were all smiles. Tracy was perfect. Brand was healthy. It would be worth the high price that was demanded.

Once Baila knew that her father was well taken care of, she packed her bags and headed off to college. She wanted to meet some people, especially men, and have all the fun possible. She had been acting way to serious lately.

Aaron was sad to see her go. He and his daughter had gotten much closer over the past few months. He hated seeing his kids leave but all kids have to grow up and start leading their own lives. His father had never understood that. You can't always keep your kids right under your thumb. You have to let them make their own choices and their own mistakes. Aaron was determined though that he would be there to help his kids if they ever truly needed him. After seeing his oldest daughter off he headed back inside to check up on his other five children.

(yes I had nine on the lot - forgot she was pregnant until I brought her back from the dead)

Arcadia refused to speak to anyone the next day. She had thought about it all night and she was not going to just roll over and play dead. This was her family. She was the WIFE. SHE was the wife. He owed her. He couldn't just replace her. He wouldn't let him.

A few minutes later while trying to fix the garbage disposal, and muttering the entire time about how Aaron despite all his money was to cheap to pay someone else to do the repair, a jolt of electricity shot through Arcadia's body. Her heart stopped and would never beat again.

Tracy looked on as DEATH came for Arcadia. Seeing him again made a chill go down her spin. As he turned to leave she could have sworn she heard him say "Payment in Full". She prayed she was mistaken. She would never ask Aaron about this. There were some things she just didn't want to know.

Aaron placed Arcadia beside Nancy. He was finally at peace with his past. They were the mothers of his children and for that they would be honored. Aaron spent a good deal of time beside Arcaida's urn. He had never intended for it to end this way. He never knew the price until it was demanded. He hoped that she would find peace in the next life. He would always be grateful for everything she had given him.