Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alabaster Family - House 1 - Round 2

Aquatami:  We are back at just in time for our first house fire.  It's our second fire overall.  If I remember correctly April set fire to the grill the first time she  cooked hot dogs at the Music Stand.

April:  Yeah.  I did.  And now I've burnt the Santa cookies.  Do I have to eat them anyway?

Aquatami:  I think you know the answer to that.  Waste not, want not and all that.

April:  I'm trying.  I really am.  But these tomato plants just don't look so good.  I think they are dying.

Aquatami:  Well just keep it up.  You need to at least harvest a few of them before the winter.

April:  You know this mothering thing isn't so bad really.

Aquatami:  Well you haven't actually gotten to the hard part yet.

April:  It gets harder?  Ug. Can I hire a nanny to raise them?

Aquatami:  Nope.  Sorry.  The population needs to get just a little higher before we start hiring nanny's around here.

Birthday Time!

Aquatami:  Awww.  Buck is such little cutie. 

Aquatami:  And Colt is just a doll.  Neil makes cute babies.

April:  Hey!  I did more than he did!

April:  Come on Colt.  Say mama.

Colt:  No.

April:  Please.

Colt:  No.

April:  I'm just no good at this.

Aquatami:  Don't give up now.  I know you can do it.

April:  That's one of us.

April:  <squeals>  LOOK!  I grew a tomoto.  I did it.

Aquatami:  I knew you could.

April:  So I'm done now right?

Aquatami:  You have to harvest the rest of them eventually.

April:  But I can have a little me time first right.  My mood is bottoming out here.  I'll be whining and crying soon if you don't watch it.

Aquatami:  Oh.  Ok.  If it will make you happy.

Craig Flanigan:  So.  You interested?

April:  I'm really interested but not in a job.  Sorry but I don't work.  Well not for pay anyway.

Aquatami:  The kids need a little attention now.

April:  In a minute.  Mommy needs a little attention first.

April:  Look lady.  I don't know where you were raised but where I come from we don't just walk into people's houses and break their sinks.  That is just rude and uncalled for.  If you can't act any better than that you can just leave.

Craig:  Wow.  She can be really forceful.

Aquatami:  And I was worried about her parenting skills.

April:  Oh hey.  Yeah.  What was your name again?  Oh.  Yeah.  Well listen, I'm about to get laid so can I call you back later.  Ok. Great.

April:  Ahhh.  That's just what I needed.

Craig:  Night babe.  I've got to go but I'll be back.

Colt:  Mommy.  Diaper.

April:  He said mommy.

April:  Kids are in bed so I'm taking care of the garden.  I don't know why I couldn't just let them all die.

April:  What?  What just happened?

Aquatami:  You've been transformed into the towns first plant sim.

April:  Ug.  I feel strange.  I think I need a drink.  Water sounds really good.

Colt:  Mommy.

April:  Not now Colt.  Mommy is fixing the sink.  Stupid woman broke it.  Now mommy has to fix it.  All these people flocking around to get a land grant.  Well I won't be moving her in so she can just pack up and head back to where ever she came from.

April:  I'm not sure about this "Plant Sim" thing.  I miss my hair.

Aquatami:  And you need to wash that makeup off.  It just doesn't look right on you.

April:  Bitch.

April:  I think there is something wrong with me.  I feel so strange.  Tingly.  I just feel the need to shake like a dog.

April:  Oh my gosh.  I made a plant baby.

Aquatami:  I think the correct term is spawned but yes you did.

April:  Cool.  How did I do it exactly?

Aquatami:  You're asking me?  How should I know?

April:  I thought you knew everything.  Should have known better.

Aquatami:  Finally training the twins.

April:  Trying to.  Since I haven't had any desire to sleep lately I do seem to have time to spare.

April:  They died.  Oh.  I feel so bad.  I was training the twins and I thought I heard someone crying out to me.  I let the tomatoes die. 

Aquatami:  Don't be so hard on yourself.  You  did your best.  It's not easy raising three toddlers by yourself much less keeping up with a garden.

April:  I suppose.  I'm just so depressed now.

April:  Hello random guy walking by.  You are looking very male and I am feeling very sad.  Wanta cheer me up?

Aquatami:  It's amazing she hasn't gotten herself knocked up again but so far she hasn't. TG!

Aquatami:  And while April cheers herself up, the twins have a birthday.  She completely missed it.  Well she's been through a lot lately.  I guess we'll cut her some slack.

Alabaster Family - House 1 - Round 1

April Alabaster - Founder
S2, Red Hair, Custom Eyes, Elf
April:  Wait.  Really?  I'm the Founder?  I won the lottery?

Aquatami: Yes you did.  You are the first person to be given a land grant here in New Hope.  Now, you will of course have to follow all the rules laid out in the New Hope Citizens Agreement.

April:  Agreement?  Right.  I can do that.

Aquatami:  Did you read the agreement?

April:  Well.... No.  But how hard could the rules be?

Aquatami:  Oh...not hard.  And don't worry.  I will be here to guide you and all your children to keep you on the correct path.

April:  Children?  Wait.  I HAVE to have children?

Aquatami:  No.  It's not REQUIRED for this challenge.  Will probably happen though.

April:  Not required.  Good.  There won't be any of that going on.  No kiddies for me.

Aquatami:  Right.  Famous last words if you ask me.

April:  What?

Aquatami:  Oh nothing.  Nothing at all.

Our Founder's Stats

These were randomly rolled.

A doable want.

The Alabaster House

April:  Wait?  That's it.  There really isn't much here.

Aquatami:  Well no.  You don't have much cash and you have to start a business.

April:  I do?

Aquatami:  Yes.  You should have read the rules before you entered the lottery.  Ok.  I'll just give you  a      breif rundown.  First, as founder, you can never hold down a job. 

April:  No job.  Can do.

Aquatami:  You must buy and start a business to help kick this whole neighborhood off.

April:  Run a business?  By myself?

Aquatami:  Don't worry.  We'll start you with something easy.  Now your house is small.  Only two small bedrooms, a bathroom and one living area.  But if you earn enough money, we can build on and upgrade it.

April:  Oh.  I can do that.   How do I start though?

Aquatami:  Call and purchase some land.

 April:  That's right.  I'm the founder and I want to purchase a lot to build my business on.  What kind of business?  Ummm...

Aquatami:  An entertainment lot.  We'll call it the Music Stand.  A few instruments.  People stop by to have a good time.  It will be easy.

April:  Right.  A musical venue where I can have fun and don't really have to do any work.  Yeah.  Ok.  Great.  I'll take it.

Aquatami:  After some digging and hard work, the Music Stand finally started getting popular.  You're doing really well April.  April?  Oh great.

April:  What?  Don't you like my new photo booth.  The place needed something more than just three musical instruments and a stage.

Aquatami:  Right.  Well I might should have explained a few things to you BEFORE you tried it out with your friend Neil.  Like the fact that there is no medical care in New Hope.

April:  So?

Aquatami:  So no medical care means no birth control.  The risky pregnancy rate to start this challenge is 50%.

April:  WHAT?

Aquatami:  It will of course go down once we have a doctor in town.  I don't expect that to happen anytime soon though.

Aquatami:  Let's just pack up for the day and head home.  You'll feel better in the morning.

Leader of the Pack - Fred

First Pop

April:  Oh no.  I'm pregnant aren't I?

Aquatami:  That would be a yes.  Oh, and did I mention we are using the triplet / quad hack in this challenge?  No?  Well no worries.  We'll get to that later. 

Aquatami:  I have this little pet peeve.  I can't stand children getting older than their parents.  Unless of course their parents are vampires of course.  As such, I gently guided April to move Neil in with her.

April:  I'm not sure this was a good idea.  He's going to get clingy.  I just know it.

Neil:  I can't believe we're having a baby.  This is so great.

Neil Ward - Baby's Daddy

 Aquatami:  Well we can't fulfill his lifetime want but maybe we can eventually make him a happy little sim.

Neil:  What do you mean we shouldn't get married?  I want my child to have my last name.

April:  I'm not getting married.  I'll never marry unless I'm forced to.

Neil:  Getting pregnant isn't enough to force you to?

April:  Nope.

Neil:  April please.  Be reasonable.  I love you.  I'll take good care of you always.  Please.  Just consider it.

April:  Nope.
April:  Oh my.  What do I do?

Aquatami:  Spin and hope for the best.  No doctors remember.

 April:  Look.  I had a baby.

Buck Alabaster - First Born Twin

 Colt Alabaster - Second born twin

Aquatami:  Congratulations Neil.

Neil:  I can't believe she wouldn't marry me.  I can't believe my children don't carry the Ward name.

Aquatami:  I'm sorry Neil.  It just wasn't meant to be.

Stranger:  Man you are hot.  I saw you kiss that blond dude at the Music Stand the other day.  You sure put one on him.

April:  What is your problem?

Neil:  You're kissing other men?  How can you do this to me?  To us? To our family?

April:  What us?  We don't have a commitment to each other.  You knocked me up.  I moved you in.  End of story.

Neil:  But what about the boys?  They deserve to have a loving happy home.

April:  And they will.  I never wanted to be a mother but I will love and care for my kids. 

April:  Look Neil.  Let me just be honest with you.  I had sex with other men while I was pregnant with your sons.  I did so because I knew I couldn't get pregnant twice.  I moved you in for the help.  For the money.  Because that little voice in my head said I had to.  I won't commit to you.  I can't commit to you.  We are just to different.  <sigh>  I'm sorry Neil but I think you should leave.  I moved you in so you can get a land grant now.  Go.  Build a house.  Build a business.  Build a life for yourself.  Maybe in time you'll find a nice little gal who will marry you and give you children to carry on your family name.  But that gal will never be me Neil. 

Neil:  Oh April.  We could have made it work if you would have just tried.  Just a little.  I won't give up on us.  On our family.  Maybe I can find a way to make you love me as much as I love you.

April:  I can't believe you're making me garden.

Aquatami:  All houses must have a garden at least 4x4 in size and they must harvest at least once per year.  It's all in the rules you know.

April:  It's all in the rules you know.  Bla bla bla.  Stupid rules.

 It makes you wonder if he's a man or a wolf or both doesn't it.

Here ends round (season) one.

Not much to report.  A small population.  We are collecting 5% taxes towards college regardless of the cash in your bank account.  We have unlocked one career, Music.