Sunday, July 26, 2015

1.2 Cantrell continues

We continue with the first week in the Cantrell household.

Which is now overrun with Rosenburgs.  August and Daina have become very serious about each other.

August:  I know you were married to my son and that some people may consider us being together wrong but none of that matters to me.  I love you Daina.  Will you marry me?

Daina:  Yes.  Oh yes August, I'll marry you. 

August:  I'll make you happy Daina.  I swear I will.

Daina:  Well I would be happy if we had money and our own house.

The Rosenburg's get a family business.

They sell flowers and more.  The lawn gnomes are a big hit.

Daina begins working towards a flower making badge.  The neighborhood will need pretty flowers after all.

The Diva offers Daina a blind date with a great guy and although she's engaged, Daina takes the date anyway.

August is blissfully unaware.  Sell those gnomes August.

Daina:  Can you believe how big Jessamyn has gotten?  She's the size of a house.

Daina:  I give.  I give.

August:  Thank you for shopping with us.  Please come again.

Daina:  Thanks for the date (Remus/Romulus?).  I had a great time.

I added a custom university thinking that it wouldn't add the same old university townies but would instead spawn new ones.  Wrong.  Oh well.  Now we have university townies that will be ignored unless someone stumbles across a three bolt love they just can't live without.

I didn't kill off any placeholders that were in the families.  That's why Placeholder Busto was able to stop by the family's establishment.  

Business is blooming.

The flower badge is coming along nicely.

And at last the gold badge is earned.

Now Daina has more time to help with the business. 

I hated to part with the business but August needed to sell it for his LTW.  Daina bought it back to keep it as a family business.  There was about 70k in extra funds.  We split that evenly between the Cantrell family (who put up most of the money and the Rosenburg family (that did all the work).

The house was enlarged and updated.  It's a LITTLE bright.  Hopefully I'll get use to it.

Girl whose name I know:  This carpet is brighter than the neon scoreboard at the ball park.

Annabel:  I don't like rude people.

Mercury!  What are you doing?

Mercury:  Dancing with a lovely lady.

Um...okay.  I've never been able to control Mercury before.  Can't wait to move you in....someday....without your lovely lady.

Jessa:  Can I make them leave?

No.  Sorry.  They need to get to know each other.  It will make my life easier later.

Jessa:  Fine.  I'm going to bed.  These folks are acting crazy and getting on my last nerve.

I don't know where she gets that idea.

The men folks are fixing up the bathroom for their ladies.

Jessa:  The PAIN!  Make it STOP!

It will all go away as soon as you push that little one out.

In front of a room full of people.

Jessa:  He's so beautiful.

Yes he is.  Generation two arrives in one Conrad Cantrell.  He was named after his daddy because I spaced for a second there and couldn't come up with anything better.

Jessa:  I can't believe I'm a mom.  An unmarried mom.

Whoops.  I guess we forgot.

Daina:  Oh my gosh.  I'm expecting.

August needed a child.  And this will bind you more firmly together.  I like it.

August:  A baby.  This is so wonderful.

August and Daina Rosenburg marry.  

Conrad Sr:  Hey there Junior.  How's it hanging son?

Conrad Sr:  Hi bro.  Junior is changed and fed.  I've got this daddy thing down.

August:  It's not so hard while they're still burritos.  Wait until he's walking and talking and spending your money.

August:  Son of a....  Annabel!  How about not throwing at my face.

Annabel:  Sorry.  He he he.

Lookie lookie. The first gypsy visit of the neighborhood.

Conrad and Jessa wished for money and did a makeover on the side yard.  Now the visitors have somewhere to go and get to know each other.

It was time to rectify my oversight and get Conrad and Jessa married.  I sent them downtown to a wedding venue that I downloaded.  Yes, they got married without their family.

The I dos.


It's a nice venue and the first time I've used it.  I can tell I need to do some alterations.  My game doesn't run downtown lots this size well if they have to many plants.  If I replace the hedges with fencing of some sort I think everything would run much smoother.  And at least one of the wine bottles has got to go.  We couldn't do anything for all the toasting going on.

The girls get some promotions.  The guys are unemployed.  Oh they're working but only around the house.

It's time for Junior's birthday.

Camden Cantrell Jr. - Gemini - 5-8-10-3-3

Ty:  By mom.  I'll call you when I get there.

Daina:  Call my cell phone.  We're about to move next door.

Conrad:  By August.  Don't forget to call.

August:  I'll be next door.  I'll just walk across the street.

Jessa:  The house feels empty now.

Conrad:  Yeah.

Jessa:  How about we fix that?

Conrad Sr:  That's it Junior.  You'll be doing this on your own in no time.