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Avery Legacy - Chapter 65 - Bound Together

Caryl did get what she wanted. She was pregnant. She would have to lie about her due date but that didn't matter. All that matters is that she and Aiden are bound together. Nothing can tear them apart.
After the incident with Meredith, Aiden had thrown himself into his work. He quickly climbed the political ladder and has recently been elected mayor. Now he needed to get married before the baby came. His constituents could tolerate a man who had a child out of wedlock in college. They would not tolerate a man who had a child out of wedlock while acting as their mayor.
Marcus came over after school to see his dad. He wanted to tell him something. Aiden wasn't sure what. Every time he almost told him he would look over at Caryl and then get really quiet. He knew that he didn't really know Caryl yet but he didn't understand why he would act afraid of her. He didn't understand until Meredith came to pick him up. Then he knew what his son had wanted to tell him. He wanted to tell him about the baby. Aiden could only stare at the size of her belly. She looked to be as far along as Caryl but he knew that wasn't possible. Caryl had been pregnant for almost two months before he slept with Meredith.

Meredith left before Caryl could get a look at her. Aiden's other guest did see her though. Tongues were wagging as everyone left for home that night. Once they were gone, Aiden called up his brother. He needed advice. What he actually needed was for someone to tell him what to do. He spilled his guts to William. He told him about his afternoon with Meredith. He told him she was pregnant. He told him that he couldn't stop thinking about her. When he was with her and Marcus everything just felt right. Then he'd come home and Caryl would tell him how much she loved him. What the hell was he suppose to do?

William told him that he was asking the wrong guy. For one thing he would never have gotten engaged in the first place. The best he could do was to tell him to follow his heart. If he loved Meredith then he should go and be with her. If he loves Caryl then he should stay here and marry her before the baby is born. If he loves them both...well then he's in a world of hurt. He can't have them both. If he tries it will all blow up in his face. It still might actually. When Caryl learns about Meredith's second child, all hell could break loose.

In the end, Aiden decided to commit to Caryl. The baby was actually overdue. It should have been here already. Aiden wanted to be married to Caryl when his child was born. He wanted at least one of his kids to have his last name. He had no idea what he would do about Meredith. He could admit to himself that he loved her. Maybe he always had. But his life was with Caryl. Meredith could never be anything more than the mother of his kids. Caryl was his future. Caryl was his wife.

Another three weeks passed before Caryl went into labor. Aiden couldn't understand why her doctor was letting her go this far. He had expected then to perform a C-section weeks ago. Maybe it was a good thing that the baby didn't come because life had been chaotic the last few weeks. The press had found out about Meredith's pregnancy. They had named him as the father. His political career went up in flames. The citizens (who weren't named Avery) demanded his resignation. So he resigned. At least he was mayor for a little while. It's to bad his dream couldn't have lasted longer.

Caryl gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Aiden named his son Nathan.

As he fed his son, he couldn't help but thing about another child that was due any time just down the street. He hadn't spoken to Meredith. He needed to do that. He had to explain things. They had to come to an understanding.

So Aiden went to see Meredith. She confirmed that the child she was carrying was his. She told him that she hadn't had sex with anyone except him since that blurry night in college. That made what he had to say even harder. Aiden told her he married Caryl. He told her about Nathan's birth. He told her that he wanted to be a part of his kids lives but he couldn't be with her in any other way. Meredith knew what he was saying. She could tell that he meant it. If only his eyes didn't betray his desire for her. If only she didn't want him so badly.

Marcus cried when he found out his dad married Caryl. Even a new baby brother didn't cheer him up. Finally Meredith just told Aiden to leave. She would explain things to Marcus. She would make sure that he understood.

The next morning she explained it all the best she could. Marcus didn't like it. Neither did she. It was just the way things were. They would just have to do the best they can.

William stopped by to check up on her. He told her point blank that she shouldn't have taken advantage of Aiden again. She quickly pointed out that he was not drunk this time. He kissed her first as a matter of fact. Besides it takes two to tango. Aiden is just as responsible in all this as she is. She did regret what happened to his political career. She never meant to hurt him again. She hoped that his wife would get past this. She hoped that he would be happy.

Two days later, Meredith gave birth to Aiden's daughter. She named her Michele. She tried to call Aiden and tell him but Caryl answered the phone. She said Aiden wasn't home. Meredith knew that he was. Caryl was just being a bitch. It didn't matter though. She would tell him later. Then he could stop by and meet his little girl. No matter how much Caryl might want it to be different, she and Aiden were bound together. There was nothing she could do about it.

Avery Legacy - Chapter 64 - Meeting Marcus

Aiden bought a small starter home and invited Caryl to move in. It wasn't much but it would do until his political career took off.

Caryl couldn't care less about the house. She just wanted to see the bedroom. It had already been a week since she told him she was pregnant. She needed to make it true and she needed to make it true right now. She had bought an ovulation kit. She knew it was now or never. She either got pregnant within the next few days or she lost Aiden forever.

After getting Caryl settled into their new home, Aiden went to see Meredith. She looked good. Just seeing her again brought back memories and feelings that he thought had been buried forever. He quickly asked about his son. He needed something to distract him before he did what he was really wanting to do right now, reach out and touch her.

Meredith took Aiden inside and introduced him to his son. Then she just sat back and watched. They really did look a lot a like. She couldn't help but smile as Marcus ran through his limited vocabulary. Aiden was having a hard time understanding. She assured him it would just take time. After a while you get to know what every little sound means.

It was only a few days before Marcus had a birthday. Meredith made sure that Aiden was invited. She kept everything simple. She couldn't afford extravagant on her paycheck. Right before their eyes, Marcus became a child. Soon he will be starting school. Meredith found it amazing how fast he was growing up.

(Marcus as a child.)

If Meredith had any doubts about Marcus being Aiden's child they were now gone. They looked far to much alike.

(Aiden as a child. Amazing isn't it.)

Aiden started coming over after work and spending time with Marcus. He wanted to know his son. One day he showed up a little early. He said he must have lost track of time. Meredith was glad they were finally alone. She had things she wanted to say. She wanted to apologize for what she'd done all those years ago. She wanted him to know that she thought of him while she was in the hospital having Marcus. She wanted him to know that she had often thought of him. At some point she reached out and took his hands. It may have been a mistake.

Because the next thing she knew they were kissing. She couldn't remember who started it. She just didn't want it to end. Her mind was screaming stop. He's engaged to someone else. But she didn't stop. Neither did he.

If Marcus had gone upstairs that afternoon, he would have found his parents asleep in the same bed. Luckily for them he didn't go upstairs.

He had brought home his cousin Hope. They were busy playing. It was actually their giggling that woke the adults up. Aiden looked somewhat embarrassed as he got dressed. He quickly left without even saying hi to his son. Meredith got dressed. She had to be an adult about this. One amazing afternoon spent with her did not change anything. He was going to marry someone else. She needed to accept that. This could never happen again.

She was a single mom. That's just the way things are. It's her responsibility to make sure that Marcus learns what he needs to know. It's her responsibility to make sure he eats and sleeps and grows up to be a happy young man. She can't count on anyone else riding in and rescuing her. It's just her and Marcus. That's how it always will be.


Avery Legacy - Chapter 63 - Meredith Tells All

After several months, Meredith had finally gotten up the nerve to tell the Averys about her son. It took a lot of convincing to get William to come over. She called several times. He hung up on her twice before she convinced him that it was important and if he didn't come to her she would come to him. Once she got him there she was at a loss on how to start. There was so much to say and no matter how she said it was bound to be painful.

She didn't actually have to say anything as Marcus chose that moment to wake up from his nap. His cries told William everything. William got quite pale. Meredith told William that there was someone she wanted him to meet. She then went upstairs to get her son.

William watched as Meredith gave her son a bottle. She told him the child's name was Marcus. When Marcus went to play with his rabbit, William followed him. He sat there staring at the little boy.

Suddenly William noticed that Marcus looked a lot like Aiden did as a child. Since Meredith wasn't going to tell him he just asked. Whose son is this?

Meredith explained she hadn't told them she was pregnant because she didn't know who to tell. Looking at Marcus, she was not almost certain that Aiden was the father. She thought that they both should know. She wanted to tell William first because she figured she owed him that much. She had set out to hurt him. She succeeded. She really didn't want to hurt him any more. She just wanted Marcus to know his family. She just wanted him to know the Averys.

Meredith said that she was going to call Aiden tomorrow and tell him. William asked her not to. He would tell his brother. In a lot of ways this was his fault. He shouldn't have cheated on her. He drove her to do what she did. Besides finals were this week. They needed to pass if they wanted to graduate this semester. After finals he would tell Aiden. He had no idea how he would begin that conversation but he'd think of something.

The week passed quickly. Before William could tell Aiden about Marcus, Aiden did the unexpected. He purposed to Caryl.

He was in love with her. He wanted to marry her. He had put Meredith behind him. He almost never thought about her anymore.

William wasn't happy when Aiden told him the news. Why couldn't he have just waited? Add one more thing to the list of stuff he had to feel guilty about. Well he had to tell him now. He had to tell him before he did anything else. So William told his brother about Marcus. He told him that he had a son. Aiden was at a loss. Why hadn't she ever told him? Was she sure it was his son? William told him the truth. No she's not sure but I am. Once you see him you'll know he's your son. He looks just like you.

Aiden was very quiet the next day. William was starting to worry. He knew that Aiden was trying to make some big decisions. He wished he knew what to tell him. In his place, he had no idea what he'd do.

What Aiden did was tell Caryl about Marcus. He told her that he had a son. He had just found out. He never even knew the girl was pregnant. He told her that he couldn't marry her right now. He had to get this all straightened out. Once things were settled, then....well then maybe they could start over.

Caryl stood there listening to what Aiden said. He had told her long ago about the girl who got him drunk and took advantage of him just to get back at his brother. She knew that this had to be the same girl. This lying cheating manipulative witch was going to try to use her son to get Aiden to marry her. Well not while she was around. He purposed to her. She loved him. He's the only man she's ever loved. He's the only student she ever even considered sleeping with. She was not going to loose him. She would do whatever she had to do to keep that witch from taking Aiden away from her. So...she lied.

What about our child? What about the baby I'm carrying? How does our child fit into your new plans?

Aiden was stunned. He was going to be a father. What the hell did he do now? He drew Caryl into his arms and kissed her. He'd figure it all out later.

Caryl hated to lie to him. She hated to stoop to that witch's level. All she had to do was get pregnant in a hurry. Then it would be true. Then she would win and the witch would lose.

Aiden Avery left college with his degree and headed back to Eden Falls. He had no idea how he managed to wind up in this mess. He had no idea how he was going to get out of it.

Avery Legacy - Chapter 62 - Fatherhood

Despite the turmoil, and the ugly maternity clothes, Valerie was a happy pregnant lady. She had always wanted to have a baby with Boris. Apparently it was just meant to be. Her relationship with Boris still had a chance. This baby would link them forever.

Eventually Boris did show up. Valerie had a feeling that his brothers may have threatened him. She told him about their baby. She told him that it happened in the changing booth that day. She had hoped he'd look happy about the news. She had hoped that things could be salvaged.

The more she spoke the sicker Boris looked. He looked like he was going to hurl.

And he did. Valerie thought it was cute for half a second. She thought he was having sympathy morning sickness or something. Then she realized that he really hated the idea of being a father. He REALLY was never going to marry her. Her hope for a happy ending died that day. Boris washed his face and walked out the door. He never said a word.

As her due date came closer, Valerie began emailing Boris. She told him it was ok. He didn't have to give her anything. She had never truly understood the depths of his fear. She would never ask him to marry her. She would raise their child alone. If he wanted to see his son he knew where she was. If not, then he knew what house to avoid.

Early one morning while in the shower, Valerie went into labor. Bram rushed in and saw way more of Valerie than ever before. He did his best to help her through the labor and was right there beside her when she gave birth. He then quickly found her some clothes to put on. No need for anyone else to see her that way too.

Valerie gave birth to a handsome baby boy. He has all of his father's coloring.

She named her son Chris. Chris Haggerty is the first potential heir of generation three line two.

Hey there little man. It's uncle Bram. It's nice to finally meet you.

Bram called Boris and told him to get his ass over there. Eventually he showed up. He hadn't seen Valerie since she told him she was pregnant. He had no idea what to say to her. Valerie knew that Boris didn't really want to be there. It hurt but she'd get over it. She took him upstairs and so that he could see his sleeping son. He stayed for only a minute. He bent over the crib and touched the baby's head. Valerie couldn't help but thing that maybe there was hope for him yet.

No one knew if Chris's birth really changed Boris or not. One person it did change was Bram.

Bram lost the business tycoon look. He actually quit his job. He decided to work with Ben and Brand on Aaron's cow plant research. He didn't really care about breeding the cow plant like they did but he liked working with family and the money wasn't anything to complain about. He started talking to Laura about having a baby of their own. He thought it would be great to give Chris a playmate.

Laura saw her doctor. She came off her birth control pills. She and Bram have tried for a few months now to get pregnant. So far they have had no luck.

Valerie was throwing Chris a birthday party. Boris was invited and he actually showed. Bram pulled him aside and told him to get his act together. He had a son. His son needed a father. He was more than willing to help fill that spot. Problem was that he isn't Chris's father. Boris is. He needs to start acting like it.

Bram wasn't sure if he got through to his brother. He went upstairs, slightly pissed at Boris, and watched as Chris became a toddler.

Chris Haggerty - Gemini - 7 neat, 8 outgoing, 10 active, 7 playful & 3 nice

After having the same talk with several of his brothers, Boris finally went to spend time with his son. It was weird to think that he had helped make the little guy. Maybe he could be a father. It wouldn't be so bad once he was potty trained and all that.

The rest of the family left him alone with his son. They all prayed that this was a step in the right direction. If not the brothers were planning to get together and beat the shit out of him. Maybe then he'd come to his senses.

The party went on until the early morning hours. Those Avery's love a good party. Eventually Officer Joe dropped by and told them to all go home. The neighbors had complained. Bram couldn't figure out who had complained since all his neighbors were his family and half of them were here anyway. Everyone went home that night hoping that the newest Avery would finally have his father's love.

(This is the first time a cop had dropped by to break up a party since I've gotten university. I somehow thought they'd taken that out or something.)