Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 124 - Wrap-Up

Samuel's world had been disrupted greatly lately. Boris leaving meant that Aric was in charge. Aric hated him. He hated Aric. Then there was the fact that he was a father. It wasn't something that he had ever wanted. He didn't want a kid. And a daughter. No way. But that was what he had. Plus all his loves are learning about each other. It wasn't safe to leave the house. It wasn't safe to say in the house. Samuel spent a lot of time with Caryl to avoid Aric. Then he started to worry that Caryl was getting to clingy. Like it or not he was going to have to work something out with Aric. He would not become a one woman man. He needed his freedom. He loved the luxury of Avery Manor. He'd just have to find a way to appease Aric for a while longer.

Aric didn't like Samuel living with him. He'd kick him out on the street if he could. Right now though he can't. All he can do is take care of his family as best he can. He'll figure out what to do with Samuel later.

(I realize that for the first time ever there are no qualified heirs living on the main legacy lot. Aric was adopted so neither he nor any of his kids qualify. Weird. But Connor will be back soon. Seriously. I wouldn't lie to you. Just don't ask how long soon will be, ok.)

Aric and Samuel came to an unspoken truce. Samuel got a job. An actual low paying job in the army. He shows up every night to star gaze despite knowing what could happen to him if he's taken away. He's making an effort in hopes of not being kicked out. Aric doesn't see it as much of an effort. The man gets on his last nerve. The fact that he's been with LaShandra cuts him to the core. He will never like this man. He will always hate him. Someday, somehow, he will find a way to get rid of Samuel LeTourneau.

If nothing else could the man stop getting caught cheating for a while. Could he make up with those he's cheated on so that they will stop knocking over the trash can. Even with a stop sign going through the center of the trash can those women (and men) still find a way to knock the can down and leave trash everywhere. It is simply more than even a complete slob like Aric can take.

No to mention the fact that he's paying a small fortune to keep the bugs at bay. The woman is talking about buying a second truck just to handle the Avery family. This is getting damn ridiculous.

But on a good note, Callisto has grown into a beautiful little girl. Poor thing. All alone in a house full of men.

Aric had over the headmaster of the local private school. That same school his father Aaron forced all his kids to go to. Well it's time now to carry on that tradition. Aric wowed the man and enrolled all three of his children in private school.

Soon it was time for more birthdays. Jaric Scott is now a teen. He's rolled into fortune which pretty much guarantees that he'll see the legacy lot again after college. Jaric has a lifetime goal of becoming a criminal mastermind. Of course his father says that he can dabble in that for a while but then it's off to the family business. You know, natural science and stargazing. This is future alien bait you're looking at here folks. Oh, and doesn't he look like his dad and uncle Aiden? It's the jaw line. Amazingly strong genes.

Also becoming a teen is Daric Scott. Daric has rolled into romance. He longs to be a professional party guest. He has a very little chance of coming back into the house. If I need more alien bate then maybe. Otherwise he stays away unless he rerolls that aspiration in college. I'm not really looking forward to another 30 loves any time soon. I'm sure you understand. I haven't cleaned up all the bugs from the last one. And evil woman in the picture is one of my worse bug makers. You'd think that if I let her roam the place enough she'd get over it but so far it hasn't worked. Witch.

Like I said, short finishing look from the legacy lot. The twins begin their quest for scholarships. Jaric is a quick learner or Daric is a slow learner. One or the other. But they will both get there eventually. Next time we get back here to the legacy lot, Connor will be returning from college hopefully with a bride (though I have no idea who. Gardner? Diva? He really likes the Diva but black hair and I lose points. Not likely to happen.)

So, how long will Aric put up with Samuel? What will happen to Samuel if Aric ever snaps? What could Samuel do that would push Aric over the edge? And exactly how long will it take me to get all 20ish kids out of college? All these answers and more are coming. Be patient though. It could be a while.

Avery Legacy - Chapter 123 - Babies, Babies, Babies

Caryl was the first to go into labor. She gave birth alone in the bathroom. It never even crossed her mind to call for help. She was in this alone and she knew it.

It was a painful delivery which produced a beautiful baby girl with red hair and brown eyes. Caryl named her daughter Amelia Avery. She is the only Avery that is not truly in any way an Avery.

That night LaShandra went into labor while taking a bubble bath. The pain came on quickly and the baby came even faster.

She gave birth to a baby girl with brown hair and green eyes. She named her daughter Arica Carr. She was carrying Arica to the nursery when she was hit by another pain. She lay her daughter down and did a second twirl.

And produced a second baby girl. Yes folks, Aric has produced another set of twins. And here I thought it must be Tori that caused it. LaShandra named her second baby Baricia Carr. Baricia has brown hair but her father's deep blue eyes.

Early the next the next morning, Corey was woken by Jan's screams.

He was soon handed his beautiful baby girl. She has her father's black hair and dark blue eyes. Jan and Corey named their daughter Natalia Bertino.

See this isn't so bad. Yes the house is now full. All four of you little babies will have the same birthday because of the way the aging works in this game. That's ok though. Controller loves a challenge, yes she does. And she was bored again so this should alleviate that for just a little bit. Yes it will.

Because soon all four babies shared a birthday and became toddlers. Amelia Avery looks very much like her father Samuel LeTourneau. She's a Gemini with 2 neat, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful & 5 nice so she'll take after him personality wise too.

Natalia Bertino looks like her dad as well. She's also a Gemini with 4 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 5 playful & 4 nice.

Twin number one Arica Carr is a Libra with 7 neat, 10 outgoing, 1 active, 7 playful & 10 nice.

Her sister Baricia Carr is an Aquarius with 8 neat, 2 outgoing, 5 active, 10 playful & 10 nice. On a side note, this is the first infant I have EVER had that cried constantly. Now that I see her stats I realize that it was the playful. Being a twin she didn't get handled enough. At the time I thought that it was because she was an evil baby that should be sat outside in hopes that someone will pick her up and take her away. And to think I thought people were kidding when they said they had babies that cried when they were changed and fed no matter what the hell you did for them. That will teach me.

The house was a flutter with activity with all these toddlers about. Even though most of the household were not speaking they suddenly found themselves working together to get all the babies fed, changed and rocked to sleep.

LaShandra tried a new technique when potty training Baricia.

She used herself as the potty. Looks painful doesn't it.

Out you go. It's like giving birth all over again. Well, whatever works.

Darn it. To many babies. One got away from me and found a puddle left by the ex-cow mascot. Darn it. Jammies are all wet. Will have to be changed. Bath time again.

Eventually Samuel came by to meet his daughter. Ok actually he came by for a booty call since Caryl promised him there was no way should could get pregnant again. But while he waited on her to freshen up he spent a few moments with this daughter. He found it ironic that she carried the last name of Avery since the Avery family seems to hate him and wish he would die. (All in good time my friend, all in good time. *more evil laughter* So can't wait. I have plans. Brilliantly evil plans.)

Corey was no loafer like Samuel. He had a career, paranormal. He was trying hard to reach the top. He spent hours working on those promotions. Jan cheered her husband on. Ok, the word gave her the shivers BUT the man had an insatiable appetite for sex which she truly relished. They had done it in most every room in the house. They had their own photo booth. Then there were the beds. The hot tub. Make outs on the sofas. The man was an animal and for that Jan was willing to keep him around. Besides, she wasn't getting any younger. She might want to hang on to him for when she gets grey and her teeth fall out. (BTW, I have found that if they woohoo in the photo booth it will fulfill the want for public woohoo even if they are at home. Just FYI.)

Speaking of getting older, Jan had her birthday and is now looks like a granny. Of course technically she is a granny but she tries not to think about that. She can only hope that Corey will still do her despite the dress. Trust me, he will.

Yeah, Corey may see an ugly old woman beside him but he also sees his ticket to easy street. Jan won't live forever. He'll get everything she owns when she dies which is a third of this house. Plus since she's old now her eyes will start going soon. She's less likely to catch him flirting with the other roomies. Oh, he hasn't yet but he really wants to. That Prof. Caryl is a hottie. Umm umm. Can't wait to get some of that.

Time passes quickly even in a house of eight. Soon it was time for more birthdays. Four on one day. First up is Natalia. Isn't she cute.

Then there's Amelia. Really resembles her dad.

Then Arica. She looks like her dad too.

And finally Baricia. You guessed it. Resembles her dad. Both of the twins twirled into the same top but different bottoms so I had to make them really stand apart. Baricia seems to like the change. Apparently she's into face paint.

So, how are those men getting along back at Avery Manor? Will Samuel survive now that Aric is alone and in charge? Next up a short return to the main house for a few more birthdays.

Avery Legacy - Chapter 122 - Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Over at Caryl, Jan & LaShandra's new place:

Caryl hasn't had a love in her life since her divorce. It was a messy divorce. The marriage didn't go well and it didn't end well either. When Caryl met Samuel it was like a breath of fresh air. He said she was beautiful. He acted like she was the most desirable woman in the world. She knew deep down that he'd never marry her. She could just tell. But she'd had marriage. Now she just wanted love. Even if it wasn't a forever kind of love. Just love would do.

Especially if it was surrounded with lots of hot sex. She and her roommates had just moved in to their new townhouse. Everyone else was at work so she could make as much noise as she wanted. Caryl can make a heck of a lot of noise when she gets really excited.

LaShandra came home from work a little depressed. She'd been sleeping with Aric off and on for months now. Every month she tested and every month there was no baby. She knew he was fertile. He had a set of twins with another woman. Maybe she should be upset about that but it wasn't like she was in it for love. She just wanted his genes. The man had good genes, rock hard abs, and an ass that made her go wild. After all the hot sex she'd had with him, why wasn't she pregnant?

Well there was no time to wonder or worry. It was that time again. Time to try the baby making one more time. With Jan away at work, now was a perfect time to get Aric to come over and make a baby with her. There was only one problem...

Jan wasn't at work. She had gotten that last promotion. Her hours had changed. She walked in to find LaShandra in someone else's arms and was furious. She may not love her but she was her lover. She wasn't suppose to be with anyone else ESPECIALLY an AVERY.

LaShandra tried to explain that she was doing this for them but Jan wouldn't even listen. Aric just stood there looking confused. She had really messed up. Jan seemed so angry. She had been trying for months to get her to set a wedding date and help pick out baby names. She couldn't honestly have not known what she was up to.

Jan walks out in the hall furious. She wants to get even. She wants revenge. Who should she see but Samuel. Samuel had always been there for a good time for her in the past. She pulls him in her arms. She's thinking that maybe she'd take him upstairs and rock his world. That would teach LaShandra. That would make her pay.

But before she gets a chance to tell Samuel her plan, Caryl walks out of her first floor bedroom in her underwear and takes Samuel by the hand. Suddenly Jan knows the truth. Samuel is sleeping with Caryl too. How could he? How could he sleep with another one of her roommates? It's not like they had a commitment but that was just common courtesy. You don't screw around with your lovers roomies. End of story.

Jan gives Samuel the look that kills. Samuel suddenly knows one woman to steer clear of. Maybe he'd better stay away from here for a while especially if Aric was hanging around. There was no need for Aric to find out that he had already had all three of the roommates.

But Aric figured it out all on his own. It was the way that Samuel looked at LaShandra. It was the same way that he looked at both Jan and Caryl. He had slept with them all. It was the final straw. Aric wasn't putting up with his shit any more.

He might not be able to kick him out of the legacy lot but he sure could kick his ass. Just giving you a little something to remember me by big boy.

Things got very strained around the place after that night. The only two speaking were Caryl and LaShandra and that was due to their own ignorance. To make matters worse, Caryl started thinking that Samuel may have left a little something of himself behind when he left. She couldn't be pregnant, could she? That's all she needs. Won't Jan just love this.

LaShandra didn't notice how distraught Caryl was. She was to upset herself. And starving. Why was she so hungry. She just couldn't get enough.

Jan didn't notice either. She was still working on that whole revenge thing. She can be a bitter old hag when she wants to be. She has to really dig through her old black book but eventually she finds the number of an old friend Corey Bertino. She's pretty sure she can talk him into sleeping with her AND getting caught. Just as she suspected, Corey was up for it. You want sex, I'm the man for you.

LaShandra eventually finds out that she has succeeded. She is going to have her family with or without Jan. LaShandra really wants it to be with Jan. She goes upstairs to Jan's room to tell her the news and beg for a second chance.

But what she saw changed everything. Jan was with some man, in the bed that they had picked out together. How could she? How could she do this to her? Well to hell with Jan. She didn't need her. She owned a third of this place. She would just stay here and raise her baby on her own. Eventually she'd find someone else. Or maybe she and Aric could make something of a life together.

With the fireworks going on all around, no one realized that Caryl was pregnant until she was in her second trimester. Her roommates were floored. They never thought that Caryl wanted to have more children. They would have thought that she and Samuel had taken more precautions.

Jan finds herself in a familiar place as yet another lover has moved in on her and refuses to leave. Corey needed a place to crash. What better place that the bed for a hot older woman. He'd leave eventually. As soon as he got his feet under him. Then he'd find his own little bachelor pad and live it up.

Aric wasn't as happy as LaShandra hoped when she told him the news. By now he had figured out that she was just using him to get pregnant. He knew about her and Jan. He felt used. He didn't like feeling used. He also didn't like sharing with Samuel. Although Aric still craved LaShandra like a drug, he refused to give into temptation. She was having his child. He would like to know that child. That's it. That's all. He was not going to sleep with that woman again. No matter how hot she was. No matter how much her bright pink hair turned him on. No matter how tempting those lips were. He would not cave. But my god she's attractive. NO. He will not cave. He is strictly here for the baby. Nothing more.

Samuel didn't come over for any baby. He didn't know about any baby. When Caryl called him over he thought it was just for a booty call. He was shocked when he saw her. He thought he was being careful. A man like him had to be. Otherwise he'd be paying child support to half the town. Samuel was scared stiff for a few minutes. Then Caryl laid a kiss on him that curled his toes. She wasn't after child support. She wasn't after commitment. She was after sex. She had needs and she needed him now. Right now. You. Inside. Now.

This was absolutely the last thing Jan wanted. She had thought that she was to old to have a baby. Otherwise she'd have used extra precautions. My god menopause is just around the corner. How can I be having a baby? Why me? Why now? WHY?

Corey didn't ask why. He made her pregnant now he would make her his wife. No he didn't want to get married but he had to. His dad had been like him. He was a romancer too. He'd married him mom when he was due. Now he would marry Jan. That was just the way it was. Maybe it would end in divorce. Maybe it would last forever. Either way, his child would carry the Bertino name. Corey didn't ask Jan so much as told her. Jan didn't want a ring. She didn't want a marriage. But then Corey asked her if she wanted their child to carry the Avery name. It was enough to make her blood boil. She was NOT having another AVERY. NEVER! Give me the damn ring.

Corey married her that night before she could calm down and change her mind. His baby would carry the Bertino name. It was all that mattered. He owed his dad that much.

Of course he did start regretting it almost immediately. Marriage. Commitment. Enough to make a guy feel sick. But marriage didn't have to mean fidelity. Jan didn't have to know what he did when she wasn't around. He was a hot man. He could make this work. Yeah, no problem.

Will the marriage last? Will the roommates wind up strangling each other? Will the household survive those pesty toddler year? All this and more will be revealed in the next exciting installment.