Monday, May 19, 2008

Avery 1.10

The Points

Just in case you're wondering, yes I am keeping track of the points. I do this for myself only. I really can't compare my score with anyone elses as I do use one or two hacks that just wouldn't make that fair. But if you're interested, my points are listed below.

Category: Legacy

.5 points per generations = 1

.5 for painted portrait of founder or heir = .5

Total Legacy Points = 1.5

Category: Money

1 point per 300k earned (rounded up): Approximately 350k = 2 points

Category: Family Friends

.25 per family friend (use highest total) = 65 friends

Total Friends Points = 10 with 6 going to overflow


Category: Impossible Want

1 point per impossible want

Max All Skills: Duke, Angie, Egan = 3 points

Category: Platinum Graves

.5 per platinum grave = 0

Category: Ghosts

.5 per different colored ghost or 10 points for complete collection

Green Disease Ghost - Katy McGaw

Total Ghost Points = .5

Category: Business

1 pt for each generation family business is at level 10 = 2

Category: Family Breed

.25 per generation (simplified by me because the rules made no sense to me)

generations = 5

Total Breed Points = 1.25

Category: Seasons

Legacy Tree: 0 points (Founder hasn't died yet)

Fish: All fish trophies & wishing well on lot = 1

Juice: All kinds of juice can be made = 1

Total Season Points = 2

Category: Bon Voyage

5 points for one sim having all 45 vacation memories = Duke Avery = 5 pts

2 pts for purchasing a vacation home and every generation vacationing there = (ongoing)

1 pt for Founder buying vacation home = Honeymoon House = 1 pt

2 pts for every souvenir displayed in house = 2 pts

-1 pt for every bad vacation = As If!

Total Bon Voyage Points = 8

Category: Free Time

Do not yet have this expansion pack. My birthday is next month. Hint! Hint!

Category: Collections

1 pt per alien pregnancy = Angie Avery has daughter Eden = 1

1 pt for all 25 career rewards = Yeah Duke = 1

Total Collection Points = 2

Category: Master

1 point per achievement

Egan Avery becomes Child Prodigy

Duke Avery becomes Capitalist Master (ongoing - upon Duke's Death)

Total Master Points = 1

Category: Handicaps (All Ongoing so no points yet)

Green Thumb = 1 pt

Fearless = 1 pt

Obey your Sims = 1 pt

Patriarchy = 1 pt

One Way Street = 1 pt

True Love = 2 pt

Free Roaming Ghosts = 2 pts

Storyteller = 1 pt

Category: Overflow

6 points from friends

Penalties: None Yet!

Total Points = 39.5 / 140 possible = 28%

Not sure if that's good or bad but that's how it is. Next up, generation two does college.

Avery 1.9

We returned from our island vacation to find Generation Four had grown into an adult. I wasted no time in finding him a mate. Mother Four was a very natural looking America Foxhound. Kind of boring compared to the rest of the lot.

Mother Four soon produced Generation Five and his sister. Of course his sister had to go. I don't have room for extras.

So now just Generation Four and Generation Five remain. Generation Five looks very normal. Maybe he'll get some personality when he grows up.

Speaking of growing up. My little girl has discovered boys. I guess it was just a matter of time. Suddenly the house is filled with teenagers and loud music. I'd put my foot down but I really can't be bothered. So much to do and so little time. I can feel the clock ticking down. I can feel my youth slipping away. Angie says I'm being melodramatic. Ha. It wasn't me who was staring in the mirror trying to decide if it was a wrinkle or a shadow.

As I said I had much to do. It was time to get back to my businesses. My second business grew into a booming success. I mainly sold items that the kids made. Free labor is a wonderful thing. Servus stopped by and introduced me to this wife. That's right, wife. Her name is Serva. Servus made her. They also have a son Butler. He made him as well. Then Butler made himself a girl friend name Maiden. Now there are four robots running loose in Eden Falls. They all call themselves Avery. I don't know whether to be proud or terrified. But as long as they continue to be good, fair, paying customers, what do I care?

Angie helped draw customers to our business by offering free ti-chi lessons. Everyone is working out and trying to stay healthy these days. Angie lures them in, I sale them the items they just can't live without. It's a perfect combination.

I even started offering free makeovers on the side. The makeovers became so popular that I opened my third business, a day spa.

It too was very successful. You wouldn't believe how much some people will tip you just for giving them the look they want. Whatever floats their boat I guess.

For a while there, Angie and I weren't home much. Between working our regular jobs and getting our third business up to the top level. All the sudden we looked arround and realized that both Euan and Eden were overachievers. They had successfully gotten a multitude of scholarships to SSU. They were getting ready to leave the nest and strike out on their own.

Angie was so excited that she actually cooked. A real meal in the Avery house. That hardly ever happens. After the celebratory feast, Euan and Eden headed off to college. The nest is now empty.

For Angie and I, an empty nest meant boredom. We are both beginning to feel our age. We are both overly successful people with nothing really left to accomplish in life. Soon I'll be a grey haired grandpa. I guess it's time to hand the family reins over to my heir and successor Egan. He'll be home from college soon I'm sure. Until then I'll just have to find some way to amuse myself. I wonder how many devoted friends one man can have?

Avery 1.8

Time moves on. Life continues. The family got use to not having Egan around. He couldn't even be bothered to come home for his brother's birthday. Well no, we didn't throw a party. He still could have stopped by. Doesn't he know his mother and I miss him?

(Euan Avery - Fortune Sim who wants to become The Law)

Soon after his birthday, Euan started spending all his time with his friend Olga. It wasn't long before I found Euan and Olga stuck together like glue in every dark corner of the house. Euan and I had a long talk. Euan swears that Olga is his true love. Well how's a dad to argue with that? I have stressed to the kids that they should only settle for true love. I'm just amazed he found it so soon. I was a senior in college before I found my true love.

Eden is also a teenager now. Both her and Euan are fortune minded people. I know that money is important but what about knowledge. You can't beat knowledge. Oh well. It's their lives. I guess pursuing money isn't all bad.

(Eden Avery - Fortune sim that wants to earn 100k)

With the birthdays so close together Angie and I decided to give the kids a joint gift. They both wanted to go back to the islands. I guess they've forgotten all about their sun burns and heat exhaustion. When we got ready to head out I called up Egan. It wouldn't be a family vacation without him. After some begging that turned into some threatening, Egan finally agreed to take the time out of his busy life to spend some time with his family.

Of course no trip to the islands would be complete with out visiting with our old buddy the witch doctor. Or is he a voodoo priest. I'm not asking him.

The whole family, with the exception of Egan, chipped in and now Eden has a voodoo doll too. Euan is disappointed but it can't be helped. He'll just have to get one of his siblings to share. No he can't use mine. I still need it. It's mine. Only mine. My precious. No body will take you from me.

While at the beach, Euan decided to make some extra cash by rapping. I really think he should have gotten dressed first but I'm just not with it I guess.

Not to be outdone, Eden tried her luck at performing. I really didn't like the way some of the men were looking at her. She's just a child. My child. They shouldn't even be thinking about her like that. Angie tells me I'm becoming an old fuddy duddy. No I'm becoming a father of a teenage girl. There's a difference. Where's my voodoo doll. I'll teach him not to leer at my little girl.

Once again it was hot at the beach. Egan couldn't be bothered to wear his sunblock. When did he become to old to listen to me? I know he didn't really want to come but there was no need to cop an attitude and act like he doesn't even know his own family.

Egan didn't even stay for the entire vacation. You see, one night it got so hot that the stairs spontaneously combusted. I tried to put out the fire and suddenly I to was going up in flames.

Angie and Euan managed to save me but not without Euan catching fire. Luckily Eden kept her head about her and called for emergency assistance. Finally the flame was controlled. The fire was the final straw for Egan. He took an early flight home muttering about midterms and
wasted time.

Well after the fire I really did feel wasted. Exhaustion claimed me. It was time to head home so that I could get some rest.

Avery 1.7

We arrived home from our second honeymoon just in time to celebrate Egan's birthday. My oldest is now a teen. I don't know whether to be happy or scared spitless. They just grow up so fast. Because Egan was a child prodigy, he has decided to devote his life to knowledge. He already knows almost everything. He has accomplished so much in his young life that I fear he may someday turn away from knowledge towards some other sort of goal.

(Egan Avery - Knowledge sim who wants to be a Mad Scientist)

When Angie and I asked Egan what he wanted for his birthday, he told us that he wanted to go on another family vacation. Angie loved the idea and even though we had just got back from the orient, we packed up the kids and headed to the beach.

Our first stop upon arriving was to visit our old friend the shaman. Voodoo is a rather helpful tool and I wanted to be sure my son was able to use it. I suppose I could have given him my voodoo doll but, well... I just didn't want to. It's mine. Mine I say. No I'm not obsessed with it. Am not. I could put the doll down at any time. I could. I just don't want to.

With the most important task handled. The family took the time to relax. Angie and I started teaching the kids ti-chi. Your never to young to learn after all.

One night, it happened. The aliens came for me. I was excited and yet fearful. I would love nothing more than to tell you all about it but unfortunately the whole experience is just one big blur. It just so out of focus. I can almost remember but then I just can't.

I think that was the most terrifying part. The lack of memory. No one wants to feel out of control. That's how I felt upon my return. Scared and out of control.

After my little trip, the family decided to stick close to home. Angie and I were expecting to see changes in my physical appearance. A little tummy pouch perhaps. Morning sickness maybe. Any sign that a little life was on the way.

I was extremely disappointed when it didn't happen. I felt cheated. Robbed. I'm sure the aliens tried to plant life within me. Unfortunately it didn't take. I will not be having an alien child. (Darn pregnant pet!)

Soon the sun had the family fainting with exhaustion. All the kids had bad sunburns. Angie claimed I was pouting. I don't pout. Men don't pout. I just found the heat depressing. So I packed up the family and headed home. I'd had enough of the tropics for a while.

When we returned home, Servus was once again displaying human emotions that he wasn't programed to display. This time it was anger and jealousy. Why didn't we take him? Wasn't he part of the family? Well, umm, no. He's not. How can he be when I still have the receipts for the parts I used to make him. We had a bit of a falling out and Servus decided to go his own way. He moved out. I wished him well. Hopefully he'll stay out of trouble. And if he finds trouble, I hope it doesn't follow him back to my door.

Not long after Servus left, so did Egan. He was ready for college. It was a teary good-bye. I know he's only heading off to SSU but it just seems to soon for that. Wasn't he born just yesterday? Angie just kept handing me tissues and telling me it would be alright. She's such a great wife. I'm so glad I married her.

Avery 1.6

With Egan making near perfect marks, Angie thought that perhaps it was time to enroll the kids into private school. As I could see the benefit of this I told her to go ahead and invite over the headmaster. I had hoped things would be handled before I came home from work. The last thing I want to do is entertain some guy who thinks he's as smart as me. After all, that's not possible.

Angie gave the headmaster a tour of our home. He seemed very impressed by all of my many accomplishments.

Unfortunately, Mr. Headmaster expected to be served a meal. We Avery's don't really eat. It's the SnapDragonMiosis. It's not like we can't cook. We just don't. So I used my little friend to make the headmaster see things my way.

As I expected, both of the boys were accepted into private school. In that moment I was so proud. In the next, I was so disgusted with myself.

I had forgotten that it was Eden's birthday. Unfortunately she wasn't allowed to be enrolled along with her brothers.

It was a true bother but rules are rules. So the next day while I was at work, I let Servus borrow my little friend. Now Eden is in private school as well.

The K9 breeding program moves forward with the birth of Generation Three. What a handsome dog he is.

I wasted no time in finding a suitable mate for him. Mother Three is an Akita. She will undoubtedly be bringing forth the next generation soon.

Well all the responsibilities of work and family was starting to wear on me. I spent more and more time dreaming of that second honeymoon with Angie. Finally I decided, enough was enough. Angie and I left the kids in Servus' care and headed off on our second honeymoon.

We met a wise old man who taught us much about his culture. After spending the day with him I finally started to unwind a bit.

I met a strange fellow dressed as a ninja. I thought he was a fraud at first. Then he taught me to teleport. I reconsidered my assessment.

The trip was wonderful. Unfortunately it passed far to quickly. We would have stayed longer but we have a very special birthday just around the corner. We can't miss our oldest child and my heir becoming a teen. So home we go. Relaxed and refreshed. At least for a little while.

Avery 1.5

After returning from our family vacation, Egan began attending public school. He is such a smart child. He's not even out of elementary school yet and already he has learned everything you can out of books. I told Angie he would be a child prodigy. And no, I'm not pushing him. Now I'll begin to share my knowledge of growing fruits and vegetables. As the heir, he will definitely need to know these things.

The K9 breeding experiment continues as Generation Two becomes an adult.

I quickly acquired a mate for Generation Two. An Airedale Terrier. She is appropriately named Mother Two. Hey, we Avery's are a practical scientific minded lot. If you want imagination you're visiting the wrong legacy.

With spring comes the growth. For our family that meant a house full of toddlers. First to grow up was Euan.

(Euan Avery - Pisces with 10 neat, 9 outgoing, 5 active, 0 playful & 10 nice)

Followed closely behind was Eden.

(Eden Avery - Libra with 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 2 active, 3 playful & 10 nice. Yes that's right. Three children in generation 2 and they all have 10 neat and 10 nice.)

Unfortunately, not all news that spring was good. Nanna Katy learned that she had a terrible incurable disease. It struck swiftly with no warning. Before we knew what had happened, poor Nanna was gone.

We will always miss you Nanna Katy. Your presence will linger in our home and hearts long after your body has been laid to rest.

With Nanna gone, our family was in need of quality affordable child care. I had this crazy idea of building my family a robot to help care for the children. I was successful. At least to a point. I created Servus. For better or worse, Servus thinks he's alive. Some of his antics aren't anywhere close to what I had imagined when I created him. I'm just not sure but I think maybe an alternative plan may be required.

At least Euan is now attending elementary school. Eden won't be far behind. I will worry far less when the children are more self sufficient.