Sunday, November 20, 2011

Summer Round 1–Brandt



Gregory Brandt holding Kade Brandt.  Gregory is a financial minded sim that wishes he could top the entertainment field.  If only he were younger.


Samantha Brandt holding son Boone.  Samantha years for popularity and wishes to someday be a general.


Karpi and Rowan Brandt.  The last of the Brandt Quads.


Haley Brandt, the older sister.


Samantha is the only child of Gregory Brandt.  Not long ago Samantha become a widow.  As depression set in, she and her father moved to Fellowship United so that they could unite in raising the children. 

The house is small and sparse.  The exhaustion is high.  The diaper changes many. Come….join the fun.


Greggory:  Her you go my darlings.  Bottles for all.

Haley: But MOM, the aliens would take ‘em. 

Samantha:  No Haley.  We are not giving the babies to the aliens.


Gregory:  Come on Boone.  You have to walk for grandpa.



Haley:  But MOM, the babies get to play all day.

Samantha:  And when they get older they will go to school too.


Kapr:  Ge’me.  Mine. Mine mine mine mine mine.


Samantha:  Come on Kade.  Work with me.

Gregory:  Oh my back.


Kade Brandt survived toddlerhood and learned all his skills.


Rowan Brandt learned all his skills.


Boone Brandt learned all his skills.


Kapri Brandt learned to potty and talk.  That’s it.  Stubborn little tike.


Samantha:  Morning guys.  I’m off to my first day of work.


Haley:  Stupid Warriors.  So rude.


Gregory:  If you can learn to study amongst chaos, you will have no problem with college life.


Samantha:  Odessa, I know we haven’t known each other for very long but….will you consent to join your life with mine?  Will you marry me?

Gregory:  Did she just ask that old biddy to marry her? 


Samantha:  Ohhhhh.  A second chance at love.  I am so lucky.


Odessa Tibbles Brandt is a popularity minded sim that wants to earn 20 best friends.


Odessa:  I know you already have a family.  A rather large family.  But do you think you might be willing to have just one more?  For me.

Samantha:  I think I could be persuaded.


Samantha:  Oh no.  I forgot to get a smoke detector.

Odessa:  No worries.  I’ve got this dear.


Samantha:  Odessa will be so happy.  But where will we put the crib?


Samantha:  Why did I agree to this again?

Gregory:  Why did I agree to this again?


Kapri:  I am an artist.  Maybe someday I’ll be famous.


Kade:  Why are you tormenting me?

Haley:  Cause I can.


Rowan:  What’s wrong Moma Odessa?

Odessa:  Just a cold son.  Just a cold.



Haley:  I’m all grown up and I have a plan for my life.  I won’t be poor forever.  Someday, I’ll be a criminal mastermind.  Watch out Fellowship United.  I’m going to rule the streets.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Summer Round 1 - Antonious


We start things off with the Antonius family.  Apparently, Rylan and Tori were high school sweethearts.  They married right out of high school.  They had a daughter Paige.  Then Rylan was abducted by aliens.  His wife Tori didn’t believe him at first.  Not until the twins Pierce and Pricilla were born.  Then she had no choice.  Rylan was hurt by her disbelief.  It has put a strain on their marriage.  Paige has been in tons of trouble lately and the abduction didn’t help anything.  Will this family be able to mend the rift and become a happy loving family or will the distrust and hurt drive them apart?


Ryland and Priscilla Antonious.  Ryland is popularity minded and want to become the mayor.


Tori Antonious is family mined and wants 6 grandkids.


Paige and Pierce Antonious.  Paige is romance minded and wants 20 simultaneous lovers.

Rylan and Tori have just one bolt of attraction.


Tori:  I just can’t believe my husband had twins.  Alien twins.  I have wanted to have more children for so long.  So very long.  Rylan said to wait.  Paige was always such a handful.  So I waited.  And wanted.  And now HE is a mother.


Tori:  Are you sure Paige is mature enough to watch over the twins?

Rylan:  Hush.  Now is not the time to worry.  Let me go talk to that man about that job.  Being a campaign worker isn’t glamorous but it’s a start.  Then.  Well then we can spend a little time together.  Ok.

Tori:  Ok.  I’ll just meet some of the locals while you work your magic and get that job.


Tori:  Nice to meet you DeadBob Rosada.  That is an unusual name.  Very….unusual.

DeadBob:  Yes.  It’s a family name.


Tori:  Oh my gosh.  These kids are so…forward.  They won’t be a good influence on Paige.  If she gets any worse.  Well I don’t know what we’ll do.


Rylan:  Great news.  I got the job.  Start tomorrow.  So let’s celebrate.  How about we go on a date.  Just like the old days.

Tori:  Oh Rylan.  That would be wonderful, but should we leave Paige only for that long?

Rylan:  Do you not want to be alone with me?  Tell me the truth Tori, are we over?

Tori:  No.  That’s not it.

Rylan:  Never mind.  Let’s go home.  We probably have a mess to clean up.


Paige:  How could you?  First you have your little alien spawns.  Then you move me to this podunk starter town.  Then you have to nerve to leave me with two crying little babies for HOURS.  I HATE YOU!


Tori:  Darling, don’t worry about Paige.  Let’s just give her some time to cool down.  To adjust.  Let’s go upstairs and try out that new mattress.  Let’s christen this new house of ours up right.

Ryan:  Last time we did that we got Paige nine months later.

Tori:  Would that be so bad?

Ryan:  No.  Well….  I don’t know Tori.  Are we really ready for that?  Maybe we should…

Tori:  Take it a day at a time.  That’s what we need to do.


Kelly Burton:  Hi.  Ryan isn’t it.

Ryan:  You remembered.

Kelly:  Of course.  It’s a nice house you have here.  Of course you have the only one in the neighborhood.  He he.  All the rest of us are still building.

Ryan:  Are you moving here with your family?  Your husband?  Kids?

Kelly:  I wish.  Actually I still live at home with my mother and two sisters.  We all fight all the time.  It’s terrible.

Ryan:  I’m so sorry.  Why don’t you come inside.  I’d love to here all about it.

Kelly:  Ok.


Tori:  Oh Andre.  Thanks for coming over.  I really need someone to talk to.  I just can’t seem to talk to Rylan at all.  He’s always at work.  Then he’s with his babies.  We are just falling apart.  I just know it.

Andre: (She smells so good.) Oh I’m happy to be your shoulder. (If you weren’t married I’d volunteer to be even more.)


Paige:  Ugh.  Why am I always having to take care of the stinky babies.  Not that you aren’t cute.  You are.  Kind of.  But I’m not the adult.  I shouldn’t be changing diapers.  They should.  But he’s at work and she’s crying on someone else's shoulder.  Come on squirt.  Let’s get you a bottle.


Rylan:  Birthday time my little girl.


Rylan:  My little girl is all grown up.


Rylan:  What the hell?  PAIGE!  Get your lips off that man. 

Paige:  You can’t stop me from kissing.

Rylan:  I can stop you from kissing a grown man with a house full of kids.  Get away from my daughter.


Priscilla:  Why are they being so loud?


Rylan:  I said, get away from my daughter.


Rylan:  Go to your room.  You are grounded for LIFE!

Paige:  You can’t stop me.  I LOVE HIM!

Rylan:  Well you’ll never see the bastard again.  Now go upstairs.  NOW!


Pierce:  Weee.  Fuuuun.


Tori:  Oh god.  I shouldn’t.  I really shouldn’t. 


Andre:  Oh Tori.  You make me lose my mind.

Rylan:  TORI!  How could you.


Rylan:  My god.  You’re pregnant.  Is it mine?

Tori:  Of course it’s yours.  You bastard.  Of course you haven’t noticed.  I’m not your damn precious career.  You work all day and into the night.  You leave me home with your kids.  I was all alone.  I needed someone.

Rylan:  You needed his lips?

Tori:  Well I haven’t had yours.  Not since the night you planted your seed in me.

Rylan:  My seed.  You make it sound…..wrong.  What we had was special.  You were my first love.  Obviously we were to young to know what love really was.  I can’t talk to you right now.  I can’t even look at you.


Paige:  This is all your fault.  You are pushing my mother away.  You are pushing me away.  You have ruined our family.  I HATE YOU!

Ryan:  What else is new?


Rylan:  Oh Kelly.  My life is such a mess.  My marriage is over.

Kelly:  I’m so sorry. 


Rylan:  Oh Kelly.  I think I love you.

Kelly:  Baby, I know I love you.


Tori:  My marriage is over.  How did it come to this.  I want Andre.  I can’t help it.  I’m drawn to him.  But my marriage.  I promised forever.  I thought we would make it.  What went wrong?


Tori:  The baby’s coming. 


Tori:  A boy.  A son.  Patrick.  Patrick Antonious.  My beautiful son.


Rylan:  Thank you for my son.  Thank you for all the years of love we had.  That’s over.  I want a divorce.  Now.

Tori:  Oh no.  No. No.


Tori:  I’ll pack my bags.  I’ll pack a bag for Patrick & Paige.  We’ll be gone…

Rylan:  Oh no.  You are NOT taking my kids.  This is on you.  You cheated.  You.  Not me.  You are gone but my kids stay.

Tori:  Leave my kids.  No.  Please no.

Rylan:  Yes.  Goodbye Tori.  I’m sorry it came to this.  I hope you can be happy.


Rylan:  Kelly.  I know this is quick.  I know this is on the rebound.  But I love you.  I finally know what love is.  I want to marry you.  Will you marry me?

Kelly:  (Should I tell him about Cal Evens?  Should I tell him I’m on the rebound?) Oh Rylan.  I love you too.

Rylan:  And?

Kelly:  And Yes, I’ll marry you.

Rylan:  Let’s do it now.  I’m a free man.  Marry me tonight.

Kelly:  Yes.  Yes.  YES!


Kelly Burton Antonious is a popularity minded sim who longs to be a celebrity chef.


Rylan:  Damn it Frank.  I thought I made myself clear.  Stay the hell away from my daughter.

Frank:  I love her.  I’ll see her if I want.

Rylan:  The hell you will.  Damn it I’m calling the cops.  She’s underage.  Do you want to be arrested?  Your kids will be sent to a home.  Is that what you want?

Frank:  I’m leaving.  (But I’ll be back.  Nothing you do will stop me from getting what I want.)


Frank:  Morning Rylan.  I’m here to see Paige before she heads out to school.


Ryan:  You just walk into a man’s house and mess with a man’s underage daughter.

Frank:  Almost of age.  My love.

Ryan:  Never!


Frank:  Loser.  I’m a Warrior.  No one defeats a Warrior.

Rylan:  I’ll see you dead for this.

Frank:  Oh it’s on.  You’ve made an enemy.  You best start watching your back.


Paige:  Yeah.  I did it with Frank.  It was awesome.  He loves me you know.  I just wish my dad would get over it.

Crystal Knight:  But Frank is so old.  That’s kind of gross.  You should stick to someone younger.  Someone like me maybe.


Kelly: Nature is so cool.


Paige:  Really.  Do you think so?


Rylan:  My kids are growing up so fast.




Kelly:  Rylan, I didn’t plan this.  I know it isn’t a good time but I hope you can be happy.

Rylan:  My beautiful beautiful wife.  You are carrying our child.  Of course I’m happy.  I’m thrilled.


Frank:  So Priscilla, are you happy that your stepmother is going to have a baby?

Priscilla: I guess.  Are you dating my sister?

Frank:  Who?


Rylan:  You’re a stalker.  You’re a freak.  Do you want to die?  The police would find it justifiable. 


Paige:  Men.


Kelly:  Hit him honey.  Harder.

Paige:  Come on Frank.  Kick his ass.


Pierce:  Dad.  DAD!  The babies are coming.


Kelly:  Oh Patrice, you look a lot like me I think.


Kelly:  And Phoebe.  You have your daddy’s eyes.


Pricilla:  But Frank, I thought we really had something special.


Paige:  Goodbye family.  Hello college.  Finally, I’m free.


Frank:  I’ll miss her but this just feels like home now.  I don’t see why I should leave.


Final notes…


I hate ACR right now.  That’s right…another set.  I wonder if I’ll remember 68 houses from now?