Friday, October 05, 2007

Just in Case

Just in case anyone stops by after all this inactivity on my part, I thought I'd bring you up to speed.

First off, computer crashes suck.

Secondly, back-ups are only good if you do them.

Finally, back-ups are only good if you can actually find them.

The Wilder Apocalypse Legacy thingy that I was doing is dead as I can't find a backup.

But what about the Averys you ask. Well, I could only find one backup. I pulled it off an old hard drive (no I didn't copy it off an old hard drive because that would just be to intelligent of me). I lost a LOT of play time although not to much on the way of posting time as I don't like blogging when I don't feel good - hence no blogging in forever. I played for quite a bit and then... all hell broke loose. I have rekilled Samuel TWICE lately because I it wouldn't let me save and exit the lot after the first time he died. I managed to get Connor abducted by aliens again (without cheating so yeah me). I have not married him off yet as I didn't like his wife the first go around and couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to put up with her b.s. again. I managed to get Cosmic through college again with his 50 dream and 50 first dates. And then... ok here is where hell broke loose.... after moving about a half dozen new college grads back to Eden Falls (grads who had already graduated before the computer crash mind you), my neighborhood screen starts getting the shakes. It shakes and shimys and CRASHES! I'm talking blue screen of death people. Not what you want to see on a new computer I can tell you that.

Things that kill me about this whole situation. First, I thought I was smarter than this. I know I made back ups. I KNOW I DID. I've started to think the gremlins - aka my three year old nephew who was actually two last time he visited - may have done something with my backups but I hate to blame the poor kid because I don't know he did it and I love the munchkin and since I am his favorite aunt it wouldn't be nice to push this off on him when it would ultimately be my fault for leaving the disks some where that he could get his hands on them. Woo. I'm winded.

Also, only the main neighborhood screen crashes. I can play college all day long. I can go downtown. Shopping anyone? But if I go to the main screen and try to move my little mousey over a lot then wham bamm crash you ma'am. It's like the most freaking annoying thing I've ever experienced. Thanks to my sister I have recently been getting rid of all my hacks. So there aren't hacks in play. Could it be custom content? Well you'd think it would affect another neighborhood but it doesn't. My current theory is that I have a glitchy sim. It would probably be one of my recent grads. Not sure how to sort the entire thing out.

As I said I didn't copy the neighborhood off the hard drive I pulled it off the hard drive so I can't just go in, delete the neighborhood and start over again. Still can't find those blasted backups. Where oh where could I have put them? Part of me thinks I put them somewhere so that I wouldn't lose them and now I've lost them. Don't ya hate it when that happens.

So, after about a dozen blue screens of death I have walked away from the neighborhood for the time being. Won't give up on it just yet because I'm to stubborn. For now I'm working on the homemakers challenge - directly inspired by Wen - and I might blog it at some point. No holding of the breath as I don't want your death attributed back to me. I have almost finished my black Widower Challenge but I haven't come anywhere near finishing bloggin it because I haven't been feeling good. Darn stupid body that doesn't work right.

So, that is the update just in case your wondering. For my latest blogging head over to Trianna (which is probably still listed as the Strangetown Legacy in the sidebar as I'm not so good at updating). I'll let ya know if I ever get my act together. Least you know I'm alive and kicking right?