Monday, November 12, 2007

And so it ends

Well, I have finally called it quits. I've tried everything I could to make Eden Falls playable and I just haven't been successful. I have found a couple of old backups from October of 2006. The backups themselves are fine. The problem is when you go into the neighborhood. First the game adds pets. Then it adds weather. Then it crashes. I've checked and after the fact the neighborhood list 498 character files. Is that the problem? I don't know. I just can't keep expending all my energy on a lost cause. If I had simpe (which I don't and never will) then maybe I could come up with something. But anyway. Thanks to everyone who followed the journey of the Avery family. It was a wild ride that was well worth taking. Should I ever get into a legacy mood again (and don't hold your breath on that) I may remake Eden Falls and introduce a new long lost Avery family member. That won't be happening now though. I am currently prosperitying it - i.e. working on a prosperity neighborhood named Finality Springs. So far so good. So if you'd like just stop by and see me there. Thanks.