Sunday, July 26, 2015

1.1 We begin with Cantrell

Here is the founder of the neighborhood Fellowship United.  This is Jessamyn Canytrell.  I chose her because I haven't played her before.  Also, she has an aspiration that I don't play as often.

Jessamyn is a Pleasure sim who wants to be a Professional Party Guest.  She is a Gemini.  Her personality is 4 neat, 7 outgoing, 8 active, 3 playful, & 3 nice.  Her natural hobby is sports.

Jessa:  Who are you talking to?

Anyone who might be out there.  

Jessa:  Oh, ah, okay.

I was so happy that her jewelry downloaded correctly this time.  So pretty.

Jessa:  I like blue.

We can tell.

If you can tear yourself away from your butterfly hunt, how about a trip downtown?

Jessa:  I need a phone.  So people can call me.  I love to talk on the phone.  Or I would if I knew anyone.

I added some new NPCs.  Two vampires, two slobs, Diva & Mr. Big.  We have a couple of witches and a few normal NPCs like maids and such.  But mostly this neighborhood is all Fellowship.

Who have you found to talk to already?  Oh well.  The plan is to ignore the NPCs, since they just respawn anyway, and concentrate on catching us a Fellowship man.  At least that's my plan.  She may not be listening.

Look Jessa, I built you a house.  You are now broke by the way.  And she's not listening.  Great.

It's not large but larger that it had to be.  I have plans to expand the family quickly so I'm going to need more room.

Jessa:  Fly free all my butterfly friends.

You shouldn't have caught them to start with.

The welcome wagon arrives.  I took no notes.  Go me!  I recognize them all but I only know Bob Profitt by name.  He's on the far left.   I think the middle guy is single.  The blue gal is married and gay.  I'm not sure how I'm getting the married couples into the neighborhood yet.  I'll figure it out later.

We order Chinese food.  Bob gets into it with one of the B Brothers.  I wish I could remember their names.  I suck.  Bounaconte?  That doesn't seem right.  Oh well.  If you know them then great and if not then you don't care.

Jessa is greeting everyone who walks by.  And apparently she's being stalked by her one and only friend.

Jessa:  She's freaking me out just a little.  It's like she's trying to be me.  A slobby me.

Ignore her.  Look.  There's a hot guy sitting right beside you.

Jessa:  You're right.  He is HOT!  Who is he?

This is Conrad Rosenburg.  I don't remember ever seeing him around before.  He's older than you but you do have three bolts.  

Jessa:  Can I keep him?

He's not a puppy.  You'll have to win his heart.  But first, how about finding a job.

Jessa:  I wanted to be a slacker.

There wasn't anything available and this paid the most.  $308 a day.  Think what we can buy with that.

And look, a promotion already.  Way to go Jessa.  As a reward, we'll fulfill a want.  How about you ask someone on a date?

Jessa:  Oh Conrad, you are so funny.

They could make some interesting looking babies.  Would the kids get his chin or her lack of chin?

Jessa:  Oh Conrad.  That was so wonderful.

Conrad:  Oh my.  You should warn an old man before you do that.

Jessa:  Bills.  Bills bills bills.

Jessa:  So much for buying something fun like a TV.

Conrad:  I just know she's going to love this.

Jessa:  What's wrong with me?  Is it something I ate?

<giggles hysterically>

Jessa:  Oh Conrad, I love you so much.

Conrad:  I love you too.

Jessa:  Will you marry me?

Conrad:  This is a shock.  Marriage.  I, ah.....

Jessa:  Conrad?

Conrad:  Yes.  Of course.

Jessa:  You scared me for a minute there.

Conrad:  Sorry honey.  Momentary panic.

Cal Evans:  Should have ran while you could.  Women be crazy.  C R A Z Y !

Jessa:  I'm so glad you said yes because I have news.

Jessa:  Are you sure you don't want to stay the night?

Conrad:  No honey.  I have to get home.  The family would worry.


Jessa:  I got another promotion.

Good.  Now how about we invite over Conrad and his family.

Conrad:  Hi honey.  Meet the family.

Conrad moves in and brings his family.  So let's meet the Rosenburg family.

Conrad Rosenburg - Romance - 20 loves - Aries - 5-8-9-3-3 - Music & Dance

Conrad's brother: August Rosenburg - Fortune - 100k - Aries - 5-8-6-3-3 - Music & Dance

August's deceased son Luitger's wife: Daina Rosenburg - Fortune - Criminal Mastermind - Gemini - 4-7-8-3-3 - Sports

Luitger & Daina's son:  Ty Rosenburg - Romance - Celebrity Chef - Aries - 5-8-6-3-3 - Music & Dance

Luitger & Diana's daugher: Annabel Rosenburg - Scorpio - 6-5-8-3-3 - Sports

We purchase a few wildly colored cabinets with our new funds.  Jessa cooks dinner for the new larger family + a few walkbys who insist on crashing the unofficial party.

And let's not forget that Jessa and Conrad will be parents very soon.

August really wants to open a business but Jessa doesn't have the funds to loan him.  So three of the Rosenburg gang head downtown to dig up some funds.

August:  I love the new look.  Beautiful.

Daina:  Oh August.  That's sweet of you to say.

Ty:  I find myself drawn to your beauty.

Paige Antonius:  Oh Ty.

Three bolt attraction at it's finest folks.

The first kiss almost works.  I'm sure the second kiss will be better.

August finally admits to himself that he's in love with his son's widow.

And Ty realizes he's found his future.  (Busto sighting)

Next up we'll finish week one of our only household.

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