Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fellowship United: We Begin Again

We are restarting Fellowship United again.  I lost the last one.  I haven't had the best luck with the Fellowship families but I love them and miss them from time to time.

What I Did:  I started a neighborhood and added a downtown.  I exited the game and deleted all the character files.  I downloaded and installed all the Fellowship Families from the Sims 2 Fellowship facebook page that can be found here.  One family wouldn't work but oh well.  Some of these families I don't think I've ever even seen before.  Such fun.  I went back into the game and added a custom shopping district.  I put all the families into that shopping district making sure that all lots had a phone.

Now I had decisions to make.   I threw out the idea of another prosperity neighborhood.  I want to eventually play all these families in one form or another.  I was going to do a legacy using one of the single sim families as my starting point.  I tossed that out pretty quickly. 

So, what am I doing?  A neighborhood challenge (of sorts).  I started with a single sim (shown above).  I am going to attempt to link all the Fellowship Families together by marriage and/or birth.  The idea came from Rachel's Neighborhood Challenge.  I am, however, not really using any rules.  I'm just making it up as I go along.  Also, on a side challenge, I want to try to get a child out of every Fellowship sim if possible.  Yes, I mean all the elders, both male and female, too.

Fair warning for those who have found this (cause I haven't advertised as of yet) I started the first week (yes 7 days) in February and didn't finish it until July.  But I'm on a bit of a roll now so I thought it might be time to start documenting if only for myself.

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