Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 126 - Fighting Father Time

At the Corey Byall Residence: Corey (popularity-become a general), Faith (romance-pp), Grace (knowledge-mad scientist), Royce (grow up), Love (grow up).

Corey spends what free time he has shaping his children's futures. He hopes that by teaching them the basics early, they will have an easier time than he did as an adult. Royce for one just wishes they'd let him be a kid. Can't I just play video games for a while?

Faith is fighting a losing battle. She's growing old and hating every minute of it. In a vain attempt to recapture her youth, Faith buys herself a sports car. She then does some redecorating. She then finds herself in the arms of an old flame. She had been so good for so long. She knew this was wrong. She tried to stop but she just couldn't. Corey was always working. He didn't have time for her right now when she needed him most. Her professor does. They have a brief but fiery affair before Faith comes to her senses and pulls herself together.

And just in time as Love becomes a child. She's going to be a beauty this one. She missed out on her dad's lips thankfully but she still favors him greatly.

Royce doesn't mind having a little sister now that she's big enough to play with. That is when his dad leaves him alone long enough to actually play.

The next thing you know, Faith becomes an elder. She's not sure how she ever got so old. Wasn't it just yesterday that she had graduated from college and gone on her man hunt? Oh, those were the days.

Corey finally completes his lifetime goal by becoming a general. Faith is very proud of him. He has worked very hard to get to the top. Now that he's there, maybe he'll find more time for her.

Soon Royce celebrated a birthday. He has rolled into a life dedicated to family. He longs to have grandkids, but first he must find a bride.

With her brother all grown up, Grace decides to head to college. Once there she starts getting phone calls from an old friend of the family. We won't go into it now but needless to say her mother will not be happy when she finds out.

Royce continues his studies alone to give his parents more time together. He hopes to head to college quickly. That's the best place to find a bride after all.

But he stayed at home until his baby sister grew into a beautiful teen. Love rolled into knowledge and simply wants to learn all there is to know.

Where does time go? Corey has joined Faith in the land of the elders. The neighborhood sure is filling up with old folks.

Faith is much more secure about her age now that Corey has grey hair too. She is back on the straight and narrow. She's wearing the mattress out but only with her beloved Corey.

Finally the time comes for Royce to head to college. He has no idea what his mom was thinking when she packed for him. A quick trip to the mall is in order. While he's there he'll begin scouting around for the future mother of his children.


Simaholic said...

LMAO at Royce's college outfit!! Too funny!

Great update!

Anjel76 said...


Poor Royce. He looks like a pale Steve Erkel. All he needs are the glasses. :O))

PRMami said...

OMGawd a pale steve erkiel too funny angelia :)