Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 125 - Connor's Choice

At the Greek House:

Connor (G3L1 Heir) has been having a hard time dealing with his fathers sudden death. He had always thought that he had plenty of time to find the right woman and move home. He had been comforted with the knowledge that when he did return home with his bride, his father would be there to support and guide him and his children. Now he suddenly felt very alone even though he was surrounded by his numerous relations. He also felt very pressured. He needed to sure up his future. He needed a bride. Although his thoughts often stray back to a lovely raven haired diva, Connor can't help thinking that his father would not have approved. But his father liked Vicki. He had often had her over for family functions. Connor had liked her too at one time, until he began to suspect that she might have feelings for his uncle. With William gone, so are those concerns. Connor begins lavishing attention on Vicki. If he tried hard enough he knows he will eventually fall in love with her.

Connor and Vicki begin dating. She enjoys spending all of her free time with him at the greek house. She loves meeting new people and being surrounded by the luxury that surrounds the Avery family. She enjoys looking into Connors eyes and seeing a future where she no longer cares for other peoples gardens but instead pays someone to take care of her garden.

After a whirlwind courtship, Connor Avery asks Vicki Hourvitz to become his wife. She quickly accepts. If either Connor or Vicki would be honest with themselves the engagement would have never happened. Vicki was extremely attracted to William Avery. She doesn't feel the same fire for Connor. Connor is constantly thinking of another women. So why is he asking Vicki to become his wife?

But both Connor and Vicki ignore their doubts. They do care for one another. Love will come with time. At least that is what they hope.

Vicki can sense Connor's hesitation. She hopes to win his heart by leaving him a fancy gift with a sentimental message. She clears out her savings account to buy it but she knows it will be worth it. She leaves a card that simple says: for the garden that we will someday built together and fill with our love. Connor is blown away by the gift. He has it put into storage until he returns home. He tries to picture himself and Vicki surrounded by flowering shrubs and little blond children but his thoughts still stray to that raven haired beauty that he's vowed he will never see again.

Besides Connor's sudden engagement, there are other changes happening at the greek house. A new member has moved in. His name is Armando McArthur (formerly called McClellan by mistake - whoops - and father of Generation 3 Line 4 thus my making him playable). Armando was a child genius. He left for college before the onset of puberty. Maybe that's why he so quickly became a school mascot. Hiding behind the llama face, this geeky kid could somehow fit in with the other students that were so much older than him. They overlooked his intelligence and treated him more as one of them. Armando has become a career student over the years. He has completed more than one degree and is currently seeking his doctorate for no other reason that to remain here at La Fiesta Tech.

Armando was more than willing to let his life continue on as it was. He found love in the arms of an older woman. Although she was married and he knew better, Armando had a heated affair with Bianca Avery Hogan. Their affair produced three children that he has never met. Suddenly he was surprised by a phone call in the middle of the night. It was Bianca. He could tell that she had been crying. She quickly told him that she could no longer see him. He wasn't to come by. He couldn't meet his kids. Their affair was over. He needed to get on with his life. She needed to save her marriage. Suddenly Armando knew that it was time for him to finally grow up. He began serious study towards graduation. He hoped to someday win Bianca away from her husband. Perhaps it was a pipe dream but it was all that he had. That and three little girls that would never call him dad.

Armando McArthur - NPC Mascot - Family - Aquarius - 2 neat, 10 outgoing, 4 active, 5 playful & 4 nice - lifetime want to become Captain Hero

Some things at the greek house have stayed the same. Chance Avery continued his heated affair with Lisa Yang. He loves her passionately. He can't wait to graduate and begin his life with her.

When Lisa wasn't around, Chance spent time with his sister Chesna (G3L3 heir) at the student union. Their parents longed to see them married. This seemed fine with Chance. After all he believes that he has found true love. Chesna was a different story. She had yet to meet the right man for her. She never dated. She never even flirted. She just didn't seem at all cut out for the whole dating game.

Cousin Connor decided to help Chesna meet the right guy. He invited over several young studs but Chesna wound up spending much of her time with the older guys. They were much easier to talk to. She could laugh and joke with them without fear. By the end of the day, Chesna had made more than one new friend by visiting the greek house.

Cannan Avery was also making friends. He was star struck when he first met Sophie. She was older than him but that didn't matter. She was hot. He was incredibly attracted to her. Sophie felt it too. Even though she had recently vowed to stay away from Avery men, Sophie couldn't stay away from Cannan. William had used her. Aric had stomped on her heart. Could Cannan be the first Avery to cherish her and love her without hurting her? Was she brave enough to even find out?


Simaholic said...

Oh geez, that William is causing lots problems EVERYWHERE!!! I wonder what will come of Connor and Vicki. Can he remain faithful?

aquatami said...

I think you may have William confused with Samuel. She and William were all lovey before his untimely death. Samuel hasn't gotten a hold of Vicki...yet.

BTW - the problem won't just be can he remain faithful her but can she remain faithful to him. Can anyone say romance sim? I haven't decided if I'll do 30 loves with her or just keep her on the straight and narrow. Could go either way. I haven't gotten there yet and I tend to change my mind a lot.

Anjel76 said...

So many questions ... so few answers. What is going to happen with these crazy Avery's? Will there ever be a generation where bad things don't happen and men don't plot to leave their wives for other women and vice versa?

Stay tuned! ;O)