Sunday, July 30, 2006

Avery Legacy - Chapter 130 - More College Anyone?

Our G3L1 spare heir Cordelia Avery finds love in the arms of Oron. He's several years older than her but she doesn't care. She's tired of putting her life on hold waiting for her brother to produce generation four. She's going to find love and if the fool gets himself killed before he produces the next generation....well she'll deal with that when and if it happens. She just won't graduate college until generation four arrives. That's all.

Cordelia is sharing a dorm with Grace Byall (Faith and Corey's oldest child). Grace has been dating an older man since high school. That's him. Does he look familiar? I'll give you a hint. in Jay one of the many Barista's Faith had flings with in her younger years.

No Grace doesn't know that her mom once slept with Jay. Once? Ok so they it was more like a half dozen times but who's keeping count. Jay sure as heck isn't going to tell her about it. Grace is hot. He's having to much fun to possibly ruin it by bringing up the past. He doesn't expect it to go anywhere anyway. He's never been a one woman man. He doesn't think he ever will be. That's just another thing Grace doesn't realize. She's in love. So what if he's older. She loves him and she thinks he loves her. Love. It's all that matters.

Ben Avery's alien son Cosmic moved into private housing on campus. His old high school girlfriend Suzanne lives nearby. He really likes her but he has a strong need to date a lot of different people before he settles down. Gypsys are great for introducing you to new people...for a price. So far he's only had 7 first dates. Give him time though. He hopes to eventually know the entire female population of Eden Falls.

Of course Suzanne doesn't know that he's dating other people. No need hurting her feelings. She was his first girl friend. His first kiss. His first love. His first woohoo. Actually she's been his only woohoo. He may date those other women but he only has feelings for Suzanne. So far they've had 35 dream dates. He knows he should forget his quest to date other women but he can't. He's a pleasure sim. It's in his blood.

Of course Suzanne is a romance sim. She isn't exactly being faithful either. But what Cosmic doesn't know can't hurt him. Right?

Suzanne Carr - teen downtownie - S2, blond, green eyes - Romance - celebrity chef - Libra - 2 neat, 8 outgoing, 2 active, 6 playful and 7 nice.

Sharing the dorm with the other girls is Diane Long. Remember her. She was crushed after sleeping with Leo and then finding out that he was only using her. Diane has been waiting a long time to get even with that s.o.b. The minute she saw his half brother Kaleb walking around campus she knew she'd finally found her way. She immediately began getting close to Kaleb. As close as possible.

It was amazingly easy. Kaleb Wilsonoff (son of Yvette & Blake Avery) has always felt like an outsider. The product of his mother's affair, Kaleb never truly felt as though he belonged in his mother's house. He also doesn't seem to fit into his real father's family. All he's ever really wanted was to belong. To have someone love him who would never hurt or betray him. He never planned on trusting any women...EVER. But that was before Diane. He couldn't help himself. It felt so nice, so right, to let her love him. He is absolutely certain that she'd never do anything to hurt him.

Like invite his married half-brother over when he wasn't around. Like sleep with him....AGAIN....and then afterwards tell him that she's been sleeping with Kaleb too. No, Diane would never do that.

But she did. Unfortunately it didn't feel as satisfying as she thought it would. Yes Leo was upset but he seemed more upset that he cheated on his wife then that she was sleeping with his brother. Leo didn't even get angry. He just looked at her and told her to never let Kaleb know about them. Kaleb is fragile, he told her. He told her that something like this could destroy Kaleb. Then he just left. He didn't even ask her not to tell his wife. The whole thing left Diane confused.

When Kaleb came by later, Diane considered picking a fight with him and sending him away. But she kept thinking about what his brother said to her. She realized he was right. Kaleb was fragile. He trusted her though. He even seemed to love her. No one had ever really love her. So she forgot about Leo and revenge and decided to forgot the past entirely. Maybe her future was right in front of her.

Kaleb must have thought so. Kaleb found out that Diane had moved out of her dorm and into the Avery Family Greek House. He pulled some strings and moved in too. He wasted no time in making his intentions known. He asked Diane to marry him. She was somewhat shocked but quickly said yes. This was the answer to all her problems. And what are her problems you may ask. Well Diane just found out she's going to be a mom. Now she needs to graduate fast and hope that no one ever questions who the father of her baby is.

Chris Haggerty (G3L3 heir) is already living at the greek house. He and his little burglar have gotten even closer lately. Someday, he's going to make his reformed thief is wife.

Yes, people are always coming and going at the greek house. Armando McArther never expected to meet Anita Hogan there though. She the oldest daughter of Bianca Avery Hogan, the married woman he has three kids with. As casually as possible Armando shifted the conversation to Anita's family and was thrilled to gain some insight into the lives of his kids.

Of course Anita was at the greek house that day specifically to meet Armando, the man her mother cheated on her father with. She was surprised he was so young. Happily so. Anita was furious at her mother for having an affair on her father. It would be different if her father wasn't so faithful but he is. He's never cheated. Someone needed to teach her mother a lesson. Someone needed to make her pay for the way she treated her father. She was just the woman to do it....or she soon would be.

Cyra Avery finally graduated from college and is headed off to find the love of her life Keith Tellerman. She knows that despite her families feelings of dislike and distrust towards him, they WILL find a way to be happy together.

Also leaving college that night was Chris Haggerty. You might be thinking didn't he just get to college. Well you would be right. Due to a weird computer glitch Chris has gone from freshman to graduate. Basically Cyra ran out of time on her meter, she was working on a few last minute skills, and aged into an adult while he was at his finals. As soon as her taxi drove away he magically popped back home and aged into an adult. Then his taxi arrived and took him away. I was in shock. Still not happy about it but what can you do? Chris has moved in with his parents and as soon as someone else moves out of the overcrowded house, our burglar will move in.

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