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Avery Legacy - Chapter 131 - The Tellerman Wedding

At the Tellerman house: Keith Tellerman (family - grad 3 kids from college), Cyra Avery (family - 6 grandkids), Chance Avery (knowledge - criminal mastermind), Lisa Yang (fortune - cheif of staff) & Sophie Miguel (fortune - business tycoon)

Sophie finally tells Cannan that she's pregnant. Cannan is thrilled. He wished he was finished with college so that he could be here with her but since he can't he vows to visit as often as possible.

Keith is thrilled to finally be back with Cyra. They celebrate her graduation privately.

Which will soon result in a little bundle of joy.

The young couple quickly married. Blake was thrilled to find out that grandchild number five was on the way. Just one more to go.

Unfortunately Kaleb wasn't happy about it at all. Or maybe it wasn't them exactly he was upset about. Maybe it was that he'd heard rumors that his fiance had once been involved with his player brother. Maybe that's why his fists started flying that day. It didn't really matter who he was hitting. He just needed to hit someone. Cyra of course will never understand why her baby brother ruined her wedding by hurting the man she loves.

Neither will Keith. He had thought Kaleb was a friend. Would Cyra's family never accept him? Could his past involvement with Cyra's sister Cassia never be forgotten?

Luckily Cyra was there to remind him that her family didn't matter. She loved him. Always would. Together they would find happily ever after even if they had to get restraining orders against her entire family to do it.

A few days after the wedding, Sophie gave birth to Cannan's daughter. She named her Iliana Miguel. Cannan couldn't be a prouder dad.

Chance deals with his problems with Lisa by becoming a workaholic. He soon climbed the ranks and was one of the towns most crafty criminal masterminds. (He just hopes his dad never finds out. He can already hear the lecture if he does.)

Lisa enjoyed being in the arms of a criminal mastermind. Is it really smart to be sleeping with two criminal masterminds? Probably not but she didn't care. Weldon can give her everything that Chance can't. Money. Immortality if she asked. What could Chance give her? Love. Well that just wasn't enough.

When Weldon asked her to be his wife, Lisa quickly accepted and married her rich sim. She packed her clothes and moved into the Miller house. She left Chance a brief note. If he had really wanted her he should have married her months ago.

The next morning Cyra went into labor. Keith was besides himself. By this point, Chance was half drunk and contemplating murder. What was the best way to kill a vampire anyway?

Cyra presented Keith with a son. Introducing little Shawn Tellerman.

With Keith and Cyra completely wrapped up in their son, they didn't notice the way Chance was acting. He began taking out his problems on the only person available, Sophie. He wasn't just verbally abusive. He began to get physically violent too. That's when Sophie locked herself in her bedroom and called Cannan. Cannan was shocked at his cousins behavior. He quickly called and arranged for Sophie to move in with his sort of uncle Quinton. Sophie and Iliana would be safe with with Quinton and Carol.

Sophie explained everything to Quinton when she arrived. He seemed more than happy to let her move in. It was for the best. They would decide on a permanent solution after Cannan graduates.

Quinton was thrilled to have a baby in the house. Even though Cannan wasn't his son, he'd still considered him family since he raised him. Having Iliana around was like having a grandchild of his own.

Cannan came by often to visit Iliana. He took fatherhood very seriously.

Soon Iliana became a toddler. Sophie couldn't believe how big her little girl was getting.

Iliana Miguel - Generation 4 - S2, brown hair, brown eyes, scorpio - 8 neat, 2 outgoing, 10 active, 3 playful & 3 nice.

Of course there was one drawback to having Sophie and Iliana move in. It made it harder for Carol and Quinton to be together. They both feared the reaction of their family when they found out about their romantic involvement. Neither were quite ready to bring their love affair out in the open. So Quinton and Carol secretly share a bed and hope no one becomes the wiser. How would the Avery family react when they find out the man they had trusted to raise little Carol as his own daughter was now bedding her?

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