Sunday, November 13, 2011

And We Begin…Again


Me being me, I have created yet another neighborhood.  I know I should stick to one thing so I’d actually complete something but that just isn’t me.  I’ve been missing my fellowship simmies lately.  So I downloaded ALL of the fellowship families from Wen’s site.  There are 67 of those families.  I also added the Warrior family that I downloaded from Wen at some point.  With them and the Burton’s the neighborhood should be interesting.  This was an empty neighborhood.  I have added the vacation locations which still have the maxis sims.  Otherwise, it is just the Fellowship sims.  I am going to add some NPCs of course but no townies for now.  I might have to because I have an excessive amount of CAS elders that want to max 5 businesses.  Early on they won’t have many people with money so we will have to see how that go.

I had thought about doing an alphabetical neighborhood.  In the end I realized that I probably wouldn’t be happy playing that way.  Instead I am going to try a “True Love” neighborhood.  Basically, everyone has to marry or join.  The only exclusion will be CAS elders.  You must have three bolts to marry/join.  You must marry/join before you become an elder.  You can have kids before you marry but you MUST marry.  Sorry romance sims.  The couples that I am starting with can stay together without the bolts or can split up.  I think I am going to play each house as though they are the only house.  By that I mean that there will be spouse stealing.  He he.  Such fun.  This could be a wild neighborhood.  Of course seeing how long it will take to finish one round (7 day seasons)….well that in itself could make things interesting.

I loaded families into 4x4, 3x5 or 5x3 lots in groups of 10-12.  Each group was put in alphabetical order.  The families in each group was just random.  I don’t guess anyone cares about that but anyway there you go.

So I haven’t actually played any of the families but I am starting today.  Hopefully I will be blogging soon.  I will probably switch between this and my prosperity in Gumdrop.  I miss them but I am trying to keep up with points with them.  When I am just playing, I will come here.  It’s a plan.  Subject to change.  Void where prohibited. 

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