Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 124 - Wrap-Up

Samuel's world had been disrupted greatly lately. Boris leaving meant that Aric was in charge. Aric hated him. He hated Aric. Then there was the fact that he was a father. It wasn't something that he had ever wanted. He didn't want a kid. And a daughter. No way. But that was what he had. Plus all his loves are learning about each other. It wasn't safe to leave the house. It wasn't safe to say in the house. Samuel spent a lot of time with Caryl to avoid Aric. Then he started to worry that Caryl was getting to clingy. Like it or not he was going to have to work something out with Aric. He would not become a one woman man. He needed his freedom. He loved the luxury of Avery Manor. He'd just have to find a way to appease Aric for a while longer.

Aric didn't like Samuel living with him. He'd kick him out on the street if he could. Right now though he can't. All he can do is take care of his family as best he can. He'll figure out what to do with Samuel later.

(I realize that for the first time ever there are no qualified heirs living on the main legacy lot. Aric was adopted so neither he nor any of his kids qualify. Weird. But Connor will be back soon. Seriously. I wouldn't lie to you. Just don't ask how long soon will be, ok.)

Aric and Samuel came to an unspoken truce. Samuel got a job. An actual low paying job in the army. He shows up every night to star gaze despite knowing what could happen to him if he's taken away. He's making an effort in hopes of not being kicked out. Aric doesn't see it as much of an effort. The man gets on his last nerve. The fact that he's been with LaShandra cuts him to the core. He will never like this man. He will always hate him. Someday, somehow, he will find a way to get rid of Samuel LeTourneau.

If nothing else could the man stop getting caught cheating for a while. Could he make up with those he's cheated on so that they will stop knocking over the trash can. Even with a stop sign going through the center of the trash can those women (and men) still find a way to knock the can down and leave trash everywhere. It is simply more than even a complete slob like Aric can take.

No to mention the fact that he's paying a small fortune to keep the bugs at bay. The woman is talking about buying a second truck just to handle the Avery family. This is getting damn ridiculous.

But on a good note, Callisto has grown into a beautiful little girl. Poor thing. All alone in a house full of men.

Aric had over the headmaster of the local private school. That same school his father Aaron forced all his kids to go to. Well it's time now to carry on that tradition. Aric wowed the man and enrolled all three of his children in private school.

Soon it was time for more birthdays. Jaric Scott is now a teen. He's rolled into fortune which pretty much guarantees that he'll see the legacy lot again after college. Jaric has a lifetime goal of becoming a criminal mastermind. Of course his father says that he can dabble in that for a while but then it's off to the family business. You know, natural science and stargazing. This is future alien bait you're looking at here folks. Oh, and doesn't he look like his dad and uncle Aiden? It's the jaw line. Amazingly strong genes.

Also becoming a teen is Daric Scott. Daric has rolled into romance. He longs to be a professional party guest. He has a very little chance of coming back into the house. If I need more alien bate then maybe. Otherwise he stays away unless he rerolls that aspiration in college. I'm not really looking forward to another 30 loves any time soon. I'm sure you understand. I haven't cleaned up all the bugs from the last one. And evil woman in the picture is one of my worse bug makers. You'd think that if I let her roam the place enough she'd get over it but so far it hasn't worked. Witch.

Like I said, short finishing look from the legacy lot. The twins begin their quest for scholarships. Jaric is a quick learner or Daric is a slow learner. One or the other. But they will both get there eventually. Next time we get back here to the legacy lot, Connor will be returning from college hopefully with a bride (though I have no idea who. Gardner? Diva? He really likes the Diva but black hair and I lose points. Not likely to happen.)

So, how long will Aric put up with Samuel? What will happen to Samuel if Aric ever snaps? What could Samuel do that would push Aric over the edge? And exactly how long will it take me to get all 20ish kids out of college? All these answers and more are coming. Be patient though. It could be a while.


Simaholic said...

Whew, finally made it to the last one :o)

Poor Aric having to deal with Samuel and all his problems. Samuel is really asking for it. He had better be careful.

Callisto is a beauty. She has a cute nose (it actually exists.)

Anjel76 said...

I know you've got something evil planned for Samuel. But I have no idea what it could be. You probably don't want to try death by flies since you've already got a roach problem. Starvation? Nah ... too easy. Hmm ... fire is nice and painful. Satellite? What oh what? Maybe a vampire and death by sunlight? HEhe.

Callisto is a beauty. I still prefer Cetus though. His eyes are HUGE! Hers are so small!