Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alabaster Family - House 1 - Round 2

Aquatami:  We are back at just in time for our first house fire.  It's our second fire overall.  If I remember correctly April set fire to the grill the first time she  cooked hot dogs at the Music Stand.

April:  Yeah.  I did.  And now I've burnt the Santa cookies.  Do I have to eat them anyway?

Aquatami:  I think you know the answer to that.  Waste not, want not and all that.

April:  I'm trying.  I really am.  But these tomato plants just don't look so good.  I think they are dying.

Aquatami:  Well just keep it up.  You need to at least harvest a few of them before the winter.

April:  You know this mothering thing isn't so bad really.

Aquatami:  Well you haven't actually gotten to the hard part yet.

April:  It gets harder?  Ug. Can I hire a nanny to raise them?

Aquatami:  Nope.  Sorry.  The population needs to get just a little higher before we start hiring nanny's around here.

Birthday Time!

Aquatami:  Awww.  Buck is such little cutie. 

Aquatami:  And Colt is just a doll.  Neil makes cute babies.

April:  Hey!  I did more than he did!

April:  Come on Colt.  Say mama.

Colt:  No.

April:  Please.

Colt:  No.

April:  I'm just no good at this.

Aquatami:  Don't give up now.  I know you can do it.

April:  That's one of us.

April:  <squeals>  LOOK!  I grew a tomoto.  I did it.

Aquatami:  I knew you could.

April:  So I'm done now right?

Aquatami:  You have to harvest the rest of them eventually.

April:  But I can have a little me time first right.  My mood is bottoming out here.  I'll be whining and crying soon if you don't watch it.

Aquatami:  Oh.  Ok.  If it will make you happy.

Craig Flanigan:  So.  You interested?

April:  I'm really interested but not in a job.  Sorry but I don't work.  Well not for pay anyway.

Aquatami:  The kids need a little attention now.

April:  In a minute.  Mommy needs a little attention first.

April:  Look lady.  I don't know where you were raised but where I come from we don't just walk into people's houses and break their sinks.  That is just rude and uncalled for.  If you can't act any better than that you can just leave.

Craig:  Wow.  She can be really forceful.

Aquatami:  And I was worried about her parenting skills.

April:  Oh hey.  Yeah.  What was your name again?  Oh.  Yeah.  Well listen, I'm about to get laid so can I call you back later.  Ok. Great.

April:  Ahhh.  That's just what I needed.

Craig:  Night babe.  I've got to go but I'll be back.

Colt:  Mommy.  Diaper.

April:  He said mommy.

April:  Kids are in bed so I'm taking care of the garden.  I don't know why I couldn't just let them all die.

April:  What?  What just happened?

Aquatami:  You've been transformed into the towns first plant sim.

April:  Ug.  I feel strange.  I think I need a drink.  Water sounds really good.

Colt:  Mommy.

April:  Not now Colt.  Mommy is fixing the sink.  Stupid woman broke it.  Now mommy has to fix it.  All these people flocking around to get a land grant.  Well I won't be moving her in so she can just pack up and head back to where ever she came from.

April:  I'm not sure about this "Plant Sim" thing.  I miss my hair.

Aquatami:  And you need to wash that makeup off.  It just doesn't look right on you.

April:  Bitch.

April:  I think there is something wrong with me.  I feel so strange.  Tingly.  I just feel the need to shake like a dog.

April:  Oh my gosh.  I made a plant baby.

Aquatami:  I think the correct term is spawned but yes you did.

April:  Cool.  How did I do it exactly?

Aquatami:  You're asking me?  How should I know?

April:  I thought you knew everything.  Should have known better.

Aquatami:  Finally training the twins.

April:  Trying to.  Since I haven't had any desire to sleep lately I do seem to have time to spare.

April:  They died.  Oh.  I feel so bad.  I was training the twins and I thought I heard someone crying out to me.  I let the tomatoes die. 

Aquatami:  Don't be so hard on yourself.  You  did your best.  It's not easy raising three toddlers by yourself much less keeping up with a garden.

April:  I suppose.  I'm just so depressed now.

April:  Hello random guy walking by.  You are looking very male and I am feeling very sad.  Wanta cheer me up?

Aquatami:  It's amazing she hasn't gotten herself knocked up again but so far she hasn't. TG!

Aquatami:  And while April cheers herself up, the twins have a birthday.  She completely missed it.  Well she's been through a lot lately.  I guess we'll cut her some slack.

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