Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alabaster Family - House 1 - Round 1

April Alabaster - Founder
S2, Red Hair, Custom Eyes, Elf
April:  Wait.  Really?  I'm the Founder?  I won the lottery?

Aquatami: Yes you did.  You are the first person to be given a land grant here in New Hope.  Now, you will of course have to follow all the rules laid out in the New Hope Citizens Agreement.

April:  Agreement?  Right.  I can do that.

Aquatami:  Did you read the agreement?

April:  Well.... No.  But how hard could the rules be?

Aquatami:  Oh...not hard.  And don't worry.  I will be here to guide you and all your children to keep you on the correct path.

April:  Children?  Wait.  I HAVE to have children?

Aquatami:  No.  It's not REQUIRED for this challenge.  Will probably happen though.

April:  Not required.  Good.  There won't be any of that going on.  No kiddies for me.

Aquatami:  Right.  Famous last words if you ask me.

April:  What?

Aquatami:  Oh nothing.  Nothing at all.

Our Founder's Stats

These were randomly rolled.

A doable want.

The Alabaster House

April:  Wait?  That's it.  There really isn't much here.

Aquatami:  Well no.  You don't have much cash and you have to start a business.

April:  I do?

Aquatami:  Yes.  You should have read the rules before you entered the lottery.  Ok.  I'll just give you  a      breif rundown.  First, as founder, you can never hold down a job. 

April:  No job.  Can do.

Aquatami:  You must buy and start a business to help kick this whole neighborhood off.

April:  Run a business?  By myself?

Aquatami:  Don't worry.  We'll start you with something easy.  Now your house is small.  Only two small bedrooms, a bathroom and one living area.  But if you earn enough money, we can build on and upgrade it.

April:  Oh.  I can do that.   How do I start though?

Aquatami:  Call and purchase some land.

 April:  That's right.  I'm the founder and I want to purchase a lot to build my business on.  What kind of business?  Ummm...

Aquatami:  An entertainment lot.  We'll call it the Music Stand.  A few instruments.  People stop by to have a good time.  It will be easy.

April:  Right.  A musical venue where I can have fun and don't really have to do any work.  Yeah.  Ok.  Great.  I'll take it.

Aquatami:  After some digging and hard work, the Music Stand finally started getting popular.  You're doing really well April.  April?  Oh great.

April:  What?  Don't you like my new photo booth.  The place needed something more than just three musical instruments and a stage.

Aquatami:  Right.  Well I might should have explained a few things to you BEFORE you tried it out with your friend Neil.  Like the fact that there is no medical care in New Hope.

April:  So?

Aquatami:  So no medical care means no birth control.  The risky pregnancy rate to start this challenge is 50%.

April:  WHAT?

Aquatami:  It will of course go down once we have a doctor in town.  I don't expect that to happen anytime soon though.

Aquatami:  Let's just pack up for the day and head home.  You'll feel better in the morning.

Leader of the Pack - Fred

First Pop

April:  Oh no.  I'm pregnant aren't I?

Aquatami:  That would be a yes.  Oh, and did I mention we are using the triplet / quad hack in this challenge?  No?  Well no worries.  We'll get to that later. 

Aquatami:  I have this little pet peeve.  I can't stand children getting older than their parents.  Unless of course their parents are vampires of course.  As such, I gently guided April to move Neil in with her.

April:  I'm not sure this was a good idea.  He's going to get clingy.  I just know it.

Neil:  I can't believe we're having a baby.  This is so great.

Neil Ward - Baby's Daddy

 Aquatami:  Well we can't fulfill his lifetime want but maybe we can eventually make him a happy little sim.

Neil:  What do you mean we shouldn't get married?  I want my child to have my last name.

April:  I'm not getting married.  I'll never marry unless I'm forced to.

Neil:  Getting pregnant isn't enough to force you to?

April:  Nope.

Neil:  April please.  Be reasonable.  I love you.  I'll take good care of you always.  Please.  Just consider it.

April:  Nope.
April:  Oh my.  What do I do?

Aquatami:  Spin and hope for the best.  No doctors remember.

 April:  Look.  I had a baby.

Buck Alabaster - First Born Twin

 Colt Alabaster - Second born twin

Aquatami:  Congratulations Neil.

Neil:  I can't believe she wouldn't marry me.  I can't believe my children don't carry the Ward name.

Aquatami:  I'm sorry Neil.  It just wasn't meant to be.

Stranger:  Man you are hot.  I saw you kiss that blond dude at the Music Stand the other day.  You sure put one on him.

April:  What is your problem?

Neil:  You're kissing other men?  How can you do this to me?  To us? To our family?

April:  What us?  We don't have a commitment to each other.  You knocked me up.  I moved you in.  End of story.

Neil:  But what about the boys?  They deserve to have a loving happy home.

April:  And they will.  I never wanted to be a mother but I will love and care for my kids. 

April:  Look Neil.  Let me just be honest with you.  I had sex with other men while I was pregnant with your sons.  I did so because I knew I couldn't get pregnant twice.  I moved you in for the help.  For the money.  Because that little voice in my head said I had to.  I won't commit to you.  I can't commit to you.  We are just to different.  <sigh>  I'm sorry Neil but I think you should leave.  I moved you in so you can get a land grant now.  Go.  Build a house.  Build a business.  Build a life for yourself.  Maybe in time you'll find a nice little gal who will marry you and give you children to carry on your family name.  But that gal will never be me Neil. 

Neil:  Oh April.  We could have made it work if you would have just tried.  Just a little.  I won't give up on us.  On our family.  Maybe I can find a way to make you love me as much as I love you.

April:  I can't believe you're making me garden.

Aquatami:  All houses must have a garden at least 4x4 in size and they must harvest at least once per year.  It's all in the rules you know.

April:  It's all in the rules you know.  Bla bla bla.  Stupid rules.

 It makes you wonder if he's a man or a wolf or both doesn't it.

Here ends round (season) one.

Not much to report.  A small population.  We are collecting 5% taxes towards college regardless of the cash in your bank account.  We have unlocked one career, Music.

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