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Avery Legacy - Chapter 132 - The Hogan Family

The Hogan House: Shane Hogan (fortune), Bianca Avery Hogan (family - marry 6 kids), Anita (romance - hall of famer), Adam (Pleasure - celebrity chef), Carolina, Crystal & Calera.
Carolina Hogan (Armando's oldest daughter) has become a beautiful little girl. She isn't aware of her true parentage yet but she's about the only one who doesn't know.

The twins Crystal and Calera are toddlers. This is Crystal.

Crystal Hogan - S2, blond, brown eyes, Libra, 2 neat, 10 outgoing, 4 active, 5 playful & 9 nice
Calera Hogan - S2, blond, dark blue eyes, Capricorn, 10 neat, 7 outgoing, 2 active, 5 playful & 10 nice

(At one time I was planning on breaking out a forth line from Bianca. If I actually do that Calera would be the generation 3 line four heir. Not sure now that I'm going to mess with it though.)

Armando begins coming around even though Bianca has forbidden it. Anita lets him know when her father is gone and that's when he drops by. He will see his kids. Family is important. Why can't Bianca understand that.

Of course Bianca does understand that. She also understands how close she is to losing her husband and kids. She needs to get Armando out of her life and fast.

Of course Armando is stubborn. When he can't get anywhere with Bianca he decides to talk to Shane. Maybe they can work something out man to man. He wants to see his little girls.

Well talking didn't work. Maybe fisticuffs will.

Shane was beaten to a pulp by his wife's former lover. Bianca was outraged and threw Armando out on his ear. She took care of Shane. In time they somehow managed to regain their trust. It seems as though they may be able to save their marriage after all.

Bianca soon finds out that she's expecting a child. Shane is very happy to know that this child is definitely his. Life is good. Armando seems to have taken the hint. The kids are all well. Nothing can ruin their happiness now.

Calera becomes a child.

So does her twin sister Crystal.

Bianca's sixth child is a boy whom she named Andrew.

With Andrew's birth Anita knew it was time to get out of there. She couldn't believe her father had forgiven that witch. Well she hadn't. And now her mother is spending all her time pushing her to get married. Unbelievable. Well if her mother wants her married, married she will be. Carefully what you ask for mother dearest.

Because it may not be anything like what you expected.

Armando is very happy to see Anita. They've been friends for a while now. He was happy to welcome her to La Fiesta Tech and show her around. He didn't take her flirting least not at first. He just didn't see her that way.

But in time...things changed. Armando is finally over Bianca. He knows it's insane to become involved with her daughter but he can't seem to help himself. Before he knows it, he's fallen in love. (with his ex-lovers daughter and his daughter's half sister - yikes)

Things move quickly between the two of them. Armando is on the verge of graduating. Anita is just a freshman. The Avery family won't be happy when they find out but Anita doesn't care and Armando refuses to think about it.

You know it's strange to think about marrying your mother's ex but that's exactly what Anita plans to do. No Armando hasn't asked yet but he will. That's the way he is. He values family above all else. And if he takes to long Anita knows one way to get her ring. Of course having a baby is a lot to do just to stick a knife in you lying cheating mothers back.

Back at the Hogan House: Carolina, Crystal and Calera are growing up fast. They study hard to make their mom and dad happy.

Adam being the pleasure sim that he is has begun dating an older woman. He paid a gypsy and she arrange a date for him with Monica Bratford (maxis made young adult). His mother is pushing him to find a nice girl and get married. The more she pushes to more he messes around with Monica. He's to young to be thinking about marriage but woohoo....well that's another story entirely.

Soon the youngest Hogan, Andrew, becomes a toddler. He looks a lot like his dad Shane.

Andrew Hogan - G3 - S3, brown hair, brown eyes, Virgo, 10 neat, 7 outgoing, 1 active, 2 playful &9 nice.

Next thing you know it was Shane's turn to grow older.

He was followed quickly by Bianca. I guess the baby factory is officially closed.

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