Sunday, August 06, 2006

Avery Legacy - Chapter 137 - Connor Returns

FINALLY - Back at the Legacy Lot: Aric Avery (popularity), his twin sons Jaric (fortune) & Daric (romance), his alien daughter Callisto and the thorn in Aric's side Samual LeTourneau (romance) are joined by our generation three heir (from line one) Connor Avery who has just graduated from college.

Aric is left with the task of showing Connor the ropes since his father Ben's unfortunate death. Although Aric knows they must stargaze nightly, he really isn't looking forward to it. What if the aliens come back for me. I've already given birth once and I maintain my friendships with 30 people. What more can you ask of me?

Well nothing on this night. Tonight the aliens want more hot elf and Connor is the only hot elf around.

Connor returns basically unharmed. He's been home from college two days. He has a wedding (to a woman he probably shouldn't be marrying) just around the corner. He can't believe this has happened to him now.

I mean he promised his dad he would produce a generation four heir. He never meant that he would actually have the baby himself.

Connor calls up Vicki and tries to explain that the wedding must be put on hold for a while. Vicki, fearing that a little while could become forever, volunteers to move in and help take care of Connor and his alien offspring while planning the wedding herself. Needing all the support he can get, Connor agrees.

Aaron and Ben stop by from time to time to check on their legacy.

They also take the time to get to know their descendants. Aaron scares poor Daric.

And still finds time to greet his grandson Connor.

Who is later scared by his own mother. It's hard being pregnant on the legacy lot. The ghosts won't let you sleep or make it to the bathroom on time.

Vicki is finalizing the wedding plans. She has to. She finds herself pregnant with Connor's baby and she is damn sure going to make sure her child is born with the Avery name. Connor spends his last trimester painting a portrait of his wife-to-be.

Aric is noticeably absent lately. He's been working on a little project of his own. Everyone else has been to busy to notice. Aric is glad about that. You see it's finally time to get rid of that cheating Samuel LeTourneau. Every time he turns around, Aric learns of another of the man's ex-lovers. He has to go. Before Aric officially turns over the family reins to Connor, he must first rid the family of this no good parasite.

It's not good to be a lover of many when someone finally catches on. Samuel has known Aric was going to be a problem. He had hoped to win over Connor thus securing his place in the Avery household. He's got it good living at Avery Manor and he knows it. Unfortunately Connor is slightly preoccupied lately. Samuel would tried to sway the future Mrs. Connor Avery but Aric has been keeping to close an eye on him. Maybe he should have seen this coming but he didn't. He knew Aric hated him - they are enemies after all - but he never thought the man would shove him in a room and then lock the door. Oh and not just any room. A room full of trash. The smell was overwhelming. Samuel could hardly breathe.

But piles of trash and a near fatal aroma weren't Aric's plan at all. No his plan involved a rare species of fly known to eat flesh. Aric had gotten the environment just right before he placed the larva into the room. He waited exactly the right amount of time for the flies to reach maturity. They were good and hungry when Samuel was locked in with them. Since Samuel couldn't get back out the way he was pushed in, he tried to go through the maze of trash and see if there might be some other way out.

Unfortunately he could not find another exit. He searched the walls for most of the day with little hope of actually escaping. He assumed Aric meant to come back an finish him later....until the flies attacked. Samuel couldn't believe it when they began eating his flesh.

With his last breath Samuel LeTourneau cried out for help and forgiveness. He received neither.

The flies did exactly what Aric knew they would. They left little trace of the man who once was the lover of so many men and women in Eden Falls.

Knowing the life expectancy of the killer flies, Aric waited the appropriate amount of time before entering the hall of death. He gathered up Samuel's ashes and cleaned up the mess. He tore down the room that was Samuel's final resting place. He used his money and connections to cover up the truth of Samuel's death. As far as the world is concerned, Samuel died in a military training exercise. It was a terrible tragedy. Aric had few regrets about what he did. He did regret that Amelia Avery would grow up without knowing her father. Then again Samuel wouldn't have been much of a father so she was probably better off. Samuel now rests in the family crypt where Aric assumes he won't cause any further trouble.

By this point, both of the twins have moved off to college with 9500 in scholarships each. Jaric (left) plans on getting a good education and then hopefully moving back into Avery Manor. Daric (right) will probably get counseling and some point to help cure himself of his romantic ways. He may or may not return as well if alien bait is needed.

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