Sunday, August 06, 2006

Avery Legacy - Chapter 138 - Welcome Generation Four

Connor eventually gave birth to his alien son. Welcome to the family little Deimos Avery.

The moment Connor was back on his feet, Vicki rushed him to the alter.

It was a lovely Avery wedding with lots of family and friends (and a few really creepy chairs).

The wedding party was a huge success. Unfortunately that didn't stop Connor from heading to work later that night. Poor Vicki spent her wedding night all alone.

Soon Aric started showing his age. He has officially turned the family reins over to Connor. Now he's just going to sit back and enjoy what's left of his life.

His daughter Callisto became a teen. She longs to be filthy rich and earn at least 100k before all is said and done.

Deimos Avery grew quickly into a toddler. He is a pisces with 6 neat, 0 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful & 9 nice.

Samuel began making the rounds. Even death won't keep this bad boy out of trouble.

At long last, generation four has officially arrived. Welcome to the family Duke Avery.

Vicki handled Duke's birth like a champion. The ghost, however, were more than she could take. After three consecutive ghost attacks, Vicki completely lost it. (Becoming our first simmy to need the help of a shrink)

Nope. No. Definitely not. You just don't have what it takes to be an Avery. No. I don't see you lasting that long in this family. I'm sure you'll make a lovely ghost though.

After a lot of hard work, Callisto Avery heads off to college with 9500 in scholarships. This clears the way for Cosmic to move back home (should he ever actually graduate).

Last but not least, Duke becomes a toddler. He's going to look like his daddy but he isn't an elf. Such a shame. Duke is a pisces with 4 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful & 9 nice. Connor has been a busy man of late. He is teaching his boys their skills and nursing his wife back to health. All that nursing will soon lead to the pitter patter of more little Avery feet.

Highlights at the birth of generation 4: Networth of $1,880,178, 10 impossible wants, 7 different colored ghosts, 5 alien births (can you name them all?) and a whole lot of fun.

Next up.... Cosmic graduates? Chris & his burglar start a family? Chesna chooses a mate? Well you'll just have to wait and see won't ya.


ivy5551212 said...

Callisto is pretty for an alien!

And that's neat how Deimos got the elven ears.

:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you're back! I've missed your stories.


suziesim said...

Wow! poor Vicki - thoses ghosts will get you every time!! Welcome little Duke - you're a cutie!

KeyKel69 said...

Yeah! You're back. I've missed the Averys.

MegRen said...

Wow. I love your stories. They keep me going during boring work days. Please give me more soon! I'm begging! Pretty please?

Christina said...

Awesome! Absolutely awesome! Just found your blog and spent the past few days catching up. I love all the drama.