Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 100 - Blake's World

@ 1 Avery Lane: Blake Avery (family), wife Stacy (knowledge), daughter Cyra (romance) & son Cole.

(We will take a small step back before we stride forward.)

Cole Avery was suppose to be Blake Avery's final child. He was growing like a weed. He would be a child before long. He would also be a big brother soon.

Yes Stacy was pregnant again. They hadn't planned it. It just sort of happened. Blake was of course thrilled. Baby number seven was on the way.

With a pregnant stepmom at home, Cyra started sneaking out of the house. Honestly she didn't think her dad would miss her and she was right. If this cop hadn't found her out goofing off and brought her home her dad would have never even known that she wasn't sound asleep in her bed.

Blake had some very strong words with his daughter. He didn't want her running around like this. Her sisters had never done anything like this (that he knew of). She needed to be studying. What about college? What about her future? Didn't that matter to her anymore?

Blake's speech did not have the desired affect. Instead of rushing to study, Cyra rushed to leave. She called a taxi the next morning to head off to college. It was time for her to start living her own life. Blake never even saw the taxi drive up. He had no idea Cyra was gone until he found the note on her bed. By then she was miles away. Blake was very upset with Cyra for running away like that but there was little he could do. She had just turned eighteen. She was legally an adult even if she wasn't emotionally an adult yet.

Not long after Cyra left, Cole had his birthday. He is now ready to start school. He is looking forward to being a big brother. He doesn't really know his older siblings so really feels like an only child.

After a long but uneventful pregnancy, Stacy gave birth to another son with red hair and grey eyes. Blake named his son Colin. (Let me just say that no it didn't occur to me at the time that I already have one Colin running around town. Also I later found out that Cole & Colin are both forms of Nicholas. The fact that the two boys have basically the same name will become more ironic when they get older. They aren't clones but they do look remarkably similar.)

While Colin was still just a baby, oldest son Clay graduated from college. He moved home with the love of his life Ayla Avery. The couple both found work in law enforcement. In no time they were both wearing super suits (though not in this shot). With his career solidified, it was finally time to marry the woman he loves. Of course he did think that maybe he should at least go through the motion of asking first.

Ayla of course said yes. There was no doubt in her mind that Clay Avery was her soul mate. They were made for one another. She couldn't wait until she could become his wife.

Baby, I think we need to move those pictures. I can't really do this with your parents watching.

Clay Avery was a happy man. Life was sweet. Happiness filled the air. He was planning his wedding.

Blake left his son to plan the wedding. He had some birthday parties to plan just as soon as he got off work.

Oh no, the nanny is about to play with fire. When was the last time we checked the batteries in the smoke alarm?

TaDa! I am super nanny. You don't want to get rid me. I can cook without starting a fire. Of course you baby will always be forced to wear a dirty diaper while I whip up these masterpieces but so what. Clean diapers are highly overrated.

The Blake planned birthday party for little Colin was a huge success. Colin is now an active toddler. He is a Virgo (like his brother Cole) who is 10 neat, 4 outgoing, 5 active, 4 playful & 9 nice (where Cole was 10-3-7-7-7: close but not exactly the same).

Clay took time out of his wedding planning to teach his baby brother Colin how to talk. Clay is really enjoying getting to know his baby brothers. It's much more fun playing with them than thinking what his sisters are up to right now.

Blake comes home from work having earned a 100k in his lifetime. Of course he isn't a fortune sim but this is an impressive accomplishment regardless. Besides it's his birthday. He needs to celebrate while he still can.

Of course Leo's visit puts a damper on Blake's birthday spirit. Let me get this straight. You move my baby girl in with you. You're not engaged. You're not planning on becoming engaged. Do you no see why I might have a problem with this? It you love Cassia you will marry her. I'm not sure you're good enough for her but she loves you. I will give you my blessing IF you MARRY HER. If you knock her up and dump her swear I will bring my younger brothers and visit you in the dead of the night. You won't be able to run away from the alter when I'm done with you.

After a stressful afternoon, Blake becomes an elder. He immediately makes two decisions. First, face lift. He is married to a younger woman after all. Second, clothes shopping. Orange just isn't his color.

That night Blake gets a little birthday surprise. Sweetie, since you haven't achieved your lifetime want of having six grandkids yet and since you have no desire to see your kids marry and since the only thing you want worth more than 500 points is to have a baby I will give you just one chance to knock me up. If it doesn't work then you have to settle for the seven kids you have and start looking forward to your grandkids whenever they may get here. Ok. Promise me. Just one chance and then we stop trying for babies.

Next up the wedding and more....

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