Monday, September 26, 2005


You may have noticed that I haven't posted lately. The reasons are three fold. First, I haven't felt well. I've been seeing a specialist about 'female problems' since February. It's kind of the two steps forward fall back down the mountain kind of thing. Nothing life threatening but if feels like it sometimes. Well things have hit yet another bump. The medications have apparently mingled or something leaving me extremely dizzy. So I'm off the medication for now. Maybe I'll be feeling 100% real soon. At least I really hope so. Second, the Nightlife expansion pack came out. You can't just learn a whole new way of playing in your favorite family. Things could get messy quick. So I reset the three stock neighborhoods and have been playing around with the Maxis made families in Pleasantview. I've had a great time mucking with their lives. So much so that I'm considering blogging them. It would be called The Pleasantview Chronicles I think. I've been playing every house for seven days. I've played around with the triplets/quads hack for a while until things became just a bit nuts. I'm really liking the little family though so I think I'm going to keep playing them even if I don't blog them. Third, I was just a little burned out with the whole Avery Legacy. I think I just needed a break. So I guess that's what you could say I'm on. I'm on a little break. And while I'm breaking I'm planning my next move with the Avery clan. Lately all planning had fallen to the waste side with them anyway. So I'm thinking and planning and not playing the Averys. I have started a ISBI family in Veronaville. That would be I'm surrounded by Idiots for those not in the know. I know it's probably hard to believe but I have never played that neighborhood at all. Yeah, you'd have thought the elves would have pulled me right in. So I've started with my founder Zack Holden and he's just completed college. So I'll probably be blogging him too. Maybe. Then again maybe not. Not much definites in my life lately. Between the hurricanes, the medication and just life in general, things have just been nuts. But this to shall pass. Could be followed by even worse but we'll just assume that it will be followed by better. I try to be optimistic but sometimes I fall on my face. So anyway that's what I'm up to.

Aquatami / Tammy


PRMami said...

Well I'm hoping the doc gets your medication squared away, getting dizzy is no fun.

Well it seems everyone is a bit off on a tangent since NL came out, I've not played my UNI Legacy family as I'm checking out other stuff plus ISBI challenge I'm still with my founder pregnant with her child . Ack so many ways to play so little time :)

simstar28 said...

Hey I understand, we all get a little tired of our own legacys. I'm in love with the Avery clan, but I'll be patient. Plus I look forward to reading anything you write.