Saturday, September 03, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 95 - Aric Graduates

Cassia stopped by the beauty shop on the way to the greek house. She got all her hair chopped off. She no longer wanted to look like her sister. Cassia was a little nervous about moving into the greek house. It was almost like she was moving in with Leo. She and Leo hadn't done much talking that previous day. They were busy with other matters. She honestly wasn't that sure that he would want her here.

Leo wasn't really sure he wanted her there at first either. Her presence would definitely interfere with his usual flirting. But what did that matter. He didn't really want any other girl right now anyway. What he wanted was Cassia. He knew that he would eventually have to give her up but for now she was his. He would hold her every night for as long as it lasted.

Clay was in an awkward position. Keith was his friend. His sister Cassia had just broken up with him. His other sister Cyra was dating... seeing... well somehow involved with him. Clay didn't approve of everything was going on but it wasn't really his business anyway. Keith was a friend. You can never have to many friends. So Clay asked Keith if he would like to join the greek house. Keith hesitated. Clay understood. In the end he managed to talk him into joining anyway. None of them could pretend that things weren't strained. It didn't mean that they couldn't find a way to get along.
Leo was not happy to see Keith hanging around. He told Clay that he never should have pledged him. Clay told him to stay out of it. Keith was a friend. He would have to learn to deal with him.

Lately Leo had begun to fear losing Cassia. Keith was easily the second greatest threat to his current happiness. He himself was the first. He was bound to do something stupid. He was bound to eventually become his father's son.

WHAT? More chess set glitches. Can I no longer have anyone mean play chess without having this glitch occur? Why? Why must there be glitches? Is perfection to much to ask?

Clay considered his relationship with Ayla perfection. He was a senior. He was in love. He couldn't wait to graduate next semester.

But this semester it's Aric Avery who is graduating from college with perfect grades and a degree in psychology. That accelerated learning program really paid off. (mumbles to self about more stupid glitches...ok, I'm better now)

Aric met a lot of people and did a lot of things in college. But there is one think more he wants to do before the night is through.

You see Aric is still a virgin. The poor man has studied and studied but never bothered with women. There is this one girl though. Sophie Miguel. He really likes her. He might even love her. He finds a secluded spot and surprises her with a kiss.

Sophie has known a lot of Averys over the years. She has always like Aric but she didn't think that he knew she was alive. When he suggested going somewhere and talking she almost turned him down. It wasn't really talking that she wanted to do. But then Aric led her to a bedroom. He started stammering on about job prospects and the future and all she could think about was shut up and kiss me again. So when he asked her if she wanted to make out she was a little surprised. The man needs to work on his approach. It would appear that she is going to have to show him how this is done.

Sophie showed Aric what he had been missing in life. They had a really good time but she tried not to read to much into it. He was graduating and heading home. She still had two years of school. She would probably never see him again. Sure he said he would call but will he. People say a lot of things. They don't always mean what they say. Sophie decided right then and there that if Aric called her, if he wanted something more than just this one night, well she would definitely give him a shot. Yes he was clueless when it came to women but most men were. Besides, she was more than willing to teach him everything he needed to know.

The party went on downstairs without the guest of honor. Juan the streaker did a drum solo. We'll be needing a new stool cover now I think.

At the end of the night Aric Avery headed home a happy man. He's going back to life with his brother Ben for now. He'll figure the rest out later.

As the party wound down and the guest began to leave, Hope pulled her brother Clay aside to ask him a question. She wanted to move in. She wanted to move in with Mazer. They were both members. He did have a spare room now. If he has a problem with it she won't do it but she loves Mazer. She wants to be with him. Please please please can they move in.

Clay didn't like it but he agreed. He didn't like seeing his sisters wrapped around all these guys. At least Hope and Mazer had a future. They were talking about marriage. Clay couldn't see Leo getting married. He worried about where that relationship was going. For the millionth time he reminds himself that it's not his life. Just stay out of it. He then tells Hope that she can have the room. Mazer can move in. Ayla will be happy to have him around.

That night Mazer and Hope claimed the red bedroom. They spent a magical night together and fell asleep in each other's arms.


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Ahhh ... l'amour. :O))

It's nice to see that SOME people are happy and are talking about a future. I just hope nothing BAD happens.

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