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Avery Legacy - Chapter 99 - The Move

Before long Violet grew into a beautiful little girl. Her mother didn't seem to have time for her. Luc practically ignores her. She barely remembered her father. He hasn't come by in a long time. Her mother doesn't like it when she asks about her dad. That's probably because mentioning him makes Luc mad.

Violet his a happy little girl though. She has gotten very good at entertaining herself. Whenever her mom tell her to go outside Violet heads towards her easel. She's becoming a budding artist.

For someone who wasn't at all interested in sex while she was pregnant, Luc is very interested in it now. Felicia gives him what he wants. She feels like she has to. She has considered moving out on her own but honestly she can't afford to. At least for a little while she will have to stay here with Luc. Eventually she will find her prince charming and he will take her away from Luc and his temper but until then she will have to play along.

For all Luc's faults, he is a doting father. He takes very care of his little boy. It's only Violet that he ignores.

Luc has a new friend that he has been bringing around a lot. Apparently he and Gerard have been friends for a really long time. Felicia assumes that they know each other from work but she doesn't ask.

But Gerard isn't a friend from work. Actually he's a little more than just a friend. Luc loves Gerard. He doesn't love Felicia but he and Gerard wanted a family. Felicia is just a means to an end. Felicia is now pregnant with her third child. Luc thinks this is his second child though actually it's just his first. Once this child is born he is planning on suing for custody on the ground that Felicia is a slut and an unfit mother. After he gets custody he and Gerard can finally be married and live happily ever after. Felicia can take her daughter and find someone else to take care of her.

Unaware of the Luc's plot Felicia continues to live her life. She didn't want to have a baby with Luc but she is. Maybe it's fates getting back at her for lying to him in the first place. Felicia is entering her second trimester of pregnancy when River has his birthday. River is a Libra with 6 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 3 playful & 10 nice. Luckily he got the best from both his parents. Neat from mom and nice from dad.

With Felicia's due date just around the corner, Luc decides to move on to the next phase of his plan. He is moving his little family in with Gerard. He tells Felicia that he has a friend with a new two story house. It's quite large but his friend now doesn't have the money to finish it. He would let them live there with him if they help him pay the bills. Felicia isn't sure she likes the plan but they can't stay in the cramped two bedroom rental so she agrees. Luc and Gerard spend their last night alone celebrating. Felicia and the kids be moving in tomorrow.

Gerard Andersen - townie - family - Aquarius - 4 neat, 4 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful & 6 nice: lifetime want - three kids graduate college

What Luc doesn't tell Gerard is that he has put another plan into action. It's a plan to quickly move up the ranks of the criminal organization he works for. He will be having to spend more time in the desert but it can't be helped. If everything works out he will soon be rid of those people and going into business for himself.

Luc, Felicia, Violet and River move into the house @ 230 Legacy Lane with Gerard Andersen. Violet and River immediately take to Gerard which helps to ease Felicia's reservations. Gerard does seem like a nice man. There is something that isn't quite right but Felicia can't quite put her finger on what it is. She ignores her fears as she prepares the nursery for the birth of her third child.

One day Luc heads off to work but he never returns home. Felicia begins to worry. She considers calling the police but with Luc's profession she can't help but think that it wouldn't be wise. Day after day passes with still no word. She begins to fear the worse. All the stress puts her into labor.

She gives birth to a baby boy. Like her previous children her son has her black hair and brown eyes. She named her son Lake Schehl.

Gerard cried when he first held the little boy. He had been just as worried about Luc as she had. Maybe even more so. Luc had been gone for almost a month now. They both know that he would never have missed Lake's birth. They both fear that he is dead. Otherwise he would have been there.

In his grief, Gerard makes a confession to Felicia. He tells her that he and Luc were lovers. He tells her that Luc was planning on taking his sons from her. He tells her that he is so sorry. He never thought that this was the right way for them to obtain a family. He had always wanted to hire a surrogate but they just couldn't afford it. Although Felicia should be angry she wasn't. Things made a lot more sense now. Gerard grieved for the man he loved. She couldn't say the same. She never loved Luc. She only used him just as he was using her. In a way it was ironic. If not for Gerard's tears she might have laughed.

As time passed, Felicia and Gerard consoled one another. They did eventually report Luc's disappearance to the police. The officer took down their statement. Neither of them thought that anything would ever come from it. One day they did see someone odd rifling through their trash. Gerard was convinced it was an undercover police officer but Felicia wasn't to sure. (It was actually Captain Hero. Unfortunately she ate any evidence she found.)

Even through tragedy kids continue to grow up. Soon River was a child. Felicia had told the kids that Luc was dead. She didn't see any point in giving them false hope. Since River had no father (as far as anyone knew), Gerard stepped in to fill that role. He taught him how to study. He tried to teach him right from wrong. He hoped that Luc's sons would not travel down the path that Luc had followed.

Before long Lake also had a birthday. He is a Scorpio with 8 neat, 7 outgoing, 8 active, 7 playful & 4 nice.

The kids play cops and robbers oblivious to the pain it causes Gerard. He is a very emotional man. Felicia really likes him though. The kids all love him. They have sort of become one big family.

As time passes both Gerard and Felicia talk about finding love again someday. Gerard really wants kids of his own. Felicia is still looking for the knight to ride in and sweep her off her feet.

At Gerard urging, Felicia asks William to come by not for her sake but for Violet's sake. Gerard thinks that kids should know their parents regardless of the situation. This makes Felicia feel truly guilty for lying about River's parentage. River has a father he doesn't know. He could know the love a real father. He will simply have to settle for Gerard instead. Gerard has been very good to them. He is more of a father to River than Colin ever could be.

Felicia has been thinking about Gerard a lot lately. He has become her best friend. They tell each other almost everything. Gerard only has one true desire. He wants to have a child of his own. This is something she could do for him. This is a way that she could truly pay him back for all that he has done for her and her kids. She wouldn't simply give him a baby but she could have with him a child. He would be a father in every sense of the word. Even when her prince or knight or wonderful caring man who will love her no matter what comes along, Gerard can still see his child. It would be something special that they would always share together.

Felicia tells Gerard her thoughts. He is touched that she would be willing to do this for him. He isn't really thrilled with her method of conception though. He has never been with a woman. He doesn't really want to start now. Felicia knows that they can only afford low tech methods. If he wants to be a father they will have to do this the old fashion way. So Felicia takes Gerard and leads him down a road he has never traveled. Hopefully they will find a baby on the other side.


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