Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 97 - Forked Path

@113 Tracy Lane: Current Residence: Shane Hogan (fortune), wife Bianca (family) & daughter Anita and Colin Day (romance), wife Brooke (fortune) & daughter Zara.

Not long after Anita became a toddler, Zara became one as well. She is a Libra with 1 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 7 playful & 10 nice.

Even though Anita is only a toddler, Bianca is already wanting to have another child. She does long to marry off six kids after all. She manages to talk Shane into the idea. Ok, so maybe she focused the loven and left out the baby part. He knows how babies are made so it's not like she tricked him in to anything.

Colin loves his wife and daughter. He never planned on cheating. But when Felicia started hitting on him he didn't exactly turn her away. She knew he was married. She wanted him anyway, a fact which greatly stroked his ego. When she came into the changing room with him he could have walked out. He should have walked out. He didn't though. He gave Felicia exactly what she wanted.

As great as that afternoon was, Colin began regretting it almost immediately. He didn't regret the actual sex. It was fun and exciting. He did regret the cheating. He worried what might happen if Brooke found out. He loved her. He didn't want to lose her. He didn't want to lose his family. He had never set out in life to become a husband and a father but now that he was he didn't want things to change. When Felicia began calling the house he knew he had a problem. He met her downtown and told her that his wife could never know about them. She could never know about that afternoon. He could tell that it wasn't what Felicia wanted to hear. When she took him by the hand and led him back to the changing booth Colin didn't put up a fight. Once again he cheated. This time he swore it would be the last time. He promised himself that he would never cheat again.

Bianca finally got her wish and was once again an expectant mom. She was sure that she was going to have twins. She was huge. She was never this big with Anita. When the doctor informed her it was just one large baby, Bianca argued with the man. Check again. There has to be another baby in there somewhere.

Birthday time. Anita Hogan is now ready to start school. Her mother has already bought her a school uniform, which she just loves wearing, even though she isn't in private school yet.

Zara Day is also ready for school. She is a sweet playful little slob who thinks her cousin seriously needs to loosen up.

After one very long miserable pregnancy, Bianca gives birth to a baby boy. He has his mother's brown hair and brown eyes. She and Shane name their son Adam. Shane had hoped that this last miserable pregnancy would have curbed his wife's desire for children. He was of course wrong. She immediately started talking about baby number three.

With the fear of discovery still looming in his mind, Colin has become very attentive to his wife. Brooke loves all the attention. She is blissfully ignorant of her husbands motives.

Much to Zara's dismay, Brooke has decided that it's time for the girls to start private school. She invites over the headmaster who turns out to be the same old prune who ran the place when she went there. Despite his vivid memories of her more childish pranks, he did agree to let the girls attend his school.

Bianca cooked a nice turkey dinner to celebrate. Bianca mentioned that the headmaster would have to visit again in a few years. Maybe they should wait to call him over when her third child is born. Brooke and Colin just exchanged glances. She isn't even pregnant yet and she is already planning the poor kids future. Later that evening Brooke and Colin discussed the possibility of finding their own place. Brooke doesn't think her sister will stop the baby factory any time soon. They both hate to leave the comfortable home that they have helped to build. Colin worries that without the distractions of her sister, Brooke might discover things he doesn't want her to know.

As decision wasn't made that night. The couple decided to sleep on it. Then they went upstairs and did everything but sleep. Will they remain one happy family or split into two families each with their own path? Only time will tell.

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Well, since you like drama, I'm sure his infidelity will come out sooner or later ... you devil! ;O)