Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 101 - An Avery Wedding

Today is the wedding day of Clay Avery and Ayla Avery. Apparently they can't wait for the wedding night so they're starting early.

But today isn't just a wedding day. It's also a birthday. Colin's birthday to be specific.

Yeah I'm all grown up and my dad is so virile that I don't have to be the baby of the family.

Quick shot of Colin after he's all gussied up.

Hello in there. Are you ready for the wedding to start? You are. Well then let's get started.

We are gathered here today to witness the union of this man and this woman. Anyone who can show just cause why these two should not be married should speak now are forever hold there peace. (Alton and Oron exchange glances. Should they mention that they are distantly related. Naaa.)

Last chance to back out Ms. Avery No second thoughts? Then... With this ring, I thee wed.

I promise to love, honor and cherish you in sickness and in health until death do us part.

The guest watch as the vows are said. Connor has attitude. Cassia can't believe he didn't even get dressed up. Just because you are unlucky at love doesn't mean you have to make a scene.

You may kiss the bride. Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Clay Avery.

First a quick bite of cake. Then we can get down to more important things.

So hot stuff, what are your plans for the evening? I've got a king size bed and time on my hands.

Well Mrs. Avery, I thought you'd never ask.

I'm ready. Come and get me.

With his oldest son married, Blake now got down to the business of living. He called over his brother Ben who is no longer the only old geezer on the block. They played like kids. They talked about kids. They discussed how many more kids Blake was going to have.

Blake was only worried about one baby right now. It was due any time now. He can hardly wait.

Right there in the kitchen Stacy gave birth to her third son (Blake's fifth son & eighth child overall). Like her previous two children this child has red hair and grey eyes. (I really am randomizing but I'm not getting random. So sad.)

Blake named his son Camden Avery (After the city of Camden, Alabama. I have long since been out of C names. I always fall back on cities in Alabama when I get desperate.)

Not long after Camden's birth came Cole's birthday. His brother Colin looked on as he prepared to blow out his candles.

Cole has decided that romance is the path for him. He would really like to have 20 loves. I highly disagree his choice so he will be rerolled in college. And with seven members in the house you can expect to see Cole head off to college very early on in his teen years though not right now. Once I play all eleven hundred other houses in the neighborhood it will actually seem like Cole had teen years even though he really didn't. And as for when generation four will arrive...no idea. Ayla isn't currently expecting and the young couple seem in no hurry to help get Blake those six grandkids he needs to be completely fulfilled. Lucky for him he has two family minded daughters who should manage to take up the slack.

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"Take up the slack" ... that man is a Baby MANIAC!! *LOL*

Congratulations on the wedding ... I hope to seem some kids with different colored hair soon. :O)) Hehe