Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 98 - Felicia's New Life

Felicia Schehl found herself in somewhat of a bind. She was a single mother of one living with two roommates in a two bedroom house. She was also pregnant. She was having the baby of a married man. This didn't stop Felicia from dreaming. She was having Colin Day's baby. Surely he would leave his wife to be with her.

Felicia called Colin over to tell him the news. He didn't take it as well as she'd expected. He made himself very clear. He loves his wife. He is never going to leave his wife and daughter. His wife can never find out about the baby. If she says it's his he will deny it. They have absolutely no future together.

Felicia was hurt. It was bad enough that he didn't love her but to have her lie about her baby's paternity. How could he ask her to do that? Felicia had no idea what to do now. There was no room to have another baby in this house. Her roommates would never let her stay with yet another child on the way. She couldn't afford to move out on her own. She needed someone to take care of her. She needed a man to look out for her. She needed her now fatherless child to suddenly get a new daddy.

Felicia made a quick decision. She called up her friend Luc Wilkie and invited him over. Once she got him there she quickly got him into her bed. Her baby needed a daddy. Luc would do.

After a suitable waiting period, Felicia called up Luc and told him the news. He was going to be a father. Felicia had always known that this would be a risk. Luckily for her, things seemed to be working out. Luc was shocked at first but quickly asked Felicia to move in with him. He lived in a two bedroom rental which was small but it would have to do for now.

So Felicia moved herself and her daughter Violet (fathered by William Avery) into Luc's home. She didn't love Luc but she was fast becoming a wonderful actress. She pretended to love and adore him. She had sex with him only when he demanded which wasn't often. She took care of the house and had meals ready when he arrived home from work. Though the two had lived together for several months, marriage was never mentioned. Honestly, though Felicia longed to get married, she didn't long to get married to Luc. She considered him a pit stop on the way to her true happiness.

Luc Wilkie - townie - knowledge - Sagittarius - 2 neat, 3 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful & 4 nice - lifetime want to be a criminal mastermind

Unfortunately, Luc turned out to be a mean man. He harassed every man who stopped by. This included those men who where strictly friends because Felicia had not yet gotten around to making a move on them. Luc was extremely jealous. Felicia soon learned to only have friends over when he was at work. She always made sure they were long gone before he arrived home.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, William stopped by. He had heard from Jan that she had moved in with Luc. He asked her how she was and how their baby was. Felicia hadn't seen William since before Violet was born. Since he was there she introduced him to his daughter. She was very tired and William volunteered to bathe his daughter. Felicia was shocked. He simply said that he had grown up in a house full of kids. He did know how to take care of a toddler.

William tucked his daughter into her crib. He then came out of the nursery and told Felicia how beautiful their little girl was. He told her how beautiful she was. Felicia hadn't felt beautiful in a long time. Luc never seemed to notice her anymore. She knew that she could never have forever with William but she could always have one afternoon. Since he knew she couldn't get pregnant again, William was more than willing to spend the afternoon making Felicia happy.

Felicia and William were almost caught by Luc that afternoon. Felicia had to distract Luc so that William could sneak out of the house. She didn't know what Luc might do to William if he caught him with her. He had a temper. She didn't want to see him if he ever really got mad.

Felicia found out quite by accident that Luc was a criminal. As far as she could tell he mainly did petty crimes but he had big dreams. He dreamed of running a crime family someday. He occasionally brought home friends. She assumed that they were friends from work. Felicia didn't ask questions. She didn't really want to know.

One day Colin came walking by. Felicia hadn't seem him since the day she told him she was pregnant. Since he made it perfectly clear that he didn't want anything to do with her or their baby, Felicia was surprised when he pulled her into a fiery embrace. It stirred up old desires in her. She wanted Colin. Luc was at work. Although she didn't know if she could talk him into it, Felicia decided to attempt a little seduction.

Unfortunately their baby had plans of his own. Right after walking into the house, Felicia's water broke. The contractions became strong very quickly.

Right there in the living room with Colin by her side Felicia gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She named her son River Schehl. Colin seemed quite pleased to have a son.

To be honest it completely pissed her off. First he wanted nothing to do with his child. Now he wants to hold him and maybe come by and see him sometimes but his wife can NEVER know. You can't have it all you know. You can't be his father and deny he exists. It just doesn't work that way. Luc thinks he's the father. River will know Luc as his dad. If you want to see him fine but don't start thinking you can be his father. You have thrown that away just like you threw me away.

Colin hoped that it was just the hormones talking. He never wanted Felicia to feel like he had used her and then walked away. It was true but it still made him feel guilty. He should be at home with his wife and daughter. Instead he was here holding his son. A son he could never claim. A son that he could only be proud of at a distance. A son who would spend his life calling someone else dad.

Trying to make amends Colin volunteered to watch the kids while Felicia got some rest. Violet was his niece by marriage anyway. Maybe he could use the Avery tie as an excuse to see his son.

Unfortunately Felicia was still asleep with Luc came home. He was not happy to find Colin there. He told him point blank to stay away from Felicia. She didn't need some married sleaze bag hanging around her doorstep.

Colin left be he wasn't at all happy. This was the man who was going to raise his son. For half a second he considered claiming River as his own. He actually considered picking the boy up and taking him home with him. But what would he tell Brooke? Besides, legally what rights did he have? With a heavy heart he walked out of the house leaving behind his only son.


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Now he wants to be a father after basically throwing the mother away. Not gonna happen!