Saturday, September 03, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 96 - More Graduates

Cyra has been very happy over the last year. Since her first night in college she has slept in Keith's bed. He never asked her to leave and she never volunteered. She had originally planned on going to college and chasing all the boys. Now she only wants to chase one, Keith.

Chance has made it to his Junior year. He is still seeing Lisa. He still hasn't told his parents. Oh he told them that there was someone special. He told them that he's in love. He just can't quite find a way to tell them who he's in love with. Eventually they will know. He has bought an engagement ring. Someday he's going to marry Lisa. Hopefully his mom will be happy about that.

Keith has been very happy lately. He tries not to think of the future but instead just enjoy the here and now. The thing is he's fallen in love with Cyra. She means more to him than her sister ever did. But she doesn't want to talk about marriage. She doesn't want to talk about kids. She has half-heartedly agreed to marry him if she ever finds herself pregnant. She is VERY careful with birth control. Keith finds himself wishing she would get pregnant. He knows that unless something changes it's the only way he would have any future with her. He is going to wind up graduating and moving into some little rental house all alone. Maybe she'll come and visit him. That isn't what he wants. He wants forever with this woman. He wants her to be the mother of his kids. It's a dream he doesn't think will ever come true.

Back at the greek house, Cassia and Leo are still having fun. After all this time, Leo still hasn't strayed. He's considered it a time or two. Then he finds Cassia and drives those thoughts right out of his head. She is a wild woman. They are both getting ready to graduate soon. Neither of them have talked about the future. He has no idea where they will go from here.

For Clay and Ayla the future is now. They are both graduating this semester. Clay has asked Ayla to move back to Eden Falls with him. He hasn't asked her to marry him yet but it's pretty much understood that they will.

Clay decided to have a graduation party. Despite his better judgment, he invited both his parents. He prays they will play nice.

His mom immediately began playing nice with her friend. Why did she even come if she was just going to ignore her kids?

Blake wasn't shocked to see Jan making out with the cow. He just wishes that his kids didn't have to see it. Jan isn't his problem anymore. He is happily married. Someday soon he may even become a grandpa. But seeing her like this does bring back old memories. What did he ever see in her anyway?

The party was a great success despite the cow kissing. Clay is now ready to head home with Ayla.

Ayla said good-bye to her friends. She knows she'll see them again but for the first time she feels like she is heading off alone on her own adventure. She heads for the cab where Clay waits to take her to her new home. They are going to move in with Clay's dad. She was a little worried that she wouldn't be welcome but Blake was quick to dispel those fears. The woman who won his sons heart is always welcome in his home.

It seemed like no time at all before Leo and Cassia were graduating from college. Leo threw a graduation party and invited his parents.

Yvette wasted no time getting her husband to dance with her. Come on Irfan. Loosen up. Our baby is graduating from college.

Leo pulled Cassia into a room so where they could be alone. There had been a lot of things they were avoiding lately. It was funny but as he sat here beside her he found himself wanting to ask her to marry him. Was he nuts? He couldn't get married. It would end in disaster.

Cassia felt like everything was ending. She didn't want it to end. She pulled Leo to her. She wanted to hold on just a while longer.

Eventually they had to come up for air. Leo didn't ask her to marry him. He wanted to but he couldn't. He did ask her to come back to Eden Falls with him. He was moving back in with his parents. Would she be willing to live with him for a while?

Cassia wasn't sure how to answer. It wasn't the question she wanted but she knew it was the best she would get. What would her family say? Did she really care? She loved this man. She didn't want to lose him yet so she agreed. She would move in with him and his family. Maybe they could make it all work out somehow.

NOOOOOO!!!!! I changed my hair to prevent myself from looking like my sister and now I transition into her outfit.

Leo and Cassia headed to the cab that would take them to their new beginning. Maybe it would all work out. Maybe not. For now they were together. That's all he cares about.

With two free rooms at the greek house, Cyra starts thinking that she wouldn't mind moving in. Clay had long ago made her a member. She asked Keith if he would come with her. He said he would. So the two of them moved into Clay's old room.

Here is a look at the current greek house. Sophie Miguel has also moved in but she's off doing something else at the moment. Keith, Mazer and Hope will all be graduating soon. Connor and Sophie are juniors. Cyra has just entered her sophomore year.

Some of Cyra's family members still have problems with her being with Keith. She doesn't care. He tries hard not to.

Cyra just tells him that is their problem not ours. She isn't going to stop chasing Keith. They will all just have to deal with it.

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Anjel76 said...

I don't understand Cyra. She's chasing Keith ... and yet she doesn't want to marry him.

It boggles the mind!