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Avery Legacy - Chapter 102 - The Wilsonoff Family

The Wilsonoff Family: Irfan (romance), Yvette (romance), Leo (romance), Kaleb (knowledge) and Cassia Avery (family).

Leo and Cassia graduated with honors and moved back to Eden Falls. Cassia had thought she would be moving back into her father's home but instead found herself living with the Wilsonoffs. She and Leo took over the empty bedroom and made it their own. They both began their careers. Cassia went to work in the natural science profession. Leo began working towards his dream of becoming a celebrity chef. For the most part, their parents stayed out of their business. Blake Avery was not happy that his little girl was living in sin especially not with Leo Wilsonoff. He feared the boy would break her heart someday but he knew better than to stand in his daughters way. Irfan and Yvette were also concerned. Leo had once told them that he would never be married. They knew that it was because of them. Now they saw him walking down a path that would either lead to marriage, heartbreak or both.

Kaleb has a somewhat strained relationship with his entire family. He doesn't like his dad Irfan. He gets pissed at his father Blake. His mother isn't his favorite person in the world either. Now his half brother and half sister were playing house. He didn't like it one bit. He has tried to make peace in his family. He has tried playing nice. But it doesn't seem to do him any good. He doesn't have many friends. He doesn't feel comfortable in his own house. What he really wants to do is just head off to college. That is exactly what he was planning to do when his sister Cassia told the family that she was pregnant. It came as a shock, at least to him. His sister was having his brother's baby. Is he the only one who thinks that is just wrong? Kaleb tried to act happy for their sake. Then he pushed back his college plans. Just one more year. After the baby is born, he leaves this mad house behind.

The news of Cassia's pregnancy spread fast. Blake had the phone ringing off the hook. He expected that boy to marry his daughter or else. Strangely enough, Irfan agreed with Blake. He knew that the kids loved each other. Just because his marriage has been rocky at times shouldn't keep Leo from giving it a shot. Leo might be able to stay faithful. If not, maybe he could keep from getting caught. Regardless, both Irfan and Blake wanted the kids to get married so they both put pressure on Yvette to make sure it happened. Leo always listened to his mom no matter what. Surely she could make him see that this was for the best.

Leo felt pressured by everyone but Cassia. Half the town wanted there to be a wedding. The other half said there would be one or else. In the end, Leo caved to the pressure. He did love Cassia. He always had. He held on to that with everything that he had. He went downtown and bought a diamond. He came home and got down one one knee. This was what Cassia really wanted anyway. This was what everyone wanted. Even though he thought he might be making a big mistake, Leo Wilsonoff asked Cassia Avery to marry him. Cassia happily said yes.

With the engagement announced, and most everyone happy, it was time for the family to make some changes. Their tiny house just wasn't big enough for their extended family. It was time to pack up their home and move. Luckily a contractor had begun construction on a series of multi-generational town homes just down the road. There wasn't much land but there was a ton of living space. So the Wilsonoffs moved just down the street into their new four story town home. The remains of Aiyana Dallas were moved to the newly constructed Eden Memorial Gardens owned and operated by Weldon Miller. The Gardens provided for legal gambling opportunities which made it a wonderful front to move large amounts of illegally obtained cash. Sadly however the tombstone which was once bright shiny and one might even say platinum turned into something less than stellar upon arrival to its new home. Oh well, at least she'll be at peace and her lovers can more easily come by for a visit.

Shortly after the move, Leo married Cassia in a small family ceremony. Most of the guests were Averys. They seemed happy. Everyone had a good time.

Cassia talked to her cousin Connor about his future marital plans. Connor replied honestly that he had none. You have to meet the right woman first. Maybe soon he'll find her. Leo spent the day noticing how attractive Cassia's sisters were. He knew it was way to early to start thinking like this but he couldn't help it. Cyra was there, without Keith, and she was hot. Of course Leo does have a thing for red heads. He just can't help it.

The party was going strong. Hope wowed the crowd with her musical talents. Everyone seemed happy. It was a beautiful peaceful day. Right up until the fight started anyway.

No one knows exactly who started what. No one knows exactly what was said to whom. Those involved aren't talking to each other or anyone else about the incident. A long standing truce between the Averys and the Wilsonoffs was suddenly broken. Everyone took sides. Blake was furious as Yvette AND Irfan. Clay was mad at Yvette. Hope was mad at Irfan. Kaleb was completely caught in the middle. He always was really. The feud, for which the truce had been called, was started the minute he was conceived. He tried hard not to blame himself. He tried hard not to blame his parents. He failed miserably on both accounts. Suddenly Cassia's family wasn't talking to Leo's family. Everyone was mad at everyone. Kaleb got his paperwork in order. The baby would be here soon and then he's leaving. He simple couldn't take this any more.

Time passed quickly and soon Cassia did have her baby. She gave birth to a little girl out on the balcony. Her daughter had her skin tone, black hair and grey eyes. She named her daughter Leona after her husband. Leo took the birth pretty well. He actually was taking everything pretty well. He hasn't cheated. He hasn't strayed. He wants to be a good father. He doesn't want his daughter to grow up feeling the way his brother Kaleb does. Although he does notice the women in the neighborhood, his love for Cassia has so far kept him on the straight an narrow.

With his new niece born the house turned into baby chaos. Kaleb took this opportunity to flee. He packed what little he had and headed to college. He knew that he would never return there. He loved his family deep down. He just didn't like them very much. He still dreams of becoming a doctor some day. That is his focus. After college he will find his own way. He'll buy a little house and live all by himself. For now all he's going to worry about is school. He'll figure the rest out eventually.

Time flies and soon Leona was a toddler. She's a Cancer with 9 neat, 4 outgoing, 2 active, 4 playful & 8 nice. Cassia took extended leave from work to help raise her daughter. It's not that she doesn't trust her in-laws but....ok she doesn't. They are easily distracted, by each other, and she wants to make sure her daughter has the best possible care. Leo agreed that it would probably be best. Although his parents are a great help sometimes, they can also be a great hindrance. The feud between his mother and Cassia's father is still going strong. Blake Avery, despite his advanced age, seems to feel the need to knock over the trash can every chance he gets. Leo is really getting sick of it but he's family now so what can you do?

Well nothing really. You just have to keep hoping that the elderly family members will eventually start acting their age. Leo had worked hard and managed to fulfill his lifetime dream of becoming a celebrity chef. Cassia was very proud of him. The family bought him a silver sports car to celebrate his success. In the mist of the celebration, Cassia began wondering if they wouldn't have something else to celebrate soon. Food wasn't staying down. Smells made her sick. Even Irfan describing food made her want to run. She was never sick like this with Leona. But every pregnancy is different. And after a quick trip to see her doctor, Cassia Wilsonoff knew for certain that she was definitely pregnant.

Cassia's second pregnancy kept her very tired. Leo spent a lot of his spare time taking care of Leona. When Leona's birthday came around, her father pulled out all the stops and cooked a seafood feast. Cassia's cousin Cordelia had dropped by. After a quick dip in the pool she joined Leo and Leona for dinner. Leo tried hard not to stare. She was way to young for him to be thinking about like this. If only she was wearing more clothing. It's the hair. He can't resist a red head no matter how young they are.

Cassia's pregnancy finally ended and the reason for her exhaustion became apparent. Cassia gave birth to twin boys, Leander and Lionel. Leander has his mother's complexion, brown hair and light blue eyes. Lionel has his father's complexion, black hair and grey eyes. Leo was very relieved to have this pregnancy behind them. He was really worried about his wife for a while there. He was so relieved that he didn't fuss with Cassia about the babies names. He did find her choices odd but he kept that to himself. You don't tell your wife she's nuts when she's just given birth. Can you say justifiable homicide? So Leo helped take care of his sons. He continued to look after his daughter. Lion (Leona), Lion Man (Leander) and Young Lion (Lionel) are all happy and healthy. That's all that really matters anyway.

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