Sunday, October 09, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 103 - A New Day

At the Home of the Day and Hogan families:

Colin Day and his sister-in-law Bianca Hogan had always gotten along well. They weren't friends or anything but they surely weren't enemies. Then one day that changed. It's a little confused as to who insulted whom first. Eventually Colin refused to put up with her constant insults any more. She was always insinuating that he was unfaithful and unworthy of Brooke's love. So maybe he had been unfaithful once. It had been a long time ago. No one really knew about it or the child that resulted. She was just being a bitch. So Colin snapped. He attacked Bianca. Bianca won the fight in the end. And this was definitely the end. It was the end of the two families living in harmony. Colin told his wife that they were moving. They packed a few things and left. Shane Hogan hated to see them go. Colin was a friend. They had been through a lot together. Besides, Brooke helped keep Bianca sane. Now he was on his own. It would just be him, his wife and his kids

Colin and Brooke bought a town home next door to the Wilsonoffs. No the Wilsonoffs weren't the Averys favorite people right now but the Day family had no problems with them. Zara wasn't really happy about the move. She would miss Anita. She would miss her aunt and uncle. The family just seemed to small. Especially to small to be moving into such a large house. There were rooms and rooms with nothing in them. Of course that's the way things always are with new houses. When you move in you wonder how you will ever fill up all this space. A few years later you don't have enough space for all your junk.

Well the Day family was small when it moved into the house but that didn't last for long. Having all that privacy made Colin and Brooke very frisky. One thing apparently led to another and soon Brooke found herself pregnant. Neither she nor Colin really wanted more kids right now but eventually the idea did grow on them. They redecorated a room to make a nursery. They bought baby furniture. One more baby wouldn't be so bad. Their small family would just be a tiny bit larger that's all.

Oh the best laid plans. Colin suddenly found himself the father of twin daughters. They needed to buy another crib. The oldest twin was named Rainy Day. The youngest twin was named Sunny Day. Both girls had their father's black hair and grey eyes. Brooke was excited about having twins since she herself was a twin. It was as though she was handing down the family china. She was ok with three kids. She was happy with it even. Her family was complete. Now to just get them raised.

Well it wasn't long before Zara became a beautiful young lady who longs to be popular. She began preparing for college. She wouldn't go right away. No she still needed to finish high school and there were the twins to take care of. Someday though she hoped to attend the same college that her mother attended.

The twins grew quickly. Rainy is a Libra like her father. She is 1 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 10 playful and 9 nice.

Her sister Sunny is a Capricorn like her mother. She is 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 0 active, 6 playful & 9 nice.

In the midst of teaching the twins to walk, Brooke was struck down by what she thought was a stomach flu. Only one problem. It wasn't. Brooke was once again pregnant. She wasn't sure how it happened. She thought that she and Colin were being careful. They hadn't wanted another baby. Maybe she just got sloppy and didn't pay enough attention. Maybe that was it. Or maybe the controller was doing two things at once and accidentally hit the wrong option. Either way Brooke was once again expecting. The tiny family was suddenly getting bigger than either Brooke or Colin thought that they could handle.

And then things got worse. Colin was getting ready for work. His ride would be by in less than an hour. It was a little after 8 pm when he stepped out onto the balcony to gaze at the stars. It makes him happy and he always likes to be happy before rushing off to the hottest party in town. About ten minutes later a bright light shined down on him. A few minutes after that, Colin Day was gone. His family and friends were very disturbed. This was especially true for Brooke.

Brooke had been through a lot lately. She was having a difficult pregnancy. It was made even more difficult by the suddenly shock of seeing her husband abducted. Less than 20 minutes after Colin was abducted, Brooke went into labor out on that same balcony.

She gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl. Zara was very happy about it. Brooke wasn't. She can count and she didn't like how things were adding up. But these were her kids and she would love and care for them the best that she could. So Brooke fed her newest twins and put them to bed. She noticed that both babies had Colin's black hair but her brown eyes. She named her children Stormy and Windy Day. She tucked them in to their cribs and went downstairs to wait for her husband to return.

And eventually he did. Colin was very shaken by his experience. Having Boris Avery laughing at him wasn't helping any. He had lived in Eden Falls for a while now. He knew about the little green Avery babies. He knew how they came to be. He tried not to think about what might be awaiting him in the future.

Brooke took her traumatized husband in her arms. She held him close. She didn't mention the lullaby she heard playing in the distance. She didn't mention the newborn twins sleeping in their cribs. She didn't mention the toddler twins who were hopefully still asleep too. She didn't mention anything. She just held him. She took him upstairs and put him to bed. There was time for all this later. For now she was just glad to have him home. They would deal with everything else tomorrow.

***sometimes I swear the game is working against me...and/or laughing at me***

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