Sunday, October 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 112 - Bede Moves

The Avery Family: Bede Avery (adult-popularity-pp), Amanda (adult-family-golden anniversary), Chesna (teenage heiress-knowledge-chief of staff), Claire (child), Cora (infant).

Bede's family use to live next door to the Miller family. Suddenly the Miller's house was condemned and they had to move across town. Not long after, funny things started happening at their house. A contractor was called in and found the same unexplained major problems that plagued the Miller home. When the city condemned their home, Bede and Amanda packed up their kinds and their possessions and moved into this newly constructed home just down the street. They then began the act of getting their lives back in order.

Amanda knew that Cora was just a baby. But she also knew that she wasn't getting any younger. She longed to have another child. Yes, she already had four (don't forget Chance who's in college) but so what. She brought up the subject of trying for one more. Lucky for her she's married to a man who gives her anything she wants. So Bede and Amanda started trying for baby five. Chesna started preparing for college.

Well it didn't take much trying actually. Amanda was soon pregnant with baby number five. Bede immediately started to wonder if this wasn't a mistake. Maybe Amanda is just getting to old to handle the effects of pregnancy. He made a silent vow that this pregnancy would be the last.

Chesna began putting a rush on the college prep. She loved her parents but she didn't see why she had to spend all her time baby sitting. The quicker she could earn these scholarships the quicker she could get away from the baby formula and smelly diapers.

Soon Cora was no longer a baby but a beautiful toddler. She appears to be a clone of her older sister Claire including identical stats. They are both Scorpios with 9 neat, 5 outgoing, 9 active, 9 playful & 3 nice. Good to know that Amanda is breeding the next generation of downtown brawlers.

Bede enjoyed taking care of Cora but he could feel his years catching up with him. He wondered how he would ever manage to keep up when the next child was a toddler.

Soon Bede is really showing his age. The old man club gets another member. Will you look at those wrinkles.

Even though he age was slowing him down, it didn't stop him. He still tucked in his little girls. He still made sure the homework got done. He still found time to make his wife a very happy woman.

But Bede was away at work when Amanda went into labor. To make it worse Amanda was home alone with the NANNY. Amanda hates the nanny on general principal and her presence made the labor all the more painful.

But in the end Amanda gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He has all the traits of our founder Aaron Avery (S3, blond, grey eyes). Amanda named her son Craig Avery.

Immediately after Craig's birth, Amanda began dreaming of having ten children. Well I hate it for her. You can just raise the five you have and then wait around for grand children.

Cora was fascinated with Craig at first but then she decided that she didn't like him one bit. It's so harsh to have to start life with a negative relationship with your jealous older sibling.

Soon it was time for Cora to have a birthday. She is definitely a clone so I'm leaving her with messy hair to tell them apart. (Note to self: Add more lights to the living room.)

Also celebrating a birthday was Amanda. Oh my. I'm an old woman. And what am I wearing? I look like a street walker. I'm the mother of five. I've never once cheated on my husband. I can't walk around looking like this. Chesna, take your father's flashy sports car and run downtown and pick me up a new outfit. Something stylish that does not contain any animal print.

Before you know it, Craig is a toddler. He even got the elf ears. He's a Pisces with 9 neat, 4 outgoing, 9 active, 4 playful & 9 nice.

It's a lot harder to take care of the babies after you get older. Just getting back up is a challenge all it's own. Amanda FINALLY drops the idea of having ten children. She has finally accepted that five is enough.

The day after Amanda and Bede celebrated their golden anniversary, it was time for another birthday party. This time it's Claire's turn to the cake. Big brother Chance brought his girlfriend Lisa to the party. It is finally time to tell parents all about his love. Of course the fool doesn't really know all about his love but that's another story.

Claire has a killer party. She wants to be like her dad and become very popular. She would like to be a Celebrity Chef someday.

With her sister old enough to help with the babies, Chesna heads off to college. Her parents are sad to see their little girl go.

The heiress of line two arrives in college and moves into the dorm with Kaleb and Saber. Two heirs in college... just two more to go. At least I'm making progress.


Anjel76 said...

And progress is definitely a good thing. :O) I've said it before, and I'll say it again ... and I'll KEEP saying it.

You've got some GOOD GENES up in here! Hehe. Everyone's so gorgeous!

Craig is a cutie! :O)

Simaholic said...

Craig and Cora and beautiful! Heck they are all beautiful!

It doesn't seem possible that Bede is an elder! I remember when he was born ::grabs a tissue::

I think there is a rule out there in SimLand that your sims must transition into the worst clothes possible. This always seems to happen, why?