Monday, October 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 106 - Aiden Tries Again

The Aiden Avery House: Aiden (popularity), Meredith (popularity), Marcus (knowledge), Nathan & Michele.

Well it's finally happened. Aiden Avery has married his true love Meredith Lillard with all of his children in attendance. His brother Aric acted as the best man. Hopefully marriage number two will turn out much better than marriage number one did.
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Aiden Avery. Awwww. Isn't it great when things turn out well in the end.

The wedding was small. Just close friends and family. Not the whole family obviously. That would be what you call a HUGE wedding. Everyone in attendance had fun though. Aiden had some fun shoving cake in his brides face.

Marcus took a few photographs of his parents. Don't they make a lovely couple. There was no honeymoon. Two jobs and three kids kind of made that impossible. They did hire a limo and have a little alone time before returning home around midnight.

While Meredith was in the bathroom freshening up, Aiden got a dumb idea to look at the stars. Why oh why would you be out here stargazing on your wedding night? Those tricky little aliens. This makes twice lately that they've snagged a man that I didn't want to get abducted. Why oh why couldn't they wait until I was playing the legacy lot?

At 2 am, Meredith calmed the children by forcing them to do their homework. They had let them slide with the wedding and all but now is the perfect time to catch up. Anything to take everyone's mind of the current situation.

But no distraction can settle Meredith's nerves. She has gotten herself so worked up that she's feeling ill. Poor bride. Sick and alone on her wedding night.

Finally Aiden returns home safe and sound and still looking dapper in his tux. He is a little upset but remarkably refreshed considering.

Meredith gets the kids to go to bed. She tries to get Aiden to talk to her about his ordeal. Aiden doesn't want to talk about it. He doesn't want to think about it. It's his wedding night, sort of, and he is going to woohoo his wife. Not even an alien abduction could keep him out of Meredith's bed tonight.

Apparently the nausea is catching. Aiden knows deep down what this means but he doesn't want to face facts. He really wants to think that the aliens didn't do THAT to him. He hides his symptoms from his family. He hopes it will all go away. Of course it doesn't but you can't blame the poor guy for trying.

Even a family crisis can't stop the hands of time. Birthdays must still take place. Nathan Avery is now a teen. He wants to become a rich doctor someday. Emphasis on rich of course.

His half sister Michele Lillard had a birthday soon after. Michele, like both her parents, wants to be popular and have loads of friends. She plans on also keeping the city streets safe from all evil doers.

At some point there is just no denying the truth. The Avery family is about to get a little bigger. Both mommy and daddy are having a baby. Their due dates are so close it's scary. It's going to be like having twins....unless one of them does have twins and then....yikes.

Yes it's a little odd having your husband be pregnant right along with you but Meredith is making the best of the situation. It's been nice to be on maternity leave with Aiden. It has given them both a little extra time to themselves. Of course if neither of them had become pregnant, the kids would have all gone off to college leaving them lots of together time. Oh well. No use crying over spilt milk.

On a bright and sunny morning, Meredith gives birth in the kitchen with the children watching on. She had a beautiful little girl whom she named Myra. Myra has brown hair and brown eyes.

Just hours later a scream filled the Avery household. Meredith ran upstairs to find Aiden holding a beautiful baby girl. They named the little girl Maia Avery. She has big black eyes and strangely enough appears to have her father's brown hair.

Also on that day, Marcus played a farewell game of chess with his half brother Nathan. That afternoon, Marcus left with Cephei headed to La Fiesta Tech.

Marcus Lillard and Cephei Byall have pooled their scholarship cash and rented a small house on the edge of campus. Close enough to walk to classes but far enough away from the dorms to have just a little privacy.

After a quick makeover the two got down to the important stuff.

And in no time were eating their first meal in their new home. Yumm, grilled cheese. Both Cephei and Marcus were sat down by their parents before they left for college. They both received talks about the future and cost of certain mistakes. Marcus knows why his mother dropped out of college all those years ago. It was because she became pregnant with him. He loves Cephei dearly. He does not want the same thing to happen to her. Cephei wants to get a college education. She wants to marry Marcus because she loves him not because she's having his baby. So the young couple sit on their new couch eating their yummy lunch trying hard not to think about that double bed upstairs or about what they would really like to be doing in it later that evening.


Anjel76 said...

Young adults. I tell ya. Only one thing on their minds. :O)) ;O))

Simaholic said...

Oh joy! Another green baby! Too bad it didn't happen on the main lot :o(

Marcus and Cephei (I hope I spelled that right) are so cute together! Wishing them joy and happiness :o)

HappySimmer10 said...

I bet it is pretty strange being pregnant with your husband. LOL But fortunately they both had beautiful little babies. I think Meredith is very pretty :) Nice update!