Monday, October 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 105 - Growing Older

At the Byall Residence: Mitch (knowledge), Balia (knowledge), Cephei (family) and Cavan.

Life is just humming along these days. Cephei is learning as much as possible before heading off to college. She's trying really hard but she doesn't quite have the whole cooking thing down yet.
But one thing she's good at is making Marcus Lillard happy. The two are still going steady and are now actually able to go on official dates. Awww, sweet sixteen and in love. There's nothing better.

Marcus is a complete gentlemen. He buys his girl roses. I wonder if his dad is missing that credit card yet?

And in true knowledge sim fashion, Marcus leaves his love a gift for learning. Dad is definitely going to notice that charge when it hits. He is soooo going to be busted.

After much hard work, Cephei has managed to snap some photographs of the biological grandparents of her beloved Marcus. Yes they died in a tragic fire many years ago in this very house.

She is very proud of her work and hopes to someday hang these photos in her own home to give her children more insight into their heritage. And for anyone wondering, maroon backgrounds seem to work best with fire ghosts.

Of course Xavier doesn't like having his picture taken. Maybe I won't hang your photo up you old meany. And why is it that ghosts will only scare the members of the household who aren't knowledge sims?

Awwww. After all these years Mitch and Baila are still very much in love. They have been completely faithful to each other from the start. HA! Take that all you people who think that I have no faithful couples.

Soon it was time for some birthdays. Cavan is now a handsome teen who dreams of wealth. He hopes to be a top business leader someday.

Mom & Dad also celebrate a birthday. Generation two is really starting to show their age. Yes Mitch and Baila are semi-retired now. Well they work one day a week so I'd call it semi-retired. They rake in 20k a week for working one day. What a way to live. And since they don't spend much of their cash, their bank account is quite hefty.

Cavan is showing his age as well. His sister drug him out with some of her friends. It was a great outing. Everyone had a blast. Cavan even found time to have that first kiss with Sunny Phillips. Now he's not in love or anything and they aren't even dating but he does like her. He's not like his sister though. He's not getting into an exclusive relationship any time soon.

Of course Sunny was really sweet and left him a very generous gift. He was a little embarrassed by this actually since he had already set up a date the next evening with Willow Zhang. He was so embarrassed that he gave his stereo to his sister. She's collecting things to put in her new home someday. Her mom bought her a desk and computer. Very practical for those college years. Her dad bought her several, and I do mean several, expensive sculpturs to be sold after college. The proceeds will help purchase her first home. Yes Cavan is being left the house. Cephei only got about 100k in stuff. This is the modern way to divide up your parents estate. And yes it's very modern to do it BEFORE the parents pass away. I mean who wants to have to deal with it afterwards?

Cephei and Marcus haven't been able to go out much lately. Yeah that credit card bill finally showed up. So Cephei has been going out with some friends. She didn't bother to tell her parents that her new friends were all in college. She's sure they wouldn't mind but then again you never know. Cephei is ready for college herself. She has her scholarships all lined up. All she's waiting for now is Marcus. As soon as his parents get married and he gets his scholarships together the two are planning on heading off. They can hardly wait.

Cavan and Willow have had some lovely dates together. Now it's nothing exclusive mind you but it is pretty special. Willow is very much like Cavan. She values cold hard cash and likes to kiss. Two very important things to young Cavan. You have to have your priorities.

On a lighter note: Mild mannered Keith Tellerman was seen downtown beating up a girl. Apparently she started it by walking up to him and trying to smack him around. Now Keith was raised right so he didn't retaliate at first. No he actually let her slap him silly a few times first. Eventually he had had enough and he kicked her ass. Yeap, it's always the mild mannered ones you have to watch out for. Don't you just love night life?


Anjel76 said...

The night life ROCKS!! Hehe. Looks like the Count was also interested in the ass-whooping. ;O))

Simaholic said...

Glad to see that Balia and Mitch are still happy after all these years.

Gotta love the awesome presents that dates leave! That is probably the best feature of Nightlife!

HappySimmer10 said...

Lots of young love! Very cute :) I'm glad the elders are still so much in love. It's funny because that same girl in my neighborhood (can't remember her name) is always getting into fights with my sims!! LOL It's hilarious!