Sunday, October 09, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 104 - The Hogan House

At the Hogan House: Shane Hogan (fortune), wife Bianca (family), daughter Anita and son Adam.

Bianca is beginning to get use to having only one family to care for. Things are quieter and she has more time to herself. Luckily Adam just became a toddler. Maybe that would help fill her time. Adam is a Taurus with 10 neat, 7 outgoing, 3 active, 8 playful but only 1 nice.

Unfortunately little Adam didn't keep Bianca quite busy enough. Those old desires that have plagued her for years rose to the surface once again. This time she didn't even bother to fight them. Bianca invited over Armando McClellan. She told herself that she wasn't planning to cheat on Shane. She loved her husband but she was in lust with Armando. She always had been. It started off with some innocent flirting but quickly turned into something more.

Bianca continued to tell herself that she was not going to cheat. She wasn't the type. But on a separate visit when Armando told her that he loved her she knew it was all over. No matter how much she loved Shane she was no longer 'in love' with him. She was in love with Armando. So that day, with her son Adam playing upstairs, Bianca broke her wedding vows. She and Armando spent hours in that hot tub. She didn't regret it for a moment. Not even when she realized that she was pregnant and her husband was not the father.

Life had been hectic for Shane lately. He had finally become the Chef of Staff at the hospital. It seemed like all he ever did was work. He was rarely home and didn't see his kids nearly enough. It was actually a fluke that he was home to help celebrate Adam's birthday. It was on Adams birthday that Shane realized that Bianca was pregnant again. She hadn't bothered to tell him. For some reason Shane couldn't remember having had sex with his wife in quite some time. He just assumed his lack of recollection was due to stress and exhaustion. Bianca had gotten bad about telling him to be in the bedroom in five minutes or else. Maybe they had one of those little sessions and he'd simply forgotten about it. I mean they had to have been together. Otherwise how could she be pregnant.

Bianca eventually gave birth to her third child, Armando's child. She had a little girl whom she named Carolina. Carolina didn't favor her siblings at all. She had blond hair and dark blue eyes. Shane was ok with the blond hair. Bianca's father had blond hair after all. It was the dark blue eyes that had him confused. He couldn't think of a single person in either of their families that had dark blue eyes. In the end Shane just shrugged it off. It didn't really matter. She was beautifully healthy and besides wasn't there always one unique looking child in every family.

Shortly after Carolina was born, Anita became a teen. She began wearing red leather and spikes and dreaming about boys and an athletic career. Yes Anita is after romance, not marriage. She even began drinking coffee and sneaking out at night. If her parents have noticed they sure are hiding it well. Her dad stays gone so much and her mom seems like she's walking in a dream. Yeah, another little brother or sister is bound to be on the way any time now. That's all her mother cares about. Having six kids to marry off. Well she can forget that. If she wants six married kids she had better give birth to at least seven.

Bianca wasn't feeling well on Carolina's birthday so Shane handled the event on his own. Of course Bianca wasn't feeling well because she had recently gotten pregnant yet again. Shane doesn't know that though. He hasn't slept with his wife in a while. He KNOWS he hasn't. So a pregnant wife was the last thing he was expecting. He also wasn't expecting his daughter to look like she belonged to someone else. It wasn't just the hair and the eyes but also the ears and the smile. She just didn't look like him. She didn't look like Bianca either. For the life of him he couldn't figure out who she did look like.

Well eventually the truth came out as it always does. It did come out quietly though. Bianca was pregnant. She hadn't bothered to tell her husband. She did tell her lover though. Shane just guessed it. He was a doctor. He was her husband. He knew the signs. He KNEW she was pregnant. He knew it wasn't his. Shane didn't react rashly. He didn't yell or scream. He calmly sat down and thought about things. He wasn't going to throw away fifteen years of marriage. Not yet anyway. His thinking led him to two truths. First Bianca has been having an affair with some blond haired blue eyed man for a few years now. Second, it had to be someone that they both knew. He set out to find out who.

Shane pulled out his old fingerprint scanner. He did a sweep of the house. The bedroom was clean. Only him, Bianca and the maid. It was around the hot tub that things got interesting. The prints in there belonged to an old friend from college. The man was at their wedding for crying out loud. He didn't want to believe it but it was the only thing that made sense. Bianca was having an affair with a man who has spent most of his life dressed up like a llama. Shane and Bianca rarely talked to each other now. Neither of them wanted to say the things that they both knew needed to be said. Bianca knew that her husband knew. How could he not. Shane knew that Bianca knew that he knew. How could she not. But neither of them wanted to be the one to throw their marriage away. Neither of them wanted to start the fight that would end it all. Both of them seemed willing, at least for now, to live a complete and utter lie.

Some time later, Bianca gave birth to twin daughters. She named them Crystal and Calera Hogan. They both had blond hair. Crystal has brown eyes. Calera has dark blue eyes. Shane made no comment to the girls births. He simply went upstairs and went to bed. He was finding it hard to sleep in the same bed as his wife though. He was finding it hard to continue with things as they are. Now that the twins were born it was time for things to change. He use to love his wife. Maybe one day he would again.

When Bianca came into the bedroom that night, Shane was still awake. He had been staring at the ceiling for quite some time. Eventually he said one sentence, "It has to end". Then he rolled over and went to sleep. Bianca couldn't sleep that night. She was no longer even tired. She went downstairs and fixed herself something to eat. She kept playing the words over and over in her mind. Bianca's problem was that she couldn't figure out what Shane meant. Did he want her affair with Armando to end or did he want their marriage to end? For some reason she was scared to ask. Shane Hogan was her first love. She has spent years with this man. She always thought that she would grow old with him. Is she ready to walk away from him? Would she be happier with Armando? What about her kids? She knows that she has been stupid. She knows that. But what does she do now? Does she follow her heart to Armando or stay with Shane where it's safe? But what if Shane won't let her stay? What will she do then?

Note: If by this point you realized that I'm insane...well what took you so long. If you've realized that I might be crazy enough to start a fourth line from Bianca, well congratulations. I am hereby labeled certifiable. I know that I may never reach generation ten but if I do the point total should be something to shout about.


Eva said...

Wow i loved this update. I havent commented in a while, but its all over now. I love this family. Well, i would if i knew what was going on. From whatever i gather in this update, i love this family ahaha.

Anjel76 said...

Nah. I've always known that you're insane. Buy WOW! I'm really surprised that no stalking behavior has taken place yet. You know how NL is with these people. If he ever, EVER catches her in the act, he's going to go crazy. If she ever dates the blond guy and he leaves flowers and her hubby reads the card, he's gonna go NUTS. Go NL! Wow ... so much DRAMA going on in ALL of the families!

Anonymous said...

This legacy (or is that legacies?) has me hooked! Thanks so much... I would love to see what the neighborhood looks like, with all of the houses of all of the families, even as they seem to be spreading out exponentially. Good luck with the sudden crop of twins.

Anonymous said...

Nice legacy.
that's all.