Monday, October 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 107 - Legacy Life

On THE Legacy Lot: Ben (fortune), Boris (popularity), William (romance), Aric (popularity), Cordelia (family) & Cosmic.

Boris reaches his ultimate goal of having 30 best friends. His 30th best friend was his own son Chris. Boris has come a long way in a very short time. He realizes that family matters above all else. With that goal in mind, Boris has quietly (as in behind Ben's back) told the rest of the family to start spending more time with Cosmic or else. He is part of the family to even if he is green.

The family puts together a little welcome home meal for Aric. Well they didn't actually invite anyone over. They just gathered up all the spare Averys who were walking by. They are a close knit bunch in Eden Falls and practically everyone in town is related one way or another.

The star gazing crew has been reformed. Aric is not at all keen on the idea. Not after what his brother Aiden just went through. But Boris and William are really into this now and they can be pretty persuasive when they want to be.

Cordelia spends some time getting to know her baby brother before heading off to college. She just finished getting her final scholarship and will soon leave for La Fiesta Tech with 9500 in scholarship cash. Ben of course is very proud but he will miss having Cordelia there. It just doesn't seem right to have such a big house filled with nothing but men.

Ben dropped his daughter off at her dorm. He kissed her goodbye and then headed back to Eden Falls. Cordelia's first act as a young adult was to get a little makeover. Then she couldn't help notice this really hot blond elf so she went over to introduce herself. She may be just the spare heir but that doesn't mean she can't have love in her life.

And while Cordelia was getting to know Oron Moonsong, her cousin Carina was getting to know Afton Silverleaf a whole lot better. It's funny that they shared a dorm together for a year and then one day completely out of the blue they both notice how incredibly attractive the other is. Awww love, or lust in this case. What a wonderful thing.

Aric has called over his own love Sophie Miguel. Although they haven't been together long, Aric has decided that he doesn't want to lose her. Sophie was a little nervous about coming over today. You see Aric doesn't know how, shall we say CLOSE, she and his brother William are. She hopes that he never finds out. Sophie is extremely attracted to William but she knows that she has absolutely no future with him. Aric on the other hand is a nice guy who might actually marry her someday. So maybe the sight of him doesn't make her heart pump faster. So what. Attraction is highly overrated to a fortune sim.

You see the first ten loves aren't really that hard. It's the next ten that start to give you troubles. That's because you are still trying to juggle the first ten while finding and laying claim to the next ten. Let's not even discuss the final ten. I'm sure it's possible though. If I work hard and date often I'm sure I can eventually have 30 loves in my life.

Now you can get married someday if you want to. Just don't forget to keep your options open. A guy with your unique traits can land way more women then someone like me. I know you're thinking that green skin can be a turn off. Well not so. You're different. Women like different. Just remember that when you're older. Don't do what some of your family members have done and marry the first girl that walks by. At least walk through the entire produce section before buying any fruit. That's all I'm saying.

With is head filled with strange advice, Cosmic Avery becomes a child. He is a handsome lad and I have no doubts that he will someday have lots of ladies chasing after him, if that's what he wants.


Anjel76 said...

He kinda looks like Spock. ;O)) Hehe. Poor kid. I can't believe the family was shunning him just because he's half alien! *GRR*

Simaholic said...

LMAO! The advice to Cosmic was too funny! I hope he doesn't pay too much attention to the 10 loves part!

HappySimmer10 said...

Poor Cosmic, I hope that family takes dad's advice and starts treating him better!!