Sunday, October 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 108 - Chin Family

At the Chin Residence: Quinton Chin (adult, knowledge, pp), son Saber Tsang (teen, fortune, 100k), Cannan Avery and Carol Avery.

Things have been going well for Quinton at the hospital. He has excelled as Chef of Staff and was given 80k as the signing bonus for his new contract extension. After receiving this extra inflow of cash, Quinton decided to make some changes. A local land developer had been after him to sell the farm house. They have built another one of those multi-generational town houses that are becoming so popular and wanted the land the farm house was sitting on to build even more. After much thought Quinton decided to sell the property. It was Rebecca who loved that house not him. It was to small and had a lousy floor plan. Also there were far to many memories in that house to suit him. So Quinton packed up the family and moved them right next door into the new town home. Then he did what Saber had been after him to do for so very long. He enrolled the kids into private school.

Soon after the move, Cannan celebrated his birthday. He hopes to become a RICH sports star someday.

When Quinton moved he did bring Banning and Rebecca's tombstones with him. Well Banning didn't much like being moved. He has been prowling the house and scaring anyone he can find. You might notice that although Banning died in a fire, he now looks and acts like a stravation ghost. Maybe it's a side effect of the move. On a sad note, I think I had paintings of Banning and Rebecca but if I did they are gone now. I thought to pack up the furniture but it didn't even cross my mind to check the walls for art work. Oh well.

Unlike his half brother Saber, Cannan has been doing a little dating. He shared his first kiss with townie Trina Goss. Although Trina dresses like a floosy it turns out that she is into knowledge. Funny how the game messes with your mind that way. The teenage girl who looks like a family sim is actually a romance sim. Tricky little programmers.

Rebecca has begun haunting also. Although she died from a run in with some scissors, she too is acting like a starvation ghost. Right now she's expressing her feelings. How could you sell my house? HOW COULD YOU? (Actually she's more upset that I sold her bed. Problem is when I move a bed in the backpack, it seems to mess up it's grid or something. So I sold it. She'll just have to deal.)

Soon after, Carol Avery become a teen. She longs to be a celebrity chef and lead a pleasure seeking life. She's not sure about college. She doesn't really want to go but Quinton wants her to so she probably will.

Saber waited until his little sister was in high school before heading off to college. He has taken a dorm room beside Kaleb Wilsonoff. He can't wait to start learning new ways to make money. He became a member of the greek house in record time. Now, he just needs to find a girl friend.

Carol begins her journey towards being a master chef. First thing she needs to learn is how to clean up chocolate puddles and not to eat more than you sell.

Soon Cannan is ready to head to college. He is assigned a dorm with some of his cousins.

With Cannan gone, Quinton suddenly realizes that he will soon be all alone. Not to mention that he will soon be old. He comes up with a plan to fulfill a longtime dream and insure that he won't be alone for long. First thing he needs to do is work on that age. So....Quinton drinks his mortal enemy Trista Yang. (She's a down-townie and never before mentioned in the story. Let's just say the old bat should have stopped knocking over the trash and leave it at that.) He is now feeling much younger. Time for step two.

Step two. CHEAT! Quinton buys a telescope with a ten times greater chance of helping him meet the aliens. He has always been envious of Mitch Byall for being abducted. He wants to be abducted too.

Unfortunately not even cheating can get you what you want sometimes. Banning Avery scared poor Quinton to death. Carol was hysterical. She couldn't loose Quinton. She pleaded with DEATH to spare him. He offered her a chance to win his soul back by wagering her own soul. She accepted without hesitation. With a whole lot of luck, Carol Avery saved Quinton Chin from death. It was a turning point in both their lives. Carol is now determined that she is NOT going to college. She can't leave Quinton. He obviously can't take care of himself. Quinton has realized that their are more important things than meeting the aliens. He sells his special telescope and accepts his impending birthday with as much grace as he could muster.

Quinton tries to talk Carol into going to college though. He's no longer afraid to be alone. Besides, at least one of the kids is bound to come back and live with him in a few year. Unfortunately Carol isn't budging. She's made up her mind. Not even a surprise visit from her brothers can change her mind. (Yes that's Cannan. Grew up well didn't he.) Eventually the family accepts Carol's decision. They aren't happy about it but they can't force her to go to college.

Carol throws Quinton a sports themed birthday bash. Ben shows up to welcome another old man to the neighborhood.

Not long after, Carol has a birthday of her own. She's now all grown up.


Anjel76 said...

Quiton makes a very handsome elder. :O) All of these Avery's and their relatives are good-looking. I accidentall downloaded those newer hack telescopes with the new PT's. I haven't put them in my game though. I don't want to be tempted. :O))

Simaholic said...

Huh, interesting side effects for moving the ghosts. Carol is a beautiful teenager! She should have no problem getting those dates that pleasure sims want. Oh yeah, Cannan definitely grew up well :o) It was nice of Carol to stick around and care for Quintin.