Sunday, October 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 111 - The Fox Family

The Fox Family: Mazer Fox (adult-knowledge-mad scientist) & Hope Avery (adult-family-captain hero).

Mazer and Hope move back to Eden Falls and buy that little starter house that so many of the Averys have started their lives in. The minute the unpacking is done they head downtown for a little clothes shopping. I swear there will eventually be clothing bought. They're just excited about their upcoming wedding.

While Hope tries on a gown, Mazer watches yet another brawl between that blond that everyone hates and Amanda Avery who can pick a fight in a heartbeat. Thank goodness he's marrying a sensible woman.

Look, I just said you were sensible. You can't get married in THAT. What would your father say?

Later that afternoon, in a very sensible white gown, Mazer and Hope prepare to exchange vows. Hope has invited her immediate family. Mazer has invited his elven friends since he has no family in this realm. Blake looks on as yet another child gets married. He'd be even more excited if he knew that the young couple spent the morning making a grandbaby in the clothing booth. This makes grandchild number four leaving just two more for Blake to reach his lifetime goal of 6 grandkids.

Awwww. Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Mazer Fox. May they live happily ever after.

Hope shoves cake in her husband's face. Mazer takes it like a man.

Then everyone gathers around for a slice of their own. It's a subdued wedding but great fun in it's own way.

Soon the young couple find out for sure that their family will soon be growing. Hope of course is thrilled. Mazer is also excited. Not long ago he was an elf that didn't fit in. Now he's a husband and father. He definitely feels like he belongs here with Hope and their baby.

Soon the stuffing begins. Hope stuffs her face constantly. Mazer stuffs his brain with as much information as possible. He dreams of being a mad scientist but he has much to learn before that dream can come true. Luckily the family isn't hurting financially. Hope got a 50k grant from work before she went on maternity leave. The young couple are discussing the purchases of a larger home. Not right away though. Maybe when the baby is a few years old.

Peaceful sleep. Doesn't happen much when you reach that third trimester, or so I've been told. But Hope has recently found life very peaceful and calm.

Which of course means it's time to deliver. Let the chaos begin.

Hope gives birth to a son. Meet Grey Fox. He has his mother's brown hair and his father's grey eyes.

Mazer starts searching for cash to purchase the needed baby furniture.

Of course Blake Avery, equipped with his internal baby alarm, arrives within hours of the birth to see his newest grandson. No you never have to call Blake and tell him the baby has arrived. He just knows.

But babies grow up fast and soon Grey is having a birthday.

Grey Fox is a Leo like his dad with 5 neat, 9 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful & 3 nice.

Mazer takes time out of his busy study schedule to play with his son. Soon he and Hope will pick out a new house for the family to move into. Hope is already longing for another child. She has reached her lifetime goal of being Captain Hero and then quit because she feels the job is just to dangerous for a young mother. Now she's working in the natural science field (again). And although she wants another baby, she and Mazer have decided to wait before having more kids. Maybe someday Blake will get those other two grandbabies. Just not right away.


Anjel76 said...

Does Blake Avery really show up at the homes of his kids when they have babies? Just ... walks on by? That's pretty cool. ;O) Hehe. Gray (Grey?) is a beautiful baby. Look at those eyes!

aquatami said...

Yes, whenever a baby is born in Eden Falls you can be assured that Blake will walk past the house within hours. It's strange but true.

Simaholic said...

Grey is so cute!

It is so weird that Blake shows up for births. Hmmm...