Sunday, November 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 113 - The Tragic Meal

The Avery Family: Brand (adult-fortune-pp), Trista (adult-knowledge-pp), Celena (teen-fortune-criminal mastermind), and Charles (child).

We start our tell off on a happy note. Charles is having a birthday. I have never seen anyone do the pinched finger salute before.

Charles grows into a happy teenager. He rolls into knowledge and longs to be a criminal mastermind.

Not much later it's Brand who is standing before a mountain of flames. Can I wish for eternal youth? Well you could but I don't think it would work.

The old man club gets a new member as yet another generation two Avery boy transitions to elderhood. He makes a striking elder though really.

Celena has gotten all her scholarships in line. Now it's time for some fun. She pays the old gypsy woman, well not really much cash at all, and prays for a handsome man to fall from the sky.

What she gets is Damion Shaw. They have a half decent first date but Celena is determined not to stop there. Soon she and Damion are going out all the time and having a blast.

He even gives Celena her first kiss.

Brand seems a little down so Trista invites over several of his brothers to cheer him up.

Things start off well. Trista had already served the guys chili but she decided to follow up with an amazing desert. Unfortunately things didn't go as she planned.

Trista caught herself on fire. She didn't even realize it at first.

But the flames spread. Things started to get out of control. But the firemen would be there soon. WAIT! Why don't I hear the fire alarm going off? WHERE IS THE SMOKE DETECTOR? HOW CAN I NOT HAVE A SMOKE DETECTOR IN A HOUSE THAT'S BEEN AROUND FOR YEARS??????

Charles ran to the phone to call for help. Celena did the best she could to put out the fire on her own.

The fire was finally put out. Trista walked away burned and scared but alive. But where is William?


Trista pleads with DEATH but death refuses to listen. It was his time. Deal with it.

William Avery, supreme romancer, lover of almost 20 women, died at an very early age while away from the legacy lot. He leaves behind one illegitimate daughter Violet Schehl and a very sad controller. *sniff sniff* I had a hard time not exiting without saving. It seems so unfair. BUT I couldn't help but think I would be cheating if I did so I didn't. I don't have a single painting of William. I don't have a single photo. All I have are memories. *sniff sniff* And he dies in fire when I don't yet have a fire ghost on the legacy lot. Life can be so unfair. *goes off in search of tissues*

William didn't stay gone for long though. Soon he was back in that same kitchen getting ready to make his presence known.

(You know I always thought that thought bubble just meant that they were a family sim. Guess not. Maybe it means that he has no family there? But he is on his brothers lot. Maybe it means he didn't die at home? Anyone know for sure?)

William's first victim is young Charles. Of course being a knowledge sim Charles doesn't get overly excited.

Next William goes in search of his killer....ummmm....I mean sister-in-law Trista. Being a knowledge sim she was happy to see William again but his visit filled her with much it should. I should have killed you years ago you annoying cheerleading freak.

[We pause while the controller gathers her emotions.]

[Ok, moving on.]

Ummm, William could you give me some alone time with my wife please.

Hell no. Why should you woohoo in peace when I will never again get to.

A final attempt is made on the murders life but alas, William does not get his revenge.

After a few nights of living in the haunted house, Celena decides to head to college with her boyfriend Damion. Now Damion was once a townie child. He was aged up to a teen using the new aging cheat. I was really interested in moving him to college because he appeared to have no aspiration when dating Celena. He didn't get the little aspiration showing on dates or the wants and fears. None of the children I've aged up have. Well it turns out he still had the grow up aspiration even after arriving in college. He did however have a lifetime want of being a chief of Staff. So I stuck his head in that new gizmo and gave him an aspiration. It seemed to me that he would either be knowledge or fortune so I made him knowledge. Weird thing is the reprogramming changed his lifetime want to max 7 skills. So if you were curious about that, there you go.

With a new personality, Damion decided to get a make over. He looks much hipper. Perhaps to hip for a knowledge sim. He'll just have to buck the system.

Back home, Charles is trying to learn all he can. Mom & Dad paint constantly or chase each other around the house. Charles just stays out of their way. Oh, and houses in the background are left-Bede Avery's home and right-Gerard Andersen's home.

Before you know it Charles knows it all. It wasn't even his lifetime want so I probably should have left some undone. Oh well. It made him happy.

But now that the scholarships are handled it's time to steal dad's credit card and find a date. Please please bring me a blond. I love blonds with make-up.

YES! Charles has a wonderful time with (girl whose name I can't recall). It wasn't a forever kind of relationship but it wasn't bad for a first love.

Soon it's party time again. Time for another birthday. Brand calls over some of the family. Charles fixes all the food. The new smoke detector has been installed but I wasn't taking any chances.

Celena (left) and Carina (right) spent a lot of time upstairs watching the game. The fire is just to fresh in their mind. They would wait and go downstairs later.

Well it's Trista's birthday. All she can think is that she would never have a body like Ayla Avery especially after she does the twirl. Brand, you aren't looking at Ayla are you. Brand stop looking at Ayla. She's married to your nephew and you're married to me and I'm about to get old so STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

With an animated twirl Trista becomes an old woman. Apparently green and pink are back again. Lord that brings back bad memories of my high school days. Late eighties. Fashion nightmare. *shudders*

That evening after the guest had left, Charles packed a bag and headed for school leaving two old married people all alone in their home. Actually it's the first time they've lived alone ever. Brand already had little Carina when they got married. What will they do with all this privacy?

Charles Avery moves into the dorm with Saber, Kaleb and Chesna. You know these dorms are getting pretty full. I'm definitely going to have to spend some time graduating (or dropping out) some of these kids soon.


HappySimmer10 said...

Nice update - that was hilarious!! I mean, that was very sad and I'm sorry for you loss. ;0) I know how hard it is to not exit without saving, especially when you lose a sim you dearly loved. It's very frustrating!

Anjel76 said...

DOH!!!! Darn lack of fire alarms! Gets you EVERY time!! DOH! DOH! DOH!! Of course, I've never tried making the new desert or even the baked alaska ... so no flaming sims yet. :O}

And I've said it before, so I'll say it again ... CHARLIES IS HOT!!!

Simaholic said...

Great update! It was so sad what had happened to William! Who knew that a spontaneous cumbustion would kill another sim!

I'm with Anjel, Charles is quite good looking.