Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 123 - Babies, Babies, Babies

Caryl was the first to go into labor. She gave birth alone in the bathroom. It never even crossed her mind to call for help. She was in this alone and she knew it.

It was a painful delivery which produced a beautiful baby girl with red hair and brown eyes. Caryl named her daughter Amelia Avery. She is the only Avery that is not truly in any way an Avery.

That night LaShandra went into labor while taking a bubble bath. The pain came on quickly and the baby came even faster.

She gave birth to a baby girl with brown hair and green eyes. She named her daughter Arica Carr. She was carrying Arica to the nursery when she was hit by another pain. She lay her daughter down and did a second twirl.

And produced a second baby girl. Yes folks, Aric has produced another set of twins. And here I thought it must be Tori that caused it. LaShandra named her second baby Baricia Carr. Baricia has brown hair but her father's deep blue eyes.

Early the next the next morning, Corey was woken by Jan's screams.

He was soon handed his beautiful baby girl. She has her father's black hair and dark blue eyes. Jan and Corey named their daughter Natalia Bertino.

See this isn't so bad. Yes the house is now full. All four of you little babies will have the same birthday because of the way the aging works in this game. That's ok though. Controller loves a challenge, yes she does. And she was bored again so this should alleviate that for just a little bit. Yes it will.

Because soon all four babies shared a birthday and became toddlers. Amelia Avery looks very much like her father Samuel LeTourneau. She's a Gemini with 2 neat, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful & 5 nice so she'll take after him personality wise too.

Natalia Bertino looks like her dad as well. She's also a Gemini with 4 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 5 playful & 4 nice.

Twin number one Arica Carr is a Libra with 7 neat, 10 outgoing, 1 active, 7 playful & 10 nice.

Her sister Baricia Carr is an Aquarius with 8 neat, 2 outgoing, 5 active, 10 playful & 10 nice. On a side note, this is the first infant I have EVER had that cried constantly. Now that I see her stats I realize that it was the playful. Being a twin she didn't get handled enough. At the time I thought that it was because she was an evil baby that should be sat outside in hopes that someone will pick her up and take her away. And to think I thought people were kidding when they said they had babies that cried when they were changed and fed no matter what the hell you did for them. That will teach me.

The house was a flutter with activity with all these toddlers about. Even though most of the household were not speaking they suddenly found themselves working together to get all the babies fed, changed and rocked to sleep.

LaShandra tried a new technique when potty training Baricia.

She used herself as the potty. Looks painful doesn't it.

Out you go. It's like giving birth all over again. Well, whatever works.

Darn it. To many babies. One got away from me and found a puddle left by the ex-cow mascot. Darn it. Jammies are all wet. Will have to be changed. Bath time again.

Eventually Samuel came by to meet his daughter. Ok actually he came by for a booty call since Caryl promised him there was no way should could get pregnant again. But while he waited on her to freshen up he spent a few moments with this daughter. He found it ironic that she carried the last name of Avery since the Avery family seems to hate him and wish he would die. (All in good time my friend, all in good time. *more evil laughter* So can't wait. I have plans. Brilliantly evil plans.)

Corey was no loafer like Samuel. He had a career, paranormal. He was trying hard to reach the top. He spent hours working on those promotions. Jan cheered her husband on. Ok, the word gave her the shivers BUT the man had an insatiable appetite for sex which she truly relished. They had done it in most every room in the house. They had their own photo booth. Then there were the beds. The hot tub. Make outs on the sofas. The man was an animal and for that Jan was willing to keep him around. Besides, she wasn't getting any younger. She might want to hang on to him for when she gets grey and her teeth fall out. (BTW, I have found that if they woohoo in the photo booth it will fulfill the want for public woohoo even if they are at home. Just FYI.)

Speaking of getting older, Jan had her birthday and is now looks like a granny. Of course technically she is a granny but she tries not to think about that. She can only hope that Corey will still do her despite the dress. Trust me, he will.

Yeah, Corey may see an ugly old woman beside him but he also sees his ticket to easy street. Jan won't live forever. He'll get everything she owns when she dies which is a third of this house. Plus since she's old now her eyes will start going soon. She's less likely to catch him flirting with the other roomies. Oh, he hasn't yet but he really wants to. That Prof. Caryl is a hottie. Umm umm. Can't wait to get some of that.

Time passes quickly even in a house of eight. Soon it was time for more birthdays. Four on one day. First up is Natalia. Isn't she cute.

Then there's Amelia. Really resembles her dad.

Then Arica. She looks like her dad too.

And finally Baricia. You guessed it. Resembles her dad. Both of the twins twirled into the same top but different bottoms so I had to make them really stand apart. Baricia seems to like the change. Apparently she's into face paint.

So, how are those men getting along back at Avery Manor? Will Samuel survive now that Aric is alone and in charge? Next up a short return to the main house for a few more birthdays.


Simaholic said...

Wow, that house will be a challenge. Lots and lots of babies. Oh my. They grew up into beautiful children.

Anjel76 said...

The children are quite beautiful, aren't they. Let's just hope they don't grow into teens that are like their mothers. WOO!

Trouble. All 3 of them. *LOL*