Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 117 - A New Day Dawns

Ben knew it was coming and it finally has. Cosmic Avery is a teenager. He has rolled into the pleasure seeking life with a lifetime goal of having 50 dream dates.

After some cake and a short celebration, the family goes back to business as usual. Cosmic heads off to study. He's really almost finished with most of his scholarships. Boris, Aric and Samuel head upstairs to gaze at the stars. Ben heads out front to do his own night watching. Tori is left all along, in advanced pregnancy, to do whatever it is that women do.

Everyone's night was soon disturbed by a very unexpected visit from DEATH. While Ben sat on the front lawn dreaming of his future grandkids, an old military satellite crashed down to earth. It landed directly on Ben squishing him flat. The slob who was coming by to knock over the trash yet again had the best view of the event.

The family was quit distraught over the incident. Ben was the head of the family. How would they survive without him there for love, guidance and support?

Ben Avery, generation two line one heir, was laid to rest by his late wife Katy. He leaves behind a son Connor (G3, L1 Heir), daughter Cordelia and alien son Cosmic. The family reins are temporarily handed over to Boris Avery (G2 L2 Heir) to keep until Connor graduates from college (one of these days - I swear I am going to get to it eventually - I would say soon but ya'll don't like it when I say that)

And here is a quick shot of our ghostys so far. Left to right, two old age platinum family urns, one starvation, one electrocution, one satellite and one scared to death.

The family tried to pick up where they left off that night but it just wasn't possible. Everyone was just to upset. Even Samuel was upset as he saw his free ride coming to a close. The younger Avery brothers were wise to his game. They'd never let him stick around now.

Just before dawn, all the excitement took it's toll on Tori. She went into labor. Aric rushed to her side. It was the least he could do.

Soon Tori presented Aric with a son. She named the boy Jaric Scott.

And then she presented him with a second son whom she named Daric Scott.

(Yes it's another case of want one baby get two. Why do twins only show up when you don't want them? Why do I constantly ask dumb questions?)

Aric was a bit overwhelmed by the birth of his sons so closely following the death of his brother. He didn't show Tori the kind of support that she was expecting and it greatly upset her.

But she pasted a smile on her face and headed off to work. She would spend the rest of her day trying to determine what to do next.

Aric took care of his sons. He fed and changed them and when they fell asleep he could finally breathe again. How had he let his life get like this? Sophie was still back at the university. She still called him sometimes. She didn't know about Tori or the kids. Then there was LaShandra whom he still saw very frequently. He longed to be with her but he couldn't. Then there was Tori. What was he going to do about Tori? Oh, and then there was the damn trash can that was constantly being kicked over by Samuel's spurned lovers. That man just has to go. He's brought nothing but trouble and roaches into their lives.

Aric called the exterminator. She would get rid of the roaches and then he would get rid of Samuel. Unfortunately Boris had some bad news on that front. It seems that Ben left a clause in his will that Samuel was to remain on the legacy lot for as long as he desired. Aric was furious. The man was a gigolo flaunting his many loves in all of their faces. He was a parasite. He was just living off them, using them. Aric talked to the lawyer but apparently it was iron clad. Ben was just to kind and understanding and now that he was gone the rest of the family had inherited Samuel and all of his baggage.

Tori came home from work with decisions having been made. She knew that Aric didn't love her. She felt as though there might be someone else but she wasn't sure. But Samuel loved her. She could feel it when they touched. Maybe they could move out together. They could find a little place and raise her kids together. Maybe they could even have a few kids of their own. Yes that's what Tori was thinking until she stepped out of the jeep and saw Samuel and Tamara together. Suddenly she realized that she was a fool. Used by not one but two men. She suddenly felt all alone.

Tori became so upset that she forgot it was daylight. She forgot that she needed to get upstairs into her coffin. She forgot about her children. All she could think about was the hurt. Well that and the garbage.

Poor Tori cried right there by the mailbox. She was such a fool. What was she suppose to do now?

Aric came home from visiting LaShandra to find Tori half dead on the lawn. He carried her inside and laid her in her coffin. She was practically unresponsive.

That night Aric tried to talk to Tori. She didn't say anything. She was deeply depressed. She wouldn't even go and see the boys. Aric didn't know what to do. He fixed her tv dinner, took care of the boys and then went upstairs for more stargazing. He would give her a few hours to recover from whatever was wrong and then they would talk. He would make her understand that he did love her in his own way but he wasn't in love with her. He would promise to take care of her forever. He would say whatever he had to say to make it all better.

But the talk never came. Tori sat and stared into space until she finally just passed out. The babies slept on in their cribs. Aric got distracted by far away constellations. It was a fact that he would later regret.

For by the next morning, Tori had come to a decision. There was no place in the world for someone like her. She was an abomination. She didn't deserve to live. The Avery's would take care of her sons. They always took care of their own. With that last thought she flew out into the dawn.

And embraced the sun.

Pain came swiftly.

And then everything began to fade.

Tori Scott was no more. Aric was completely destroyed. It was all his fault. If only he had taken the time to talk to her. If only he had pretended to love her or found some way to make her understand or done something, anything, things might have turned out differently. Samuel mourned as well. He mourned the loss of one of his loves. Between his own stupidity and death he was down to only 25 loves. Twenty-five. It was enough to make any romance sim cry. Boris, being the family leader, had to keep his head. You just have to carry on during times like this. First he cleaned up the ashes. Then he took care of the twins for Aric. With time Boris knew that everything would turn out ok. It just had to. Because he had his own life to think about. His own dreams to fulfill. Aric had to get his act together because soon he would be in charge of the Avery family.

Tori Scott, we hardly knew you and now you are gone. May you find a peace in the Avery Family crypt that you did not find in the Avery Family Manor.


Simaholic said...

OMG! Congrats on the death by satellite! That is a tough one to come by! Too bad it had to be at Ben's expense :o(

And then TWINS! That happens to me to. It seems like the ones that always end up with twins are the people who have the least amount of money or the house that is the fullest. I think Maxis does it to torture us.

Poor Tori, she was never happy I don't think and now she has left those two boys with out their tragic.

Anjel76 said...

Wow ... what a way to go. Death by satellite and death by sunlight! WOO! Painful man, painful. Of course, being crushed by a satellite - you probably wouldn't feel the pain for long.

HA! Ben ... the naive guy. Stipulation in the will that Sam is to hang around. *LOL* I guess we'll be seeing a lot of Sam then. Hehe.