Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 119 - Finally

Boris Avery had been thinking about his only love Valerie Haggerty a lot lately. They had two children together but they haven't lived together since college. More and more lately, Boris had began to wonder if he shouldn't do something to change that. But every time Boris tried to have any kind of a serious conversation with Valerie she seemed to sidestep him. She would chose that moment to kiss him and hug him and it's not like he could say no to her. But he wanted more than just sex. If she'd be serious for two seconds he might find a way of telling her that.

Having failed at his first attempt to have a serious conversation with his love, Boris brings flowers. He is determined to try again. But Valerie doesn't have time. She has so much packing to do. Yes, she's moving. Far far away.

Ok not really. Bram and Laura have decided to purchases this home next door to Bede. (Which is actually the same as Bede's home with a few stylish changes. I hate to build. I can admit that.) Valerie of course was asked if she wanted to come too. She jumped at the chance. They have become one big family over the years. She can't imagine living any other way.

Eventually the move is completed and Valerie has some time for Boris. He tells her about his alien abduction and his son Cetus. He tries to head the conversation towards something else when she suddenly gets out of the car. Boris do you remember those times in the changing booth? Boris sighs. Yes he remembers. Yes it was great. Yes it will be great today. But what about tomorrow? Why does she refuse to let him talk about tomorrow? Has he just waited to late?

After a little bit of fun, Boris manages to get Valerie into his arms and out on the dance floor. He wants to be romantic. A guy should be romantic at a time like this right? Then suddenly one of his brothers walks up and interrupts him. What's a guy got to do? The evening ends with Valerie happy and Boris very depressed. It's almost like fate is trying to tell him something and he's just to dumb to listen.

Back home Valerie and the family share a meal. She can't stop thinking about Boris. He seems to be acting really weird. She asks if anyone else has noticed but they all say no. It's probably just because of his alien abduction. That tends to freak a guy out. I'm sure he'll be fine soon.

But back home Boris was anything but fine. He told his troubles to the only person who would listen, Cetus. I'm trying hard to get you a mommy little guy but it just isn't working out. It may just be you and me kid. That wouldn't be so bad though would it.

Aric overhears the conversation from the nursery doorway. Yes it would be so bad. If you want to ask her than just do it for heavens sake. Take her out to dinner someplace different. Make her listen. Don't take no for an answer.

After the pep talk Boris calls Valerie and asks her out. Dinner at the Botanical. What girl could resist that? Boris went to pick Valerie up but wasn't to happy with what she chose to wear. He took off his tank top for her. Ok, so maybe it's not a tux but he didn't want to completely freak her out. He cleans up and she insists on that damn costume. She's as bad as his mother was. Ok, so maybe this wasn't the way you envisioned it. We'll just have to make the best of a bad situation.

Valerie can't figure out what is up with Boris. He keeps staring at her with this silly grin on his face. It's making her extremely nervous. It's like he knows but how could he know. She only just found out so he couldn't know. Suddenly she feels nauseous. The llama costume seems like a better idea as ever minute passes.

Boris is just about to start a very serious conversation when Valerie springs up from the table, before even getting their food, and rushes off to watch a fight. Damn people with no manners are ruining everything. This is not at all the way he planned it. Damn it he's been thinking about this for months now. It's all ruined. The damn ring is never going to make it out of his pants pocket.

Boris turns and walks out of the restaurant. Valerie doesn't notice at first. She eventually finds Boris sitting in his car looking sad. Something is definitely wrong. When she asks him what he just gets quiet on her. He tells her that he just wanted to have a good meal, just the two of them. Something special. Valerie is taken back. Boris has never been the romantic type. She takes his hand and leads him back inside. They could still have their meal. If it meant that much to him then she would put up with the smells and tough it out somehow.

Boris makes a toast to the love of his life. He tries to tell her how much he loves her and always has. Of course she isn't really listening. Someone next to them has ordered something revolting. The smell is horrendous. Also she is trying to figure out how to sip the champaign without actually drinking any. This is a nightmare. She just wants it to end.

But Boris looks so happy. She can't bring herself to ask him to take her home. She can tough it out for a while longer. Maybe.

Valerie picks at her meal. Boris talks about their kids. About family and commitment and togetherness. Underneath the llama head, tears fall down Valerie's cheeks. He has no way of knowing how much the words hurt. She needs to tell him but she doesn't want to see the fear in his eyes again. Not again.

But just then, Boris does something Valerie never expected. He got down on one knee. She wasn't sure what he was up to at first. Then it just clicked. Now the tears were really falling.

Valerie Haggerty will you marry me?

Valerie couldn't believe it. She had long ago given up hope of ever marrying Boris. He had made it perfectly clear that they could never be married. Now suddenly she was speechless. Blown away might have been a better description. She held him in her arms and wouldn't let go. She said a silent prayer that this wasn't just a dream.

But Valerie knew something that Boris didn't. She half expected him to turn and run when she told him. But Boris didn't run. He wasn't planning on ever running away from this woman again. The news that she feared to tell him was the greatest news he could ever imagine. They were having another baby. It was just to perfect.

Boris was walking on air as he got into his car. Valerie had said yes. He was going to be a dad again. They were going to be one big happy family. Everything was going to work out perfectly. He would make sure of it.

Boris helped Valerie out of her suit. Together they celebrated while parked right there beside the restaurant. In the afterglow, Valerie began making wedding plans.

Will Boris and Valerie make it to the alter? Will all their dreams all come true? Well you'll just have to wait and see. Not long though. I'm not cruel like some people;)


Simaholic said...

OMG! How crazy that Valerie wanted to marry Boris and now she gets too! Yea for Boris! Yea for Valerie! They can be a family!

Anjel76 said...

Oh boy .... I hope they can make a happily ever after type of situation. THat would be so great! But ... those Avery's. Fate has dealt them a raw deal, don'tcha know!