Sunday, November 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 114 - Make'n Babies

The Schehl / Andersen House: Gerard Andersen (adult-family-grad 3 kids), Felicia Schehl (adult-family-6 grandkids), Violet Schehl (child), River Schehl (child), and Lake Schehl (toddler).

It's Violet's birthday. She was very upset that her dad didn't come. She grew up well though and has decided that she wants to make a fortune. At least 100k.

The next day, Felicia hears the news of Williams passing. This is why Violet's dad didn't make it to her party. Both mother and daughter are very upset. Violet because she's lost the father she barely knew and Felicia because she lost a dream that will never come true.

Gerard realizes how much William meant to Felicia. He tries to be very supportive of her. Soon after William's death, Felicia learned that she and Gerard will be having a baby after all. Gerard was more than thrilled. Finally, he would have a child of his own. It's not that he doesn't love Felicia's children. He does. And he tries to treat them as his own. But this was a dream that he never thought would come true. He is ecstatic to say the least. Of course the more he thinks about it the more he wishes that his child would carry the Andersen name. Besides he loves Felicia. He may not feel a passion for her but he loves her and he would happily take care of her forever. He starts broaching the subject of marriage. So far Felicia is politely pretending that she doesn't hear him.

Lake (biological son of Luc Wilkie) has a birthday. He is ready to start school. Gerard immediately notes the difference in appearance between Felicia's two sons. Felicia wonders if it might not be time to come clean and tell the whole family the whole truth. Maybe it's time for River to learn that his farther isn't Luc Wilkie but is instead Colin Day.

But Felicia is afraid of everyone's reaction so she doesn't tell her secret. Instead she tries to encourage the children to be close to Gerard. She's been thinking about things and maybe marriage isn't a bad idea. She isn't getting any younger. She only falls for married men. She has a nice single man wanting to marry her. Why shouldn't she say yes?

So over breakfast the next morning, Felicia tells Gerard she'll marry him. He was taken by surprise. So was the maid. Isn't he gay? Maybe he swings both ways? And hasn't she been having an affair with that old professor Irfan? She can't wait to get off work to swap this bit of gossip with the other maids.

Gerard isn't taking any chances. He quickly marries Felicia before she can change her mind. Now he truly feels like Felicia and the kids are his family.

Felicia hasn't had a sonogram. She doesn't know the sex of the baby. She and Gerard have been discussing names. Well he's been listening to her discuss names. He's hoping for a boy. She's hoping for another girl.

It looks like Felicia got her wish. She gave birth to a little girl. She named her daughter Lavender Andersen. She of course has black hair and brown eyes (as do all Felicia's kids).

A few months after Lavender's birth, Felicia finally confesses all her darkest secrets to Gerard. She tells him that River isn't Luc's son. She tells him that she has had an affair with both Colin Day and Irfan Wilsonoff before they were married. She lets him know that she's done some stupid things in the past but she doesn't plan on repeating those mistakes. Gerard thinks about things for a while. He becomes scared that she will revert and renew her affairs with those men. To keep his wife and his kids, Gerard decides that he will have to keep Felicia satisfied. Although he's never attempted to seduce a woman before, Gerard comes home from work that night determined to do just that. Luckily, Felicia has never taken much seduction. That night, Gerard moved permanently into Felicia's bedroom. From now on, he will be her husband in ever sense of the word.

Of course all that messing around has landed Felicia once again on maternity leave.

Who's the man? I'm the man. Yeah. Yeah.

Soon it's River's birthday. He joins is sister Violet in the land of the teens. But unlike Violet, River wants to be a family man. He longs to have 6 grandkids someday. After River's birthday, Gerard starts putting pressure on Felicia to tell River the truth about his father. Violet has already lost her dad. Lake as well. River's father is alive and well. Give the guy a chance to get to know him before it's to late.

Lavender is now a toddler. She's a Libra with 4 neat, 9 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful & 6 nice.

Seeing River with his baby sister, Felicia can't help but think that Gerard is right. She promised Colin she'd never tell. She doesn't want to ruin his marriage. But River is his son. He has the right to know who his father really is.

But before Felicia can spill the beans.....

Felicia gives birth to a son. She names him Ocean Andersen. Gerard is obviously in shock over having a son. You know how men are.

Well Felicia finally tells River and the rest of the family the entire truth. It's Lavender's birthday so Felicia invites Colin over and introduces him to his son. River has a million questions. They talk for quite some time. He is suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of half siblings he has running around. Colin is suddenly scared to death that his wife is going to leave him.

Oh, and Lavender became a child. That was what the party was about after all.

Gerard is very content. Life is good. Ocean will be a toddler soon. Felicia is pregnant again. Life is almost to good.

Ocean is now a toddler. He's an Aries with 5 neat, 9 outgoing, 7 active, 7 playful & 7 nice.

Lake has become a teen. He's rolled romance folks and wants to bed 20 people. Well he'll bed 10 people both publicly and privately and be happy that I let him get that many. Bed 20 people...can you imagine the slap fests downtown?

With Lake old enough to help out it was time for Violet to head off to college.

Brother River didn't let her go alone. They both moved into the dorm with Celena Avery and Damion Shaw.

Finally Felicia gives birth to baby six. It's a son and her last child. Having run out of good names under the current theme, the baby is named Sea Andersen. Sorry. May you not be teased to severely in school.


HappySimmer10 said...

Talk about some skeletons in the closet, geez! Felecia has a lot of secrets. I hope everything works out for the best with them. River turned out to be a real HOTTIE!! I'm really into this family. :)

Anjel76 said...

Felicia DOES have a lot of secrets. Let's hope she can keep her pants on ... except for her hubby. ;O))

Wow ... six kids. WOO! I hope this one has red hair. ;O)

Simaholic said...

Another bunch of good looking sims. Eden Falls is loaded with Hotties!

Great update :o)

PRMami said...

Sea Anderson while it could be a name to be teased about I'm sure he'll be boy enough to stand up and defend himself one day... that or go have the courts change it legally LOL

KeyKel69 said...

I absolutely love your blog! I just found it and it took me, oh, several hours to read it from start to finish. Wow... You're absolutely insane to let your sims procreate that much, although, I should talk. I've been working on an Extreme DNA 'hood for a year now. From 6 initial X generation families, I now have 17 Y gen households, and THEY will have at least 56 Z gen offspring. Matching up the Z gen to produce the A gen will be interesting, b/c so many are cousins.... I think it's time to introduce some elf DNA... most of my sims are hideous, so it was nice to see some "good looking" sims in your album for a change... Please keep the updates coming. I'm hooked now! My ID is also used for my simpage..

Valdesta said...

Hey there, great to find your Sims 2 blog, as there aren't many of us out there!

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