Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 116 - A Players Quest

Samuel LeTourneau was a player. He knew it. Everyone who knew him did. But not many people every really knew him. He tended to show people whatever side of him he felt they wanted to see. If a married woman, who had already strayed, was trying to decide whether to stay or go, well he could help her out. He could be supportive. Listen to all her hopes and fears. But when the time was right, and he always seemed to know when that was, he would sweep her off her feet and give her something else to worry about.

And lets say there is a gay man who suddenly decides that he can be straight all for the sake of marriage and children. Samuel has a way of making him remember what he was missing. He could sweep him off his feet and have him in a changing booth in nothing flat.

And there was the divorcee who had lost her confidence. Samuel was just the thing to get the wind back in her sails.

Of course Samuel wasn't perfect. Sometimes he did make mistakes. That happens when you are finding love on a downtown community lot entitled Love'n Shop'n. I mean it's to be expected. But Samuel doesn't let that get him down. There are more fish in the sea. Tons more. And he's just the man to find them.

Yes Samuel spends a lot of time downtown. He doesn't work after all. No he's got it good. As long as he spends his nights looking at the stars no one questions what he does with his days. He frequently hits the hot tub and is occasionally rewarded by the appearance of a woman who doesn't mind showing all that she's got. Yes it was hard to believe you had a body like that after three kids. What's your secret?

Of course there is this old bat who follows him around wherever he goes. But Samuel knows that she's just old and lonely and here for the show. So he gives her one heck of a show. Eventually she gets an eye full and heads upstairs to the poker table. The woman has an addiction for mixed drinks and poker. Luckily Samuels room of love'n is on the opposite side from the bar and the poker table. Once she gets distracted, he can get busy. Can anyone say photo booth? Woohoo in one that's in an enclosed room and ONLY those folks in that room know about it. Well except for the old bat. She can always sense woohoo in the air.

You see the strangest things if you stay downtown long enough. For instance there was that night that the vampire went on the rampage. First he took down the bartender. No big loss there. Cool visual though.

Then he headed for the shop clerk. He must have had a taste for NPCs that night. When the morning came, Samuel saw the barkeep run off into the distance. The dumb kid just hung around all day. Maybe he's immune to the sunlight or something. Or just to young and dumb to know better.

You never know what you'll see downtown or what opportunities will present itself. Like there was this one day when a husband and a wife finally had it out over him having an illegitimate child. Of course then her family got involved and made an even bigger fuss over the whole thing. Samuel knew in an instant that this was an opportunity. So first chance he got he took advantage.

There is nothing like finding a wife in torment. You can talk her into doing all sorts of things that she wouldn't do otherwise. Of course she'll regret it in the morning but he won't be there in the morning. And will she and her husband manage to save their marriage? What does he care.

He's to busy fulfilling his lifetime want. He's woohooed 20 people but it's only the beginning. A true player doesn't stop when he reaches one goal. He just finds another goal to head for. 30 loves here I come.

And there she is, Regina Hiatt, love number thirty. I sing to you, my 30th love, I'll never be true, but I won't leave you blue....

Oh Samuel, that was wonderful. You are the man.

Yeah baby, don't I know it.

A commemorative photo of the big number thirty. Something to hang on the wall that will remain in Avery Manor long after I'm gone. *rubs hands together in evil contemplation*

With 30 loves under his belt, Samuel finds himself going back to some of his favorites. Caryl has a new townhouse and a new bed. Samuel is all for helping her try it out. Yes it's good to be a romance sim in a town full of people dumb enough to believe every word you imply and not realize all the words that you don't say.


Simaholic said...

I knew that Samuel was going to be trouble!

I loved seeing all that happened downtown, like vampires on the rampage :o)

Anjel76 said...

Wow ... I mean ... WOW! I ... WOW! *LOL*