Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 115 - Life after William

Introducing LaShandra Carr, cow mascot, fortune sim and Scorpio with 0 neat, 10 outgoing, 0 active, 10 playful & 0 nice. LaShandra has been attending La Fiesta Tech for many years. She has also been dating Jan Baty Avery for many years. Tired of spinning her wheels, LaShandra joined the Avery Greek House and did a mad dash towards graduation. Lots of long hours hanging out at the student union. Finally LaShandra Carr graduated with very good grades and a degree in economics. She has made a bold move and has shown up on her lovers doorstep. She loves Jan. She wants to marry her and have a little family. All she needs to do now is convince Jan that she's the one for her.

Jan has been married. She's been divorced. She's had kids that she never sees and frankly she's quite happy about it. The idea of a steady relationship with LaShandra makes Jan nauseous. Get married again? Not likely to happen. Start another family? Not likely. As Caryl helps bring LaShandra's bags in from the car, thinking the entire time that she just got rid of one roomie and here comes another, Jan has herself a nice little panic attack. LaShandra has been fun over the years but she sure as hell never planned on having anything serious with her. What was she going to do?

The first few days of LaShandra's new life are quite hectic. She had to find a job. Then there were promotions to deal with. New clothes to buy. New people to meet. But LaShandra isn't going to let her busy life distract her from what's really important. She gets both of her new roommates to agree to a girls day at the spa. She figure that this will give Caryl time to get to know her better. Also she might find time to ask Jan about their future together.

After a day at the spa Jan was feeling better about things. She had been avoiding LaShandra to some degree. Now she feels like things might just work out. LaShandra has a good paying job. She has money. She's been talking about the three of them moving into a new townhouse. Jan and Caryl can't do that alone. Jan knows that LaShandra wants a commitment from her. She also knows that one isn't coming but that doesn't mean that she can't string her along for a while. She'll get a new place, new furniture, new things, and then dump LaShandra and send her packing. It's a brilliant plan Jan thinks. So she starts insinuating this and that. LaShandra hears what she wants to hear. Jan smiles her little smile. Life is good when you're in control.

As LaShandra and Jan celebrate, LaShandra begins making plans. She wants to have a family. Since she really wants to have biological children, she needs to start looking for a donor. Yes she could go through doctors and get some anonymous swimmers to use but that just seems to impersonal. She wants to know her children's father. She'll find a guy, get herself pregnant and then she and Jan will be married. Life will be perfect.

Caryl had lived with Jan long enough at the point to know when she was up to no good. She was stringing this poor kid on. Now she wanted to use her cash and buy a new town home. Caryl thought it was wrong but she didn't like living in that dump anymore. Maybe Jan would come around and everything would work out. Maybe LaShandra would wise up before her heart was broken. When it came right down to it Caryl realized that it wasn't her problem. A town home was a great idea. She agreed to call a realtor in the morning and get the search for their new home started.

Back on the Legacy Lot:

Things have been strained since William's untimely death. Ben has been more distant. Boris has been trying to live for the moment. Aric, well you could almost say that Aric was channeling his inner William. He started on a quest to have 30 best friends. With his goal in sight suddenly things have changed. He isn't just becoming friends with these girls. He's flirting with them and kissing them and hugging them. Nothing wrong with that right? Of course he has a girl back in college who thinks he only has eyes for her. He is playing the field like a single guy and not even considering Sophie's feelings. Of course he hasn't been sleeping with these women. Well there was that one night with Tori. They were on a date downtown when this vampire just came up and bit her. She came to him for comfort and support and what did he do? He showed her to his car, woohooed her and watched as she ran away when the sun came up. But other than Tori, he's been with no one but Sophie.

Until LaShandra came by. They met in college. They didn't have much in common back then. They don't have that much in common now but she seems to really want this. Aric isn't about to say no. So he's just having a bit of fun. Life is short. Seize the day and all that.

And when a new day dawns find someone new to seize it with.

Eventually Aric earns best friend number thirty. Her name is Angie Scott. He didn't do more than flirt with her but he would have. If he hadn't had an unexpected visitor.

Tori arrived that evening. She was still a vampire. Aric hadn't seen her since that faithful night they had been together. She looked terrible. Half starved and pale. Aric began to feel guilty for the way he had treated her. Then she told him why she stopped by. Tori was pregnant with his child. She just wanted him to know that. Well for Aric this was a wake-up call. He had been flittering around like there were no consequences to his actions and now the consequences had landed on his doorstep. Tori looked like she needed someone to take care of her. So Aric asked her to move in and live with him at Avery Manor. He would take good care of her and her baby. He promised.

Tori Scott - townie - turned by a Grand Vampire before moving in - S2, red hair, green eyes, Cancer - 6 neat, 3 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful & 6 nice, Family sim with a lifetime want of marrying six kids.

Aric told Ben about moving Tori in and why. Ben was fine with it. Well, ok maybe he wasn't but at least Aric was taking charge of the situation. He just wished that he had known sooner, before he had agreed to let his friend Samuel move in. Samuel was down on his luck. He gave Ben a hard luck story and Ben ate it up. Of course most of the story was just that. Samuel was good at stories. He had one for every occasion. He considered moving into Avery Manor his own personal winning lottery ticket. Living in the lap of luxury without paying a dime. What a way to be.

Samuel LeTourneau - townie - S2, red hair, brown eyes, Libra with 2 neat, 8 outgoing, 2 active, 6 playful & 7 nice, Romance Sim with a lifetime want of woohooing 20 sims.

Aric helped get Tori settled into the manor. He loved being with her at first. He loved taking care of her at first. But he didn't love her. He never had. So after a while he started drifting back to the way things were. Tori was left to take care of herself.

Boris reconstituted the stargazing squad. He didn't fill Samuel in on all the details. He just let him know that it was expected of him. Samuel thought that this was a small price to pay to live in the lap of luxury. Stargaze all night. Play all day. Umm, what a life.

Ben took up his own stargazing. He had managed to get Cosmic into private school. Now it was time to start teaching him his skills. He'd be a teenager soon. In college before Ben was ready. But at least now Aric had a little one on the way. The house had been way to quiet since William's death. It felt more alive with Tori and Samuel there. All in all Ben was very happy. He sat outside and dreamed of the day when Connor would return home, hopefully with a bride.

The next day the training began. Ben began teaching Cosmic how to cook. He taught him about cleanliness and fitness. There was lots to know and Ben was just the kind of father to make sure his son knew it all.

Tori's pregnancy progressed nicely. Aric bought her a new coffin to sleep in. Purple was her favorite color too. But Aric never talked about marriage. He never mentioned their future after the baby was born. Every night he stood out on the terrace and watched the stars leaving Tori to wander the strange old house all on her own. Frankly she was getting awful lonely. She missed having Aric near and began to wonder if she didn't love him far more than he loved her.

There were some things about Avery Manor that Tori couldn't quite get use to. Does everyone put a street sign through their trash cans?

Aric has become an energizer junky, like all the Avery men. At night he gazed at the stars. During the day he played with LaShandra. Tori slept upstairs completely ignorant to the fact that the man she loved was making love to someone else. Aric knew that he shouldn't but honestly he felt much more for LaShandra than he ever had for Tori. He didn't know what he would do but for now he would simply live this strange double life.

Tori began spending her nights looking at cook books. She loved the ones that talked about making homemade baby food. There was a whole shelf full of them so she spent her evenings reading them.

Eventually the loneliness just became to much to bare. When Samuel showed an interest in her she didn't reject it. Instead she savored it. She loved Aric but she needed someone in her life. She needed arms around her. Lips on hers. She needed more than Aric seemed willing to give. So one night while Aric and Boris gazed at the stars, Tori gave herself to Samuel. If he was willing to be with a big fat pregnant woman then she was willing to be with him too.

The Avery men were all oblivious to what was really going on around them. Ben daydreamed about the his future grandkids and the progression of their legacy. Boris found his thoughts often on Valerie and his kids. Maybe it was time he did something dramatic to show Valerie exactly how much she means to him. Aric thought about LaShandra and the wild times they had shared in his hot tub. He thought about Tori's impending birth. He wondered how he would find a way to tell her that he didn't love her. It never once occurred to him that she might know and be making her own plans as she lay in her coffin. Samuel would definitely never have guessed the plans she was making. Why the girl would think she had a future with him he didn't know. He had never once said he loved her. He had never once spoke of a future together. It was sex and it was good and it was all she was getting out of him.

So, how will it all turn out? Stay tuned, for all will eventually be revealed.


Anjel76 said...

She's not going to bite him is she??? That would definitely be a plan. Heh-heh-heh!

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I could see her biting him. I mean, that is what vampires want to do right?