Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 120 - To The Alter We Go

From the Bram Avery House:

Cara Lynn looks like an angle as she plays chess with her mean cheating cousin Daric.

She's such an angle that she floats all the way into the kitchen to get some Santa cookies. It's probably all the excitement about the wedding. Her mom and dad are getting married tomorrow. Now how many kids can say that?

Laura was taking a nice relaxing trip to the spa when she ran into her mailman Clay. She's always had a thing for Clay and he for her, not that she would ever act on that.

No she would never message his back, or stroke his cheek, or kiss his lips. Not her. She would never cheat on her husband the night before his brother's big wedding.

And she wouldn't be taken back when her husband then wants her to make love with him later that evening. Suddenly Ms. Goody Two Shoes Captain Hero Laura Avery is feeling mighty low indeed. Why did she give into temptation? (Oh yeah, controller was bored again. Darn that evil woman.)

Later that night Chris Haggerty (G3L2 Heir) heads off to college. He promises his mom he would be back tomorrow morning bright and early. He wouldn't miss his parents marriage for anything in the world.

And as promised, Chris is the first guest to arrive. Grew up nice this one. Looks a lot like his dad, which let's face it is a good thing. May he and Ivy Copur (burglar) make beautiful babies together someday.

Cosmic also dropped by. He wouldn't miss seeing this for the world. He's got money riding on whether Uncle Boris actually says 'I Do'.

So you ready? This is your last chance to back out. If you're going to run it's now or never. So do you want to leave the legacy estate and move in here with me?


(I never planned on marrying these two but after what happened with William I just couldn't bring myself to kill him. He's become one of my favorites. I like to make my favorites happy. I torture the ones I don't like. I'll just have to kill off townies or something for the ghost points. *insert evil laugh*)

To the surprise of many, Boris Avery didn't walk away. He married his only love. Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Boris Avery.

This is where I would normally show you the gathered crowd of friends and family members. Unfortunately no one actually bothered to watch the ceremony. They were all to busy playing pool, swimming in the pool, soaking in the hot tub or playing the piano. I don't really think these two cared though. They are just to much in love.

Damn. I wanted my picture made in that wedding dress. I look awful in this.

No darling you look beautiful in everything you wear. You look even more beautiful when you wear nothing at all.

Ok kido, time for the cake. EVERYONE, GET IN HERE NOW! See, they're coming. They won't miss this or I'll be forced to hurt them. I'm a general. I have an entire army at my disposal so I could really hurt them good.

After all these years of waiting, Valerie decided to keep the wedding serious. No smearing the cake in the grooms face today.

Boris rented a limo. He forgot that the doc said Valerie couldn't travel.

Of course Valerie said the hell with him. I'm only getting married once. I WILL have my honeymoon.

(Is this new with nightlife or did my game glitch?)

Laura took some lovely wedding photos to hang behind the sofa. Oh the memories.

So Cetus, this is our new home. It will be great. You'll see.

After the honeymoon, Boris helped Cara Lynn with her homework.

Valerie started getting to know little Cetus.

She went to sleep on this her wedding night knowing that when she wakes up Boris will still be there. He will be there beside her every night for the rest of her life.

So, will the newest Avery have pointy ears? How will Boris fair outside of the legacy lot? Will Cetus adjust? Stay tuned.


Simaholic said...

Oh gawd you have such gorgeous sims. Cara DOES look like an angel and Chris, well Chris is quite yummy.

I'm so happy for Boris and Valerie. They look truly happy together.

Anjel76 said...

YAY!! They got married! No one left the other at the alter. That's the best wedding present ever.

And as for pregnant people now able to go on a honeymoon, I hope it's something new. It's not FAIR for them to stay home. Not fair at all. *pout*