Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 7 - Enter Arcadia

Aaron was lost in his grief. He couldn't believe that this was happening. After all the year and all the heartache they were finally a happy family. How could fate (or me in this case) be so cruel as to destroy the happiness that they had finally found?

Aaron walked outside and did what he must do. He milked Trixie. He held the glass up high and then quickly drank it down. He tried not to think of what had happened to make the magic elixer. Instead he tried to remember that his beloved Tracy would always be with him.

When he went back inside he found that Arcadia was waiting on him. She didn't want to leave him in his current state. Arcadia asked Aaron if he needed her to move in and help him with the kids for a while. She had vacation time coming and honestly she wouldn't mind not delivering the mail for a while. Aaron quickly accepted. He had no idea how he was going to get through the night. He had no idea how his kids would manage to deal with the loss of a second mother.

Arcadia Bradshaw - npc mail carrier - Family (again...odds?) - cancer - 9 neat, 4 outgoing, 3 active, 6 playful & 6 nice: lifetime want - graduate 3 kids

Arcadia quickly moved in and took charge. The teens were managing well but Blake was devastated and Bram needed more care than Aaron could give him right now.

Months pasted and all Aaron seemed to want to do is sit and stare into space. Arcadia was very worried about him. He needed something or someone to snap him out of it. He had to keep living. He couldn't just stop because he had lost Tracy.

So Arcadia did what she had wanted to do for a while now. She attacked him. He didn't put up any resistance. He let Arcadia take him where ever she wanted them to go. So Arcadia took him all the way and feel a sleep holding Aaron in her arms.

At the other end of the house, Bram quietly shared his birthday with his sister Baila. Bram is an Aries with 7 neat, 10 outgoing, 8 active, 10 playful and 0 nice. His half sister felt really sorry for him. She had not been Tracy's biggest fan but she now missed having her around. Her father was a different person when she was alive. Now he doesn't do anything. He doesn't even take good care of those stupid man eating plants that he was so gung-ho to breed. She wished that she could figure out some way to fix this. If only there was some way to bring Tracy back.

Arcadia was hurt when Aaron wouldn't even look at her the next morning. Maybe it was a bad idea but someone had to do something. Maybe if she just kept at him, maybe a little more subtly, she would eventually get through to him. Maybe he would eventually come back out of the place he was hiding.

Ben dealt with his grief by working on his love life. He hated the way everyone was acting now. Arcadia was big time after his dad. His dad was a zombie just walking through life. Baila was up to something but he had no idea what. Blake was throwing himself into learning in an attempt to regain Aaron's attention. And poor Bram spent all his time playing alone in the nursery. Poor kid.

Arcadia found herself pregnant. This at least did get Aaron's attention. He just looked at her and said very coldly "Well I guess you got what you wanted then." Arcadia was deeply hurt by this. Of course he was right. She did get part of what she wanted. She was going to be a mom and she had always wanted that. If only she could have Aaron's heart too.

Aaron asked Arcadia if she wanted him to marry her. She just looked at him. He already knew the answer. So Aaron married Arcadia that night. Then he walked away. He went outside and gazed at the stars.

Eventually he came inside and spent some time with Bram. Bram was all he had left of Tracy. He had her big brown eyes. Sometimes it hurt to look at him but sometimes he just needed to be near him.

Baila was working on a plan. That plan involved Quinton. Well Quinton was cute and it turns out he's a good kisser. He is also smart. He knows all kinds of things. Strange and mysterious things and some people don't really believe are true. Baila had an idea to save her dad. She just needed to pick Quinton's brain and find out if it was at all possible. Even if it turned out that he didn't know anything useful, well at least she's get something out of it.

Aaron finally told his kids that he had married Arcadia. None of them were happy about it. Baila was especially upset. She had been spending valuable make-out time researching a way to make her dad happy again and he goes and marries Arcadia. Men. Needing to know if she should continue her search, Baila started asking her dad about love. She asked him if he loved Arcadia. Of course she already knew the answer. Then she asked the question that had haunted her for years. Did he ever really love her mother? Aaron told her the truth as gently as possible. In the end it all came down to one fact. The only woman he had ever truly loved was Tracy. Baila had already suspected that. It stung to know that her parents didn't love each other but that's life. She was getting close to figuring out a way to bring back Tracy. If possible she was going to bring back her father's true love. She only hoped he would stop messing things up. What would Tracy think when she comes back to find him married again?

Bram Avery became a child. He is his father with his mother's coloring except for the ears which seem determined to die quickly. Luckily I decided to no get to bent out of shape over it. If generation 2 heirs don't have the pointy ears then they just don't.

Tracy comes to see her baby boy. She does not like what she finds in the house. Aaron has let yet another woman take advantage of him. Will he never learn? Tracy was very angry until she overheard Baila talking to her boyfriend. Apparently the one member of the family that was never that fond of her is pretty close to finding a way for her to come back. She would love to be with her family again. She would love to hold Aaron again. The hurt in his eyes would be enough to kill her if she wasn't already dead.

Slightly cheered up, Tracy went outside and fed Trevor. She had always liked Trevor. It's Trixie you have to watch out for. Of course she wouldn't have ate her if that witch of a ghost hadn't pushed her. She'd get her back though. Oh yes. She would get to live again and she'd make sure that Prof. Nancy never got a moments rest once she was back among the living.


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