Thursday, June 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 10 - Growing Up

Baila made it to the university. She called her dad and wasn't that shocked to hear about Arcadia's passing. She met up with her brother Ben and filled him in. Ben was stunned that Baila had managed to figure all this out. That slightly irritated her. Everyone acted like she was some dumb blond or something. Just because she was driven by her hormones didn't mean that she couldn't still use her brains. Baila could tell that Ben was thrilled to hear about Tracy's return. The two of them had always been close. He was even excited to learn about his new baby brother. The two siblings spent the morning gossiping about how long it would take their father to remarry Tracy. In the end Baila decided they would both go shopping that afternoon for a new outfit. Ben went along with her plans but he personally thinks they've got plenty of time.

Binah soon became a little lady. She's a people person and can't wait to make friends. She hasn't been overly traumatized by her mother's death. In all honesty, she doesn't even remember her. Tracy has done her best to take the newest Avery children under her wing. She has tried hard to give Arcadia's children as much love and kindness as possible. From here on out she will raise them as her own just as she did Nancy's children.

Bede became a little man. He's a cancer with 9 neat, 4 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful & 5 nice. Isn't he a cutie.

Brand becomes a toddler. He's a Leo with 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 0 active, 0 playful & 8 nice. Well it's an interesting combination if nothing else.

Blake has maxed all his skills (like the good knowledge sim he is). Yes he thought he knew everything but Tracy knew better. Time to learn how to dance. You'll never get a girl if you can't dance. Blake has never given girls a second though. But since there is a scholarship for dancing he's all for it.

Although Ben hasn't been in college that long he has already joined his father's greek house. He decided rather quickly that he'd rather live there than in the dorm so he quickly moved in and claimed a double bed.

The only other person living at the greek house is Mitch Byall. Mitch is a mechanical genius and a bit of a nerd. The two have known each other since Ben was a kid though. They are best friends and always have been. It will be great to be living with Mitch for a while.

Mitch Byall - ya townie - Knowledge - Pisces - 5 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 3 playful & 7 nice - lifetime want: chief of staff (is it me or do we need more variety in the lifetime wants)

Ben invited over his little brother Bram. He spent the day talking with him and encouraging him to be nice. Now that Bram's mom is back among the living, there is no reason for him to keep acting like he has been.

(Yeah, six nice points. It's hard to do this way because you don't know how much of an effect you're having but so long as he has some nice I'm happy.)

Aaron was glad to hear that Ben had moved into the greek house. Baila has moved in too. He was a little disturbed to find out the Ben has been spending a lot of time at the local bar. Baila says there's nothing to worry about but parents worry...that's just what they do.

Brand and Bede are growing up quickly. Aaron and Tracy have been so busy taking care of them that other things have been left undone.

Like getting married for instance. In true Avery fashion, Aaron waits until after Tracy is expecting his eighth child (her third) before asking her to marry him again. He's been carrying a ring around for a while but with one thing or another he just hadn't found the right time to ask. He wanted to be romantic and do something special but in the end he settled for early morning in the den after all the kids had left for school.

(I wasn't in any hurry to marry them BUT Aaron has developed a fear of growing old and never being married. Well he's been married three times already but I have a feeling that if he ages and isn't married it will trigger the fear soooo I best get them married already.)

Bram becomes a teen. He decided to take a different path from that of his siblings and spend his life accumulating wealth. His big dream is to earn at least 100k. He doesn't know yet how he wants to earn his money. He just wants to make sure he earns lots of it.

Bede Avery becomes a child. He's a sweetie who wants to be friends with everyone.

Brand becomes a child. He already has a thirst for knowledge.

Aaron has over the headmaster for a visit and gets Bram, Binah and Bede into private school. It was actually Bram's idea. Aaron just has so much going on that the little things are slipping through his fingers. (Brand didn't actually age until the next day)

Just minutes after Aaron had flown off to work (yes he's back to working with his man eating plants again), Tracy went into labor.

She gave birth to another son with big brown eyes. He was called 'Moma's little man' for almost a full day before his father returned home. Aaron then named his son Banning which means small fair one. (baby 3, line 2, child 8)

(I am AMAZED at the amount of boys. I know how to get girls without reloading but I wanted to try without any 'tampering' so I've been saving after every successful try for baby which resets the whole thing and makes the sex of the baby random. I would really rather be naming some baby girls right about now.)


Anonymous said...

What cute kids!

Yes, we definitely do need more variety in the Lifetime Wants. It seems like practically every Knowledge and Fortune Sim I get wants to be a Criminal Mastermind. At this rate Riverside is going to be so crowded with criminals that you won't be able to walk out of your house without getting mugged. What I need is some Captain Heroes to balance things out...

So how DO you get girls without reloading?

-Luminessence111 from the TS2UniversityLegacy Yahoo Group :)

aquatami said...

In my game (and I can't say this works for everyone) if the father initiates the try for baby then I have a girl. If the mom initiates try for baby then I have a boy. The thing is that you CAN'T save between the time you try for baby and the time the baby is born. Saving makes it all random again. That also means no going off the lot because of the auto save function. Now it's not 100% either because it just isn't or because I somehow saved things and didn't realize it. Not sure which. This generation I purposely saved to make it random. At some point I may stop doing that.

sarianastar said...

The kids are all so unique! I love seeing the different blends of genetics, with the three mothers. They are all so cute!

I'm loving your story very much. In my game though, I haven't gotten the same results with the Try For Baby. Even when I'm positive I haven't saved the game in between conception and birth. Maybe I'll give that another try and see what happens. ;)

Qosmic said...

I began to do a study of what gender the baby was depending on who initiated the try for baby (without saving in between) and to me it looked like it's more likely to be accurate if you already have more kids of the opposite gender (than what you're trying for), or if it's 50/50 or no kids at all. I lost track of things though, so I stopped taking notes. Now I roll a dice for who gets to initiate try for baby, just for fun. I wish there were more things you'd have to to that for. Guess I'm a gambler. *lol*

Your Mitch Byall is Daryl Barthelet in my game. He has just had a son with another former YA townie (she's from Academie Le Tour though). It's so funny to see him in your story. :)

Bram is a cute teen! Really handsome!

Simaholic said...

I love how unique all the kids look. I know they have three different mothers but it is amazing to me to see how unique they all look. They are all very good looking too. I love seeing pictures of kids as they transition.

Anjel76 said...

Such STRAPPING young boys! Must be those elf genes giving you all that testosterone. *LOL*

Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous. Andn all so good-looking, too! ;O)

j00ky said...

I can't wait to see Brand when he's older, he looks mighty interesting right now as a kid.. what's with his personality points? lol